Marta, 71 years old from Poland.

I'm 71, from Warsaw, Poland. Retired but still working, as a translator and journalist. Have two children, no grandchildren. Interested in arts, sport, foreign languages, foreign countries. I would like to find pen friends from England, France, Italy, USA. My e-mail address -
marta at

Thank you.

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Debbie, 54, USA

by Debbie

I am a single caucasian female, 54 years old and I would like to find pen pals or friends who like to email and talk about everyday life. I am a manager in human resources for a company. I like talking with people and getting to know them. I love the outdoors, beach, mountains, hiking, sightseeing, swimming, horseback riding, bowling, movies, music, dancing, cooking and reading, I like long walks, sunrises and sunsets, fireplaces, cabins, the country and the city.
I am an animal lover. I am passionate, adventureous and sincere. Thanks for reading my ad. Send me a message if you would like to talk. My email is rddl AT

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I'm not retired yet, but thinking about it. I realize this's something that needs a lot of research, questions and arrangement. Therefore,it will take time before I really take action.Meanwhile, I decide to find out if I'm eligible to participate in this program.

lucie5033 AT

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Teri, 55, Ohio/USA

by Teri
(Ohio, USA)

Hi. I'm a divorced 55 yr. old, looking ahead toward retirement but presently working fulltime as a teacher. I have a couple of dynamic daughters and they add loads of love and interesting facets to my life. I have 2 horses, 3 dogs, and they are great friends. The art of conversation is a dying one, so I hope to rekindle it with interesting emails/land mail because pets, students, and your children, still leaves me wishing to connect with others. Life teaches us, and I've learned much.

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Pattie, 64, Port Saint Lucie, Fl

by Pattie
(south Fl, Treasure Coast)

Looking for some friends in my area of Fl.. We love Penny Poker and Yahtzee. We have a great pool table. We have tons of movies. We are night owls.. not early birds.. those days are long gone. We are just 10 mins from the beach and go a lot. Hubby is looking for a fishing mate. Other then our married 23 yr old son.. we have no family. We are x-musicians so musicians are very welcome..

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Linda, 50 years old, Hawaii

by Linda
(Ewa Beach, HI)

Aloha! I would like to write to a female who is a senior citizen. I am a homemaker and tutor. My husband and I are childless but we have a very loveable cat named Missy. I enjoy reading, Bible study, baking, word search puzzles, collecting postcards, card making, writing letters, and volunteering with the elderly. I'm a Christian and enjoy serving the Lord with my husband. I hope to find a friendly pen pal to share about everyday life. E-mail: Lin41 at

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Jo, 66, Southern Arizona

by Jo
(Southern Arizona)

Hi, am married for 48 years to my best friend. Have 3 adult children, 4 grandchildren and blessed with 1 biological great granddaughter. Live in Southern Arizona. Work from home with hubby and love it. Would love to make some new female friends.

ladijo40 at

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veronika,age is62,location is effingham,illi

by veronikai

Just looking for someone to write or chat with something we may have in common. love the fall,love to travel,short,long trips doesn't festivals, camping, winerys, never have, but would love to ride on a harley, sorta a interesting person, who wants to enjoy what we have left. are you that intere sti one??

my e mail is vhaynes at

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Derrick age 61 Maui, Hi.

by Derrick
(Kahului, Hawaii 96732)

Lived my whole life in Hawaii, I was created here.
I enjoy reading and traveling. My address. Derrickyang at

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Hi. I will retire Dec 1,2011 after 36 yrs of working in a factory in the food industry. I am married with no children. I am looking for some people to discuss retirement with. The ups and downs. I like to write to pen pals and have since 1969 but looking for email pals right now.I have 8 cats right now. I volunteer with 2 animals shelters and do the Petfinder page for one of them. I have been working on my family tree on and off for many years. I like to work outside in my flower garden. Hope to hear from some of you.

Email address is echowoman54 at

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J Toler, 55, West Virginia

The purpose of this ad is for friendship. My husband works out of state and my 2 sons are married and also live out of state. I travel every couple of weeks to spend time with my husband, however, when I am home I would like to have a pen pal to communicate with. I enjoy scrapbooking and house decorating. If either of these are of interst to you I would enjoy chatting.
auntjen1 AT

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Kae, 62, Canada
I'd like to enjoy the company of a senior pen pal and welcome communication from out there. I retired about 4 years ago and we have been raising our granddaughter for the past 5 years. Now I drive a school bus because we still need money, and I like the flexibility of having the same school year schedule as our granddaughter.
I'm open to new hobbies, but right now I knit, read just about everyday and garden. Everyone in our family loves to collect rocks, stones and shells. I visited a friend in Nova Scotia and we discovered this wonderful beach that had smooth, flat, red stones which I collected and made into a series of stone-art pictures.
It's hard to find a TV show that hold my interest but I did enjoy the earlier Criminal Mind series. I watch Good Luck Charlie and The Suite Life with our granddaughter.
Chocolat was one of my favourite movies, as was Stand By Me, YaYa Sisterhood, What the Bleep, most movies with Adam Sandler, the first Pirates of the Caribbean, Soul Surfer.
I try to find something to do in each of the 4 seasons, so hiking in the autumn, swimming in summer, gardening in spring and mostly semi-hibernating and cooking in the winter. The little one keeps me busy though, even when I'm bone tired.
My friends says I'm adventureous, and kind.
I'd love to have pen pals and find out what other folks who are "grand" parents are doing. What are their challenges, joys, interests. How do they keep their sanity?
My email is kfijal at I also like snail-mail and maybe that's another way to pen pal further down the road.
Respectfully - Kae

