Retirement Advice for
Pre-Retirement Planning

Retirement is the beginning of a brand new adventure in life!

Are you seeking Pre-retirement advice? Retirement is a wonderful time of life... if you just take time to plan for it. I'm not talking about income either...what will you DO all day?

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On Boomer Retirements, we aren't living our parents or grandparents retirements!

Whether you are considering retirement at age 50 or age 70, think back to your parents or grandparents at your age. They were very different, weren't they?

Yes, I totally realize that "old age" is always moving older than we are... but, we do live more full lives than our grandparents did when retired.

They didn't live like we have, they weren't as active or involved at our age. Life was different in retirement back then.

We have new realities in today's retirement:

  • many of us will be working longer, until later in life, for a variety of reasons 
  • we have longer life expectancies due to medical advances - check out some aging statistics here
  • we need to keep busy, to have purpose in retirement and participate actively in our community

It's a great time to give back, to our families, friends, heck - to our community. We've got it all... now what to do with it?

Retire to the Internet, that's what I did!

Retirement: Voluntary or Not?

  • What is the average retirement age?  Personally, I always cringe at this question -- it's such a personal decision!
  • What if you suddenly need a disability retirement and must stop working? Consider retirement early and be prepared.

Please STOP and THINK about your Retirement Years  (and if you've read this far, YOU ARE!)

  • Are you ready to make the big retirement decision? Before retirement, anxiety and depression might happen while trying to make the big retirement decision. You are busy thinking F_R_E_E_D_O_M and BOOM -- anxiety hits!

What will you DO all day, every day?

  • What will you do all day? Every Day?  A friend wrote this: The Gift of Time  and allowed me to share it here... so I ask, What will you do with your gift?
  • What retirement hobbies would you like to learn about or renew? Think about something you enjoyed years ago... before work and family took all your energy and time!
  • Where might you work?  Yes, employment!  Retirement Jobs could be on a part time or full time basis... even part time work helps with more income, less coming from savings, increases your Social Security. There are many benefits to working. 
  • Where might you care to volunteer? Sometimes it's simply time to give back.
  • Where will you live in retirement? Many opt to remain at home, or downsize and stay in the same community, or move elsewhere... there is no rush. 

Consider Your Finances

You really should seek professional help for this type of retirement advice.  You might know how to save - but you probably need the help of a professional to know how to withdraw your savings later. You need your savings to last a lifetime, if possible...

  • First, financially,  Can you retire?  These retirement calculators might help answer that question for you... but a financial planner might be necessary. 
  • Do you have IRA's or investment accounts? 
  • Is divorce a possibility before/after retirement?

Stop and think -- it can make a Huge Difference in your next 30 years!

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Happy Retirement!