Ebay: A Hobby with Income too!

Retirement and Ebay go perfectly together!

As you know, Ebay is a popular internet site involved in online auctions, buying and selling. This is a very useful site for realizing retirement income.

In retirement, we finally realize we need to organize our home setting more. We need to finally dump some of our belongings (and not leave the job to others). We've worked and not taken the time, now we can!

 We all  buy stuff that we don't really need, this may be the right time to let go and earn some income too! 

Over the years, we accumulate too much stuff. Having more "stuff" is not the key to happiness... it's just not. As quoted by a couple from Denmark, where home of the world's “happiest people” are known to live said, “less things, more life”. If you learn to let go of your stuff, it is easy to embrace life.

How to learn about SELLING on Ebay

 You can sell lots of items on Ebay, and it's relatively easy (once you learn now) to add them there!  Consider Selling:

  • Items from your own home (de-clutter the home or while you are downsizing)
  • Items you purchase from garage sales and flea markets
  • Specialize in one area (like dish towels and pot holders)
  • Open an Ebay Store and stock it while helping your family and friends get rid of junk
  • Crafts you make
  • Ebooks that you write yourself
  • Lots more!

I'm sure you'll find plenty of opportunities to sell on Ebay. Just consider your home, items that might be available only in your local neighborhood that others might want, etc.

Read a good Ebay book, then Expand your ideas to start your Ebay Business!

You can also download Ebay’s Getting Started Guide here. Help topics are listed with easy to follow answers. I prefer books but the site itself might help you!

Don't be afraid to try selling on Ebay as it is just like a yard sale, except done online. Another man's trash is, in fact, another's man's treasure.

Don't start buying MORE stuff on Ebay!

Focus on selling your things rather than acquiring more. Keep what really matters and dispose of the rest.

Please, please don’t fall into the Ebay trap and accumulate more! 

Choose what to sell, put it up online, and make an income while you learn best how to do this! Once you learn, you could help family, friends and neighbors sell their unwanted stuff too!

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