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Howee 65 Ft Lauderdale Fl

by Howard
(Ft Lauderdale, Fl. U.S.A.)

My name is Howee and i live in Ft Lauderdale Fl. I live alone with my 2 Dogs Puppy and Nelson both Pekingese. I lost my wife 4 years ago to Cancer.

I am looking for a friend who loves the outdoors and cooking. I love to cook.

I still work but may retire next year. Please write we can talk about anything.

My e-mail is oldscout1 at

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bill reddick 62 Vancouver BC Canada

by Bill Reddick, 62
(Vancouver BC Canada)

Hi everyone, Bill here in Vancouver, ex pat from UK, been here nearly 9 years. E mail address is glueonhair AT or billreddick24 AT

Married to Dot since 2003, i've just got my Canadian citizenship, and my brand spanking new passport! Oh, yes i'm keeping my British one too! I have six children scattered about the place,mostly in UK plus one in Switzerland. Basically retired now due to ill health, the last few years have not been the best, although things are slowly improving.

last job was crew leader at the airport, handling aircraft turn around, crew, passengers, baggage, cargo etc off, and the same on again, push the aircraft out so it can taxi, all within 40 minutes! Phew! Hobbies, well i collect music, play the ukulele, badly! Interests cover almost anything, from futilely protesting against injustice, to contemporary history, incl. ww2 and the holocaust. We are off to Washington DC early November, as we are members of the Smithsonian Institute, to visit the wonderfully diverse museums and specifically the ones dealing with the holocaust, natural history, and flight and spaceflight. We are like couple of kids in anticipation of this, and also the journey, as we boycotted airlines many years ago. We are going by Amtrak train all the way, and back!

incidentally, my wife still works at the airport, in security. Book interests are almost exclusively non-fiction, and range from Biography to History to the UFO phenomenon. We get the Smithsonian, and National Geographic magazines, and TV watching is mainly "The Weather Channel" or "Documentary" the rest being basically trash! sorry TV lovers.We have hundreds of movies, mostly forgettable, with one or two exceptions.

Well, i've droned on a bit and i apologise for that, i do hope to hear from you all as Facebook has made me despair! Many regards Bill

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barbara g,63,united states

Hello from Wisconsin. I am 63 years old disabled and a Type 2 Diabetic. Looking for women to write to from all over the world by snail mail. Will write by snail mail only.

My interests are counted cross stitch, needlepoint, knitting, plastic canvas, latch hook, card making, reading, gardening, cooking, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and collecting post cards.

My email is yumyum1948 at

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by Om Joshi
(Jaipur, India)

Enjoy Tigers of Ranthambore tiger sanctury.
These are interesting paintings involves Tiger, human beings, Music, antic Photography and varity of ideas.
Paintings are in different sizes. If you like send comments. Show to your family members and grand children.

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Dennis 61 Miami, Florida USA
British Columbia Vacation

hello again (2nd message) ...
Just returned from a wonderful trip (10 days)to British Colombia after dropping my son off at university in Bellingham, WAshington USA.

Crossed the border west of Vancouver and it was like being in Europe again. Followed the Frazier River: he (Simon Frazier) was one of the principle explorers of western Canada... north from Hope wandering up to Prince George.

Ranches, farms, small towns, 2nd hand stores, family cafes, antique shoppes and museums. So many that have left the big city and wanted a more relaxed way of life for themselves and the family.

Hiked, began to learn how to fly fish, fresh salmon (great!) ... talked politics... played lots of pool with locals... visited ghost towns and gold/silver mines along the way. Prince George west to Smithers presented the fall as the maples and other trees were changing colors to brilliant reds and yellows... wow!!... doesn't happen here in Miami.

Waterfalls and glaciers out of Smithers on to Terrace and then to visit my great grand aunt in Prince Rupert. Hadn't seen her in 20 years... take a look on the internet at central and northern British Colombia... scenery and nice folks no travel advertisement can describe.. will finish this adventure with my two SPP friends...

would enjoy hearing from you in the future... have to be responsible here at home for awhile... not sure where my next adventure will take me but my Jack Russell (Speedy) is ready to go back into the Everglades to wander in our backyard.

