Golden what?

by Jean

People lover seeks pen pals.

I'm 75, but have a hard time relating to that, as I feel so much younger.

I've been married for 46 years, one son, no grandkids.

we have a Yorkie, and two very sassy cats, who are litter mates.I like to read, go for walks, go to church, and out to lunch with friends.

kitkat1936 at

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by evelyn mondejar

HI... i'm evelyn from phillippines, 50yrs old widow living with my 2 daughter. i love music, ballroom dancing and also travelling. real state and buy and sell is my part time job, i'm just a simple woman and a happy person, i don't want to be alone if someday my 2 daughter get married. now i've decided and it would be nice to have that special someone around to share the rest of my life,i am happy and content alone but,would be happier with the right man... so good luck in your own search,thanks and god bless!:)

my email add evelynescribe at

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Be a Friend with a Pacific Island Lady

Hello there! I am a young lady of 55, from a beautiful Pacific island of 20+ population. I am a widow, mother of two young men who are both in USA. I love meeting new people and making friends. What I like most about having a penpal (same age or older) is to share about my work, our interesting culture and beauty of this tiny island nation.

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little browneyes

by linda

hello laddies. hope this ad finds you all well.and happy.

i am a married gal . work a partime job. plus babysit my 3 grandchildren. I AM WRITING TO FIND A FEW NEW FRIENDS THAT LIKE TO EMAIL MORE THAN once a month. Ha.

I enjoy talking about almost everything but no dirty, or sex talk; I enjoy the outdoors.

my email is
lindagombeda at

so come on i am waiting to hear from many laddies out their.

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love is life


altafshahid70 at
only females are welcomed

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Hello Buttercup

by Stephen

Its me stephen

Its me stephen


Its great to mail senior people as myself as we all need someone to talk to and mail once in a while.. Mostly love at this senior age, well i am 59yrs, been divorced for over 18yrs and hope to get married soon, share my life with the woman of my dreams, thats if i find one... Life is all about love and sharing it, being truthful also..

I would love to know you, write you often and learn from you... I believe life is a gradual process..

Take care

stephillenburgs at

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50 Something wanting snail mail (female only) friends

by ann
(gaylord michigan)

I am an innkeeper and a nurse. My husband and I bought a small motel/bed and breakfast 10 years ago. Its been a major lifestyle change. Finally after 10 years I think we have made the adjustment. I also continue to work part time as a nurse in an assisted living facility.

I am an animal lover and if I ever win the lottery big, I want to get my hobby farm and fill it with animals. Right now Sparky, a golden retriever and Gizzy a bichon/maltese mix put a smile on my face every day.

I enjoy reading, writing long letters, knitting, scrapbooking, photography, flower and herb gardening, bird feeding and watching.

I hope to hear from you.
My email address is; cuzzinann at

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Yarn, cat and garden geeker....

by Mary Ann
(Medford, Oregon)

Hi: My name is Mary Ann. I live in So. Oregon and am remarried for the 2nd time. 1st husb died of cancer in 1997. I'm age 65 and I'm looking for friendship with people that have interests common with mine.

I do crafts, knitting and crochet. I have pets. 5 cats and one small dog. I'm not a hoarder. Folks say they would never know I have a house full of animals as I keep both them and my home clean, clean, clean and well cared for.

My husb, now 71 goes out most all mornings and naps every afternoon so I get lonely and lack communication with others. My daughter died at age 37 in 2011. She and I were close. But now she is gone. But that is in my past and it's time to move on and heal.

I have a Japanese pen pal I have been communicating with since 2000 and my best pal who lives in Seattle I also met as a pen pal in 1999. So I'm trying again to find friends. I like the outdoors, flower gardening and would travel if I could afford to do so.

So this is my thumbnail bio...
Write me if you wish.. I am here....

e-mail address is NuStrt3 at

Wendy: Mary Ann, if you do snail mail, this is my pen pal site: Friendship by Mail

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I thought I was too old for new Friends.

by Gillian McMillan
(Raymond, Alberta, Canada)

My Name is Gillian and I live in a small town in Southern Alberta, its a lovely place, but it can get lonely especially after living in a lively city like Calgary.

When I was eleven I became interested in writing to pen pals - well, now I'm sixty and I still like writing and would like to renew my interest in this fun activity - How about writing to me?

I'm married and have seven children and nine grandchildren, which I dont see as often as I would like.

I've many interests, including letter, reading, gardening, geneology and history.

Waiting to hear from you -
gill.mcmillan at

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I'm a First Generation Baby Boomer, Dad Must Have Been Happy the War Was Over

by Michael
(Carson City, Nevada)

Greetings Fellow Senior Pen Palites,

Don't know where to begin so I'll begin anywhere. The nuts and bolts, I'm a young 65 male retiree who finds aging and retirement a real blessing.

I;m divorced and living alone without so much as a goldfish for company but am pretty independent and self-sufficient so it all works out. Lets see what else, I'm a practicing Zen Buddhist and I plan on practing until I get it right:-)

In my other life I was a teacher and the last 23 years was an education consultant with the Nevada Department of Education. I was also an instructor at the University of Nevada, Reno. My roots are the mid-west (Kansas) but have lived on the East coast band the last 35 years out West.

