Seeking Younger Retirees as Pen Pals

Hi Wendy,
This isn't exactly a question on retirement per se, however, do you ever have younger retirees, such as 50-55 years of age, on your website?

I tried contacting people older than myself, which I'm 51, before on Retirement Online and not to slight any of them whatsoever, I found that we're not in the same age range to be able to understand our respective generation eras and therefore I find we don't click.

I would very much like to correspond online with other people near my age, but unfortunately have found your website to be lacking people in this age range. Any suggestions would be appreciated on how to go about seeking online friendships?

Thank you, Catherine

Wendy: First, I publish any retiree pen pal ads that are submitted... so if a disability retirement at age 38 completes the form, I publish it. If a 50-yr old retiree applies, I publish. It's not about age, it's about retirement. There have been many approved over the months at age 50ish, but that is a relatively unusual age for early retirement. You might check the archived pen pal page, to see if some retirees from Sept or October might work for you.

Second, I do have different email groups for Born in the 30s, 40s, 50s... You might want to join one, you can easily leave if you decide it's not for you. Birth Year Clubs Online.

Hope this works for you!

Psssst! Don't forget to post YOUR ad, so those thinking the same thing: "where are the younger retirees?" will (1) write to you, and (2) post too!

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Younger travel friends
by: Mark

I retired a few years ago and travel a few months a year, would like to talk with retirees that want to travel, I live in So Cal. Mark

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