Email: gymbozden49 at

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Patti, 62, California

by Patti

Hi fellow seniors! Isn't it fun to live in today's world so we can communicate like this? I enjoy both email & snail mail. I've been a widow for a few years, & I'd like some new friends. I take pleasure in gardening, jigsaw puzzles, cooking, crochet, all that Mother Nature has to give us, & most of all animals.
Aren't furry critters wonderful? They give us so much companionship & love.
Contact me at: snow.dove at I hope to hear from you soon.

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charles ,64,roanoke, Virginia usa


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DAR 65 east coast

by DAR

Here's the deal. I am 65 and do not want a man or woman to date. I did all that stuff (married, divorced, children, grand children, the love of my life, etc.)

I just want a pen pal. I do not have any money, so I am unable to support your needs, be an adopted mother, I can not solve your personal problems, and do not need to meet you for coffee or drinks somewhere.

As you can probably tell, I've had those pen pal problems in the past. I feel no need to post my picture either. What I CAN do is try to make you smile, and give you a lift when you occasionaly need one.

I am told that I am funny, and smart. I'll talk about any subject except money or sex. I am happy with my place in life, and just want to share that much with you.


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Patty...Age 64 3/4....Western PA.

by Patty
(Western PA.)

I live in Western PA. with my husband of 43 years, and my 15-yr. old Grandson, whom we have been raising since he was 3 1/2 yrs. old. I also have 2 great canine friends: a Sheltie named "Brutus Andrew", and a Jack Russell/Beagle Mix named "Grover Cleveland". I've always given any dog I've owned, a middle name. After all, they'r part of the family. My Grandson is an all "A" student, is a Sophmore in High School,& sings in the High School Chorus. He also is a very accomplished Figure Skater, being the lead skater of a local Production/Synchronization Team (he is the lead Elvis Presley), and takes his lesson on Friday afternoons, and practices every Saturday morning for a show in November. His Team is a Traveling/Competitive Team. He also is quite accomplished in the game of Chess, and has even beaten an adult instructor (who was NEVER before beaten by such a young player). He also volunteers at our church for various functions. On top of keeping up with his studies, and all his extra-curricular activities, he has also become one of my caregivers, along with my dedicated husband, and my two devoted canine companions. I have been disabled for almost 10 years now (since a surgeon botched up 2 surgeries on my left foot & I had to go elsewhere to have 2 more done to re-build the left forefoot & re-do my toes). I had work in the field of Emergency Medical Services, and truly loved my work. On August 12th of this year, I had a stroke, then 3 weeks later, I was diagnosed with Complex Migraines. Through arduous testing, the doctors found that I have a critical narrowing between the 6th & 7th Vertebrae of my Cervical Spine, where there is very little spinal fluid flowing through that area. On Sept. 19th, I received an injection directly into that area, supposedly to relieve the situation, namely the excruciating pain that I was enduring. As my luck goes, the injection has not worked. The pain is worse than it ever was, like someone is pounding in that area with a huge mallet, with the pain going into my neck & the back of my head. No kind of medication helps the pain, only "icing" it until the ice pack turns to gel, relieves it for a short time. Sleep is practically non-existent for me. My left side was affected from the stroke, with the leg doing pretty well now. My left arm isn't numb, but I don't seem to have any strength in it at all, can't even reach for a magazine or my glass of iced green tea. I love to read all sorts of magazines such as Woman's World, Woman's Day, Family Circle, Good Housekkeeping, Ladies Home Journal, and so many others like them. My favorite author is James Patterson, although I will read books by other authors, IF they're worth reading. However, Patterson is TOPS in my opinion. I have found a new passion right here on the computer. Since I became so ill, I began writing compositions to special friends, my 2 daughters, my son-in-law, my husband, my sister, my brother-in-law, and plan on getting ones out to my niece and nephew. It's kind of my personal way of expressing all my feelings for them as individuals, these past several years. Each composition was individualized to whomever it was going to. It sure is a great form of therapy. My one doctor feels I've hit on a great idea to relieve stress. I even gave him one dedicated to my friends..."Life Through My Eyes". I also enjoy entering all sorts of Online Sweepstakes (even though I've never won). I have won 2 auctions at a Camping Rewards Site, more or less to do something different, and it was fun. When I was in better health, I did cross stitch, having made numerous baby quilts as gifts (especially for my 7 Grandchildren), and I also did counted cross stitch, regular embroidery, and various other crafts. Something else about reading that I forgot to mention, those of you who can't afford a Kindle e-Reader, no problem. Go to, and you can sign up for a free Kindle Library, plus you can pick out totally free e-books to be transferred to what is known as your Kindle PC. All of this is totally free of charge. Now I can read all sorts of books online, it's wonderful and in my financial status, plus the fact I'm not well enough to go to the Public Library by myself, I love the Kindle PC for a change of pace. While most of you are probably "nodding off" by now, and wondering what the heck does this lady want from us? It's this way my "Fellow Senior Pals", I have the need for MORE friends, as I'm very much a people person, always was and always will be. I also must warn you: I NEVER have the proverbial "Senior Moments"...only "Blonde Moments" (and I'm not even blonde--natural dark brown with golden highlights). Most importantly, I REFUSE to act my age, and never will...I ONLY act mature when absolutely necessary (like in church for example). the ball is in your court...I've made the serve. The next move is go for it...I'll be waiting. (By the way I am a VERY ardent STEELERS Fan!!!)

