Can't come soon enough - and that's the trouble

by Kate
(Fargo ND)

I've been in the workforce for forty years, and all that time I've been putting the two loves of my life - writing and painting - on hold.

I can't wait to be done working, so much so that I just can't concentrate on it. I'm NOT doing a good job anymore, and I just can't make myself care about trying. All I want is to be done with it.

I'm very depressed at the prospect of two more years of this before I can finally make my exit. I almost feel like I'd rather have a little less money going in than stay working on and working any longer. I feel like I've been doing the company's stuff for all this time, and I'm ready for my turn at doing MY stuff.

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Do the Math!
by: Wendy

Who says you can't retire?

Have you done the math to see how much you'd lose by an eariier retirement? Might be worth your time to sit down and scribble it all out!

Look at your Net to Net income... not gross to gross as it's your spendable income you'll live on, right?

You can schedule a
free call with me, if you'd like... and I'll help you figure it out!

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