Retirement Help

Retirement? You've come to the right place!

Retirement Is a Journey!
Not a Destination...

We work five days a week, clean and shop the other two days (weekends) and life feels like it passes you by.... and it did as you were so busy working!

Now its time to have FUN. Sure we have aging aches and pains but there is still so much to do to live life as its meant to be lived in retirement.

You retired, hopefully with a bit of pre-retirement advice, now let's figure out where you are headed.

Lots of decisions, lots of paths to choose, but there is light at the end of the tunnel where you CAN find fulfillment and joy in retirement.

Time if on your side after you retire - you have all the time in the world, and yet, "nothing to do"!  

What DO you do all day? What do you do in your former work hours?

Read what other retirees think about What To Do After Retirement... and add your own two cents!

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Time if on your side after you retire - you have all the time in the world, and yet, "nothing to do"!  What DO you do all day? Read what other retirees think about What To Do After Retirement... and add your own two cents!

What Not To Do In Retirement... More retiree suggestions! 

Finances matter in retirement -- but your TIME also is so precious. You can't just sit there all day, what you DO with your time is very important to your own retirement well being. Just take your time considering what you might do all day, every day.

Looking for some specific retirement help? Try Google or this website...or keep on reading below!  

Keeping Busy In Retirement 

  • What retirement hobbies do you enjoy or want to learn about? Consider the years before work and family... is there an interest you left behind and might like to renew?

  • Have you considered working after retirement? Where might you work? What's the best or worst of possibly working there? What about the hours and pay? If you work, please share your job with others (click on the link, and look at the bottom of the page) so they might investigate the possibilities for the same job, where they live.
  • Do you want to consider volunteering? Some retirees enjoy keeping busy, and volunteer help is one way to help your community.

Location, Location....

  • Will you stay at home when you retire? Nowadays, there are many community services geared towards keeping you there.
  • Try Low Income Senior Housing? This sounds bad, but for my own father, it worked quite well.. and he was happy and comfortable there.
  • Move into a Retirement Community? 
  • Move across country to find new a retirement location?  Move to live near family in your later years? Move to a warmer climate? Move to another country to stretch your retirement dollars?

Finances in Your Retirement Years...

This is one area where you really need to consider professional help. Most financial planners, if you need one, will give you a free consultation (one appointment to meet and hand over your financial info --  and a second appointment to get recommendations to consider).

  • Do you understand your retirement finances... like where your income goes each month? Many don't!
  • Do you understand your Social Security options? If you haven't yet applied for Social Security, do consider when you will begin payments - age 62 (earliest possible), age 66+ (full retirement age), or age 70 (largest possible payment).
  • Do you need some pension plan help?  I hope my calculations helps you to estimate your benefit (just a nice double check on the employers calculation).
  • Do you have IRA's or investment accounts? Withdrawals are tricky... take it too early and you are penalized. Take too much in a year and you might move from a 15% tax bracket to owing 25%... that extra 10% is a lot of money on a larger withdrawal. Once again, lots to consider.
  • Is divorce a possibility? Hopefully not but that can sure affect your financial well-being in retirement.
  • Do you have a will or other death related legal paperwork? Give yourself peace of mind knowing your family will be ok when that day comes.