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Carol S. age 74, Maryland, USA

by Carol S.
(Annapolis, Maryland, USA)

Hello Out There!
I live near the Chesapeake bay and love sailing, writing, socializing (I am very outgoing),love to play my piano and I give lessons as well. Crazy about music and enjoying the retirement life. Like to play cards sometimes, love Bingo occasionally. I would love to hear from both men and women who would like a new friend. I am very faithful about responding to e-mails.
Cheers to all!

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Linda F, 68yrs.,Mercer, Mo. US

Hi to all,
Farmlady all my life,widow 7 flowers, getting & sending nice emails & PP. Read allot, work in elder care facility 2 days a week in the beauty shop. Not a social person, quiet. Have 2 older sons, 2 grandchildren. May everyones day be pleasing to them .Hope to hear from others. Linda
lfowler at

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Debbie, 54, United States

by Debbie

I am a single female,who loves the outdoors, beach, mountains, hiking, swimming, horseback riding, bowling, movies, music, dancing, cooking and reading. I like sunrises and sunsets, cozy fires and log cabins. I like making friends and emailing and talking about everyday life. If you want like to talk send me a message at
Thanks for reading my profile.

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Sally, 65, Washington State

by Sally
(Wenatchee, Washington)

Thinking of things that describe me - Avid reader, a book a day - enjoying my retirement for the most part but would enjoy hearing from both men and women of other cultures. I'm a history nut, a bit of a recluse, love to cook, not fond of most TV, a slave to two dogs and raise African violets (they are overtaking my house!)

I've remained healthy by outliving my vices, my spouses and my creditors. I have an opinion about most everything and am still willing to learn from others but as my father used to say "You can tell a Norweigan something, but not much." Please email me, I would enjoy hearing others of like mind.
sallyelise AT
Best Wishes, Sally

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Agapito C. Tabao Jr., 64, Philippines

I wish to correspond with seniors like me. I am retired but sometime I work on a case to case basis voluntarily. But mostly active in our seniors association.I just recent published our maiden issue of our newsletter entitled "Senior Moments." I collect stamps, postcards and other collectible items. I have two sons. I read books mostly on social awareness, watch musical movies. My email address is juntabao at

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Darlene Griffin, 59, Texas

Hi! I'm Darlene, 59, married, a Christian, a mother, a grandmother, a pet owner (dog inside, cats outside), live in the country on 10 acres, love crafts (many kinds), do genealogy, scrap book, write poetry, love to read, and love to receive snail mail that doesn't say "pay me." I collect bees, fleur-de-lis, bookmarks and post cards. I work as a gate monitor for an oil & gas drilling rig. (I was a paralegal when I was younger). I work nights (7pm to 7am). I enjoy swapping post cards, bookmarks, ATCs and photos of touristy places I see. I travel all over the USA through my pen friends and their letters and photos. I only write to women, I prefer them somewhere near my age (give or take 8-10 years), Christian and I try to get them all from different states so my travels are more interesting :). I would love to have a pen pal from Delaware, Wyoming, Vermont, New Hampshire, Georgia, Kentucky, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arizona, and maybe even the District of Columbia. My email address is darlenegriffin2008 at yahoo dot com

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Diana looking for Jo

by Diana Kleyensteuber
(American Fork, UT, USA)

Hello Jo- if you see this note, please write to me. My e-mail address is:
dkleyensteuber at

I tend to prefer 'snail mail' letters. I live in Utah, USA. I like to sew, be creative, make things, write letters, and enjoy in friendships. I live in the mountains near a huge cave. I have two daughters. One from Canada, and the youngest from India.

At present I am sewing Christmas ornaments. I hope to hear from Jo, and others friends who enjoy writing 'snail mail' letters as well,

Your new friend, Diana (in Utah)

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Aged 59, pre-retirement from Scotland. I was born in Florence and I would like to write to friends of all age, gender, religion for friendship and cultural exchange.

