Senior Living Options

There are lots of great senior living options out there.

Whether you remain at home, Move to ar condo in a senior community, or try low income senior housing, there are lots of great reasons to consider this:

Retirement communities can offer so many activities for seniors to keep busy with. You know we need to keep mentally and physically busy -- and sometimes, staying in your home, will isolate you from the daily activities of other seniors.

Senior housing allows you to meet other seniors, participate in a variety of parties, pot luck dinners, movies, shopping trips, craft activities, and just generally enjoy the company of others like you!

Now, if you are like me, an introvert that socializes in small groups, with a few special friends.. you still can have a happy lifestyle as your friends are next door, run back and forth with baked goods, shop together at the market, play cards or do a craft at night.. whatever the case may be, you aren't alone, even in the middle of the night.

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