I live with my daughter and I came in Tuscany in 2009, from Edinburgh (Scotland), where I spent 4 years working as Project Manager in Tourism.
I am interested about the sense of life and, also I have some problem because my Breast Cancer, I try to help other people as Volunteer, thanks to my background.

formamentis1952 at

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Jacqui ,age 81,Ontario,Canada

by Jacqui
(Burlington Ontario Canada)

Hi to all.I am looking for email pals for friendship and exchange of life stories etc.I enjoy walking(long walks)reading,t.v. swimming, talking. I have 4 daughters, 9 grandkids, and so far 6 greats.I am in great health,have a rocking sense of humour,love people.I hope someone out there will find something of interest in this intro letter and respond.
My email address is jwhite91 at

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Saeeda 55 years canada

My name is SAEEDA eft my country due to political upheavals. Had many ups and downs but survived. my husband died 14 years ago Keep my self busy with gardening reading writing stories love music long walks politics experiences of life. enjoy historical movies. response from

ladies as well as gentlemen welcomed

E.MAIl syed-s at

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Danelon,73 australia victoria

seeking pen pals ladies of all age, for friendship,cultural exchange, music, animal lover.and life in general.
thank you.

dan2746 at

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George, 59, Wiscasset, Maine

I Recently relocated to Wiscasset to be closer to family and the coast.

Just looking for someone to email and get to know a bit. Male or female would be fine.

Enjoy photography, the internet, animals,the ocean and good conversation and thought. Very open, adverturous and honest.

Look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to write to windtalker8 at

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Sara, 57 yrs., Brenham, Texas

by Sara Bardsley
(Brenham, Texas)

I am a retired counselor with adult probation, who relocated to Brenham, Texas to be near my precious grandchildren and enjoy small town living, for a change !

My career involved meeting with and getting to know people, which I truely Loved!

What a change ! From a big house to a small apartment has taken some adjusting ! But I really do like living in this town ! I have traveled alot in the past, and now enjoy gardening (on a small scale!), bird watching, baking bread for my neighbors, and walking my little dog. I would enjoy hearing from anyone, as I still enjoy meeting people.

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Linda 59 Arizona

by Linda
(Mesa AZ)

Hello seniors,

Although I am still working, would like to pick up some pen pals. My interests include the Out doors, Photography, day trips.

I also enjoy crosswords, the easy ones of course :) I enjoy reading books to improve my spiritual life. My faith is strong in the Lord.

I also enjoy Nascar and Baseball.

Some of my favorite movies are Bridges of Madison County, Lonesome Dove series.Favorite TV watching channels are Hallmark, LMN, Lifetime.

Hope to hear from someone with similar interests.
You can contact me at azlin51 at

Please title the email senior pal.

God Bless

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Kenice, am called (Kenni). 71 year old widow from north carolina

by kenice (kenni)
(north carolina u.s.a.)

hello there. i would enjoy very much finding a few more penpals to write to. i am widowed, hav a great sense of humor, lov to b happy and smile and i moved here to n/c 8 years ago from florida but am originally from queens long island ny.. i still enjoy some dancing, love the 50's music and also some country tunes. i spend time watching the old classic movies on tapes or tv. i enjoy the detective and lawyer type tv shows. i lov cooking and baking and do volunteer help at our clubhouse events here where i live. i hav grown kids, a bunch of grandkids and 2 great grands now too. i read, take short walks, hav a cat named shiloh whom i adore and hav just bought my very first pc. gav up the webtv i had for 12 years and boy am i loving this new puter. i am learning as fast as i can. lol. hope to hear from some funny caring honest gentlemen and gals from wherever. hav a great day now, and i can b reached at kenice6 AT take care, kenni

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Mohammad S, 10-6-1939, seeking pen pals.

by Mohammad Sulaiman
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

My address:
Mohammad Sulaiman
Champion & Massons Group
Massons Building
2/A, Abul Hasnat Road
e.mail: sulaiman1939 at

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Erika, age 71, Germany

Hello, my name is Erika, 71 years old, retired tax consultant, divorced.

I am German and living in Germany, mother of 2 girls and grandmother of 8 grandkids.

I would like to get a pen pal from the USA at my age, male or female, and talk about our daily lives. Might be interesting.

English is not my native language, but I am sure you'll always understand what I am talking about and I'll be able to understand what you want to tell me.

I am looking forward to hear from you.
Greetings from sunny Germany
My e-mail address is: Andermar AT

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Minnie 64 Central Texas

by Ermina Moore

Hi my name is Ermina Moore,but my friends call me Minnie, I am a widow, I work as a Personal Attendant.. in the Home Care field.. I work all week.. so I thought this was a good was to meet more people..

I will reply to all emails.. mine is
erminamoore2000 at

Hope to hear from someone.. Minnie

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JLM, 60, USA

by JLM

I am just a normal person looking for an email-pal. I like to read mysteries (Robb is my favorite right now), garden (grow lots of herbs), cooking, discussing current events nationally and worldwide, painting, working on little projects. I am divorced, but am dating. Like to hear about other people's interest, hobbies, and daily lives. I like to find wines and beers to compliment a meal.

Am not looking for explicit physical contact. Do not have an appreciation for profanity. Don't care what you look like and do not want to share my picture either ..... unless it's a picture of a great meal or project.

I like to watch movies ... where ever do they find those reviews? I wonder sometimes if they even watched it. My favorite TV shows are CBS Sunday morning, Bones, Burn Notice and professional football.

Thank you for your time. Interested email-pals can send reply to: 5126USA at

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Colleen, 62, Oregon

Would like to hear from other scrapbookers and card makers.

chaleena at

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carmina hernandez,57,Mexico,(puebla)

by carmina

I am Carmina Hernandez , I am 57 years old, I am mexican, I am retired, sometimes I teach the english language, sometimes I paint, some times I travlel, I like to listen to music, I like to watch videos........

I would like have a friend,pen pal men, I can interchange opinions or just to talk............

I think that the life give us the opportunity to share part of our life with a nice persons and sometimes we lost that chance......because we do not have a special time to share..... my e mail is a628 at
see you soon bye now.

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Lois, 72, Pacific NW (Washington)

Hi! I'm 72 year old widow who loves the computer. I enjoy reading (mostly light mystery) and travel as well as gardening. Would like penpals from anywhere, especially those who enjoy exchanging odd bits of info or jokes they have received.

lois39 at
(That is a Q not a G in my email address)

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margie,63,Cebu Philippines

by margie villamor
(cebu, Philippines)

Hi my name is margie Im 63 years old and I am very much welling to have new friends from all over the world friendship makes the world peaceful and and I hope we can make it thru while we still exist..

I would like to write to everyone in all parts of the globe.. Do write to m e guys...

here is my email address: gbacay59 AT

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Nancy - 76, USA state of MI

by Nancy



Hi, I'm just a happy, healthy senior looking for a few wholesome friends to chat with.

I'm a animal lover, love flowers, like to cook, some exercising.

I love Jesus and hope my friends do too. :-)

Will be waiting to hear from you.


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Joseph Kainikkara, Sharjah, U.A.E.

by Joseph Kainikkara
(Sharjah, U.A.E.)

Already I am there in the August, 2011 Senior Pen Pal Archive. But I forgot to add my email ID there. If it is possible to do now, pls. do it :

joseph.kainikkara AT


joseph_kainikkara AT

Thank U

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Dick Terry, 49, Papua New Guinea.

by Dick Terry
(Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea)

I would like old retired couples ONLY! over the age of 65 years from any European country for online friends to share/pass on information and small gifts etc. More details about me will be passed on to whoever replies. My email address is; dterry_91ya at

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Rick; 60; Oak Creek, WI

by Rick Sluss
(Oak Creek, WI USA)

Rick is my name. I've got to admit that reaching 60 years old isn't what I thought it to be. I once thought that I'd be settled down in my apartment and working at repairing furniture. I've been a handyman all of my life and I had a nice place to live. Not so. Health problems caused me to move out of town and to start over again. I no sooner got settled down, when I was walking to the store and was run over by a car. This accident has added a new dimension to my life. I now have to consider the need to slow down and be grateful that I'm still alive. There's a reason I'm still alive and I'm very blessed to be able to be writing this letter to you today. Perhaps I'll be hearing from someone like you. I have plenty of time to answer your questions now. I enjoy writing and I will try my best to be honest with you and to share my knowledge with anyone who can benefit from it. Bye for now and I hope to hear from you soon. Rick My email address is: rsluss at

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Nali - 50 west Indies

Just looking to have friends in other countries.Above 50yrs
Love to share information about my country
and to hear about your country. Love writing story, gardening and long road trips.

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Anne. 67. England.

by anne
(Lancashire, England)

I am a married mother of two sons and one 20 year old granddaughter.
I am now a retired Enrolled Nurse, aka LPN enjoying retirement but missing the company.

E-mail address is

enanne4 at

Any ladies from other countries please.

Thank you.

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Diane Omberg, Age 67, Houston, Texas

I am newly retired.(Jan., 2011).

For a week or two, it was relaxing, and I got many things done around the house that I had not been able to do while working. I am now a bit bored, and want to get involved in something - both to make additional money, and keep me involved in something I would like to do. Would love to hear about home businesses that people are doing that have been successful.

Would love to hear from seniors from everywhere.

dso1228 at

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Annie, 66 UK

Hello there,
I am a retired widow and live some of the time Bristol and some time in southern Spain. I have four daughters, six grandchildren and two dogs, (one of my own and one fostered) I like to read, sew, walk the dogs. I watch a little TV, mostly the Discovery and the Travel channels.
I would love to hear from anyone in West Verginia (I have a thing about The Blue Ridge Mountains) I do hope to hear from someone.
Take care all.
annie_langham at

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josefina reyes

by josefina reyes

hi im josefina reyes live in the philippines looking a penpal who knows time will come we know toeacy other and if you think we are compatible just write me or else ad my id piny50 at

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Sandra lewis, 59 but will be 60 on november 9th, Texas, usa

by sandra
(austin texas usa)

I am Sandra Lewis, an only child, divorced.
I worked as a waitress and maid most of my life.
I now am my dads caregiver and live with him.
I am on social security disability so I can spend
more time with my dad. We are a blessing to each other altho its hard at times to get along. We do okay.

I enjoy pen pals, stencil art, embroidery, going to the library and St Louis Catholic Parish.
I love to read books a lot more than watch tv.
I enjoy writing to pen pals very much. I have 3 gals that have been my pen pals for over 20 years. Sometimes its just a quick note between us but there are long letters between us too. We share our ups and downs in life. We also share our dreams and sorrows too. They are like family to me and I to them.

I enjoy to send and receive postcards from around the world. Its a surprise to see where my next postcard will come from.
I hope to hear from someone someday.

sandrafaylewis at

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Barbara , age 60 in December, England

Hello. I am Barbara from the North of England. I am almost 60 and married to George who is brain injured and can no longer work. I love my dog,my grandchildren and my home. I love reading and walking. I love also American drama series such as Harry`s Law, Criminal Intent etc and my favourite writer is Jonathon Kellerman. I am interested in hearing from anyone from anywhere and hearing all about the lives of others and the places they live.thank you

towiegb at

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Dorothy Bolden aged 78yrs young united kingdon

** Corrected Email Address **
I would like pen Pals Male /Female in uk also cornwall way as used to holiday there when younger
I like Gardening, my computer, making cards. DIY animals crochet, tapestry. making clothes... don't go out a lot suffer from agorphobia but fiting it.

I am divorced for 25yrs have 4 children all left home 8 grandchildren all grown up now one great grandson

Have a yorkie dog named Sammy 9yrs old I have a great sence of humour love to laugh
So if you are a cheerful person like to laugh, come on write to me

keep smiling Dolly

dorothy at

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Angela Prakke, 57yrs Cape Town South Africa

hello, i am looking for a contact address for the lady called jennifer from scotland. how do i obtain it please.

i am a semi disabled person who is looking for a pen pal with similar likes...card making. reading mystery novels, music and crocheting. i have a son and daughter and two grand children who I love dearly. i am also a christian and love the Lord with all my heart.

my e-mail address is
angie.home AT

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Liz M., 74, Victoria, B.C. Canada

by Liz M.
(Victoria, B.C. Canada)

Me and the Little Charmer

Me and the Little Charmer

Greetings from the Pacific NW. I live with my great husband & dog
in Victoria, B.C. CANADA. No Children. I am the last of my
immediate family. Age 74.

Retired & moved to Victoria 20 yrs ago from 30 yrs with Can. Fed. Govt, Atlantic Region. Wanted a temperate climate and long growing season. Took up gardening as my retirement hobby.
?When you plant a Garden you plant Happiness?. Ancient proverb.

Love Nature & walking on trails.
Go to fine arts/craft shows.
Enjoy the endeavors of others.
Watch Curling on TV in winter
News Junkie ? national & international
Like PBS TV.

Good conversations & laughs via email on a one-to-one basis is what I am looking for in lady pen pals.

Liz M. in Victoria, B.C. Canada
email: pink42 at

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KATE, 59, Florida

I would like to exchange funny or interesting emails with someone.

I can be emailed at mistymae4 at

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Joan A, 74, Louisiana

Hi, my name is Joan, i am a widow, and i would love to have some friends who have something in common with me. I am an ordained licensed minister but do not pastor a church. I also teach an adult sunday school class. I do not drink or smoke. I have 5 living children,7 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. My youngest daughter is divorced and lives with me.

I love the outdoors and walk 5 miles every day. My daughter walks with me. I have a little white male chihuahua dog, ( oops! i mean a 4 legged baby, he thinks he is a people person, smile;)..) His name is winki.

I collect anything pertaining to apples for my kitchen, old dolls and porcelain dolls and music boxes. My favorite book is the BIBLE. My favorite colors are blue,lavender and pink, My favorite cologne is CACHET, i like to wear clip on earrings ,my ears are not pirced, and necklaces.

I am an honest person, care about others. But i do not have money so please dont write for money or sex. I will not answer if you are looking for money or sex. I do not like forwards and will delete them. I would love to hear from male or female. God Bless!

My e-mail address s JEA-907 at

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kathy lamb cookevill,tn usa 58

by kathy lamb
(cookeville tn usa)

would love to have a pen pal ,friend from England.a place and people I find fasinating.I love to read garden ,can talk to anyone ,formally worked in the medical field.good conversation and good wine ...kathie.lamb2007 at

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Paulette (nickname Paula), age 60 living in Ontario, Canada

Just me contemplating back home in Nova Scotia

Just me contemplating back home in Nova Scotia

Hi everyone, my name is Paula. I am a retired public service and real estate employee looking for friends; with all this extra time on my hands it would be great. I am also a widow (twice now, bless them both and miss them terribly).

I am a mother of 3 and grandmother to 5 darling grandchildren. I spend my days now taking care of my 98 3/4 year old mother; she is so special. I live about 2 hours away from my family and my extended family in Nova Scotia, Canada - even further away. I visited down east this summer and last thou' and loved it, that Atlantic salt water can sure curl your hair I tell you, haha.

I have an abundance of antiques that were part of my part time store, still boxed and waiting to be opened and put on shelves, floor, wherever I can find a spot for them to start selling again. I relocated here almost 4 years ago and waiting for the house to get jacked up so I can get back into my favourite passtime, hobby, love of the history behind it and the research involved (the best part). I am hoping that by next summer I will have that opportunity.

I love reading a good book, preferably biography/autobiography, but I will read a real good thriller too - keeps me up all night 'til I have finished; a real good tear jerker will do it for me too.

As for T.V. - I watch history and discovery channels and love the fixer upper shows, can't get enough of them it seems! I will watch a really good movie once in awhile as well.

I used to be an avid sewer, been awhile too... again as soon as there is space in this tiny house, I will start off with something simple and go from there; I would love to meet someone who does quilting who could show me how it is done (the start off being my big query), you never know, maybe someone has time to share their quilting aptitude and techniques to me.

I have 2 dogs, a Shih Tzu and a Border Collie (the Shih Tzu "Zoey" is convinced she is "Buddy's" mom, forever washing him down - and don't forget the ears! They are a real joy in my life and so much fun to be around.

I love good music, all except rap and new wave stuff, and OH YES "classical" should be on the top of the list for "do not like", 13 years of ballet and 7 ankle breaks was enough for me, so when I just hear classical music it ires me to no end. I love the old Doobie Brothers, Beach Boys, Hall and Oates, some country, Sawyer Brown, and some of the newer would be Phil Collins, Jessie Labelle (real new canadian artist).

To close off I will say that I am an avid collector of artwork, and I also have a good choice of native paintings that I love and am still looking for.

Good luck everyone in finding pen pal(s)and your favorite ones too, I sure hope I do.

My email address is: acadianshop2 at

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Linnie S, 60, Los Fresnos, Tx USA

by Linnie
(Los Fresnos, Tx USA)


I'm Linnie, 60, newly divorced... an such an eclectic since then a journey that led me to Ghana for month returning to live with 2 hermit nuns in a farmhouse to living now in Texas... life is certainly an adventure... but my roots are in Michigan. I have 2 grown daughters and 5 grandbabies... heart smiles!!!

I'm an artist...very creative! I love meeting people, life, animals a good book, coffee an conversation, irish creme, nature walks, do lots of crafts... writing and witty eclectic dialog sprinkled with giggles! I had a near death experience which profoundly changed me an my view of life/living... Love is the key!

Anywho... I'd love to share the journey with you!
Have an incredible day.. linnie :D

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by Linda
(Mercer,MO., US)

I'm a life time farmlady, love good clean e-mail,funnies, guotes, PP, & visits. Widow 7 yrs,love flowers, 2 sons, 2 grandchildren, best friend Buffy dog.Hope everyone has a day pleasing to them. Hope to here from others soon .
Linda in MO.

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Anne, age 70years young, Monmouthshire, South Wales

by Anne K
(Monmouthshire, South Wales)

Hello, my name is Anne, i am 70 years young, divorced, I live on my own but i have a full and varied life... I am very family orientated, with 4 children and 7 grandchildren who i love to bits....

I enjoy my garden ,although i can't do as much as i would like due to arthritic problems..... I love sport ,especially football and rugby...... I also love music, all kinds, reading, cooking, I also am very spiritual, kind hearted, and a very good listener......

Would love to have some email buddies to exchange news and views with...take care all of you......

Love Anne....

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Darrel, 79, live in Wisconsin

by Darrel
(Amery Wisconsin USA )

Enjoy exchangeing email with people, male or female and most any age . Have been retired for a number of years and married for well over 50 to a super lady. We live in the rural area and enjoy good health , happiness and life . Fortunately our children and grand children and great grandchilden all close.

I will answer proper emails . Will discuss most anything but politics and religion. Since total retirement in 2010 (was partime) working on transferring 4500 slides to dvd. I also still like to golf.

I can be reached at this email address
d-bnelson at

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Stella, 64, West Michigan, USA

by Stella
(Michigan, USA)

I've been retired for a full year. Life has slowed down and I would like to make some new friends. I'm married, have 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter. My daughters and granddaughter all live out of state.

I go to Texas for a couple of months in the winter. It is so nice to get a break from the snow.

I do alittle sewing, enjoy art, and love my morning coffee.

I would enjoy writing to people who are retired and location is not important to me.

email address: lakemichiganshore at

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Janet, 60+, NE PA USA

Married for over 40 years, no children. Email penfriends, preferably female, from all over the world are welcome!

Hobbies and interests are: teaching the Bible, reading non-fiction books about WWII history, 'Pawn Stars,' 'Storage Wars,' older movie classics, cooking and collecting cookbooks, yardsales, gardening, Avon, pets, and of course email pen friends.

If you would like to learn more about what the Bible really teaches, feel free to email me with your questions at: bookiemay75 at

Make sure to put in the subject line of your email: Bible interest/email pen friend, and your location so it doesn't get deleted. :)

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