That's enough about me. I enjoy e-mail connections and would love to hear from folks regarding any topic or none at all. If you are so inclined, give me a write.

You all have a wonderful life (I think that was a movie).


mycoolfitz46 at

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Before morning coffee I'm 99, after the coffee I'm 39--but in reality I'm soon 59.

by Dee Snyder
(Ridgway, Pa)

Wish to communicate with other women in my age range.
Many interests, family first of course, but also reading, world events, flea markets, history, nature, spirituality; the list goes on. Just a very curious person. Willing to discuss almost any subject or just chat about day to day things. Write me at deloressnyder at

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Pal from Sri Lanka

by Ranjith Perera
(Sri Lanka)

Hi, i am a Sri Lankan. my age is 64 young man, still am working. i am doing my own business running a Travel agency. 1968 to 1978 all most 10 years i worked in British company in sri Lanka, Walker & son's. i have work as a fitter, and Machine operator.

i have a two daughters they lived in UK and Hong kong still. i'm not Grand father, me and my wife staying in home.

in my free time i like to follow inter net. Next month i have plan to visit UK with my wife. i like English people if any person like to write me pl, send me a few words.

my Mail is, ranjith.perera9 at

Good health for all.

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Baby Sitting Nanny

by linda
(hazleton, pa )

iam married, have 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren. i work a part time job. i love children, and all animals. the outdoors is where i long to be. i camp, fish, and walk when ever i get the chanch.
lindagombeda at

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Hello future penpals

My name is Tangie, I'm 49 preparing for the golden years, you know the years after all the kids are gone, my last one leaves next year.

I've never been married, in fact, been single for the last 15 - 16 years scared of being hurt, I'm somewhat of a quiet person but I'm ready to open up now. i just want to talk to people/adults.

I don't have friends as I don't trust people much and the dum games they play so i'm more of a loner.

I love music all kind except opera, love movies, never really travel but would love too - oo yeah I LOVE BINGO.

For a few years now I been feeling amazingly loney but didn't know what to do I figure penpaling is a safe way to meet friends and build trust in people again so here I am I hope someone is willing to talk to me.

I CAN BE REACHED AT:tangelco at

Thanks for taking the time to read my note

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Trying to become a little more crafty

by Ruth
(United States)

My children are grown, I am nearing 60 so probably need to develop some sort of hobby-any ideas?

My e-mail address is Green_White at

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A book worm looks for a warm and cozy human

by Anettai


I'm a married woman with a middle-sized dog and a long hair cat in a residential area.

If I only had mystery books at hand, I should be so happy all the time.

I like to enjoy indulging in reading books in particular of "Solitude" in a large city or "exquisite psychological descriptions".

Would like to come across a good pen pal who writes to each other on this amazing site.

monday2010 at

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Too lonely in my cave! Help...

by Eva Thompson
(Franklin NC)

I am here in this area and feel isolated. I have a friend, and feel we're from two different planets at time. Guess that's why I like her so much. She's from the city. I'm from the country. That's O.K.. By the way we have the same name too,first and last. What a sense of humor God has,huh?

My husband was from the City and so great to me. I know he had the spirit of God.

Enough about me. Please someone write to me. I would love to be a friend to some you out there. Maybe we can share something. Recipes?

email et7786 at

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58 but not too late to have fun

by Sherry
(Bronx, NY USA)

Hi, I am a woman looking to make friends, my children have their own lives and I have taken care of my Mother and Father until they died and I lost a 23 year old relationship.

Well after all that I need a break and I need fun, fun, fun and new friends. I love life, I love movies, TV shows, Plays, walking, dancing, reading of all kinds, sports, outdoors, and home life. anything that says excitement.

I have two adult sons, I work and will retire in four years. So my friendship doormat says open, so feel free to contact me. You can contact me at smohamed7 at anytime you want I will get back to you.

Bye Sam

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retired but not tired

by Avis Browning
(Scottsbluff, Ne 69361)

i'm 75 years young, healthly, love to walk, put puzzles together & watch tv.interested in emailing other retired ladies that would like to hear from a pen pal, gabrown8 at

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Confused on older age !!

by Sharon

Healthy and Happy but still working trying to find that magic date to retire for full retirement. Anyone out there with bucket list? should all seniors have one ?

Should bucket list place be started? "What or where would you put on yours? well lets discuss things over coffee or whatever by e-mail.

As you can see, very confused on retirement so need some pals to boost this 65 year old lady to that point in life by telling me about yours .

Care to share write Me at
Sharron923 at

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Send an 82 year old a message

by Donald

Hi everyone as you can see by the heading I've just turned 82 recently First it was. I am very happy reaching that age. I am Married to a child bride of -10 who has been with me for thirty years.

I am interested in a lot of things mostly to do with computers, photography, Drawing and painting digitally, I also dabble in art -- water colors, pastel and charcoal.

I have it seems lost or misplaced most of my peers (working mates etc) to nursing homes or the Great Architect.

You wouldn't believe it I write short stories about the world I grew up in, si-fi, and about the swagmen and Bunyips (If you are not sure about Bunyips write to me and I will tell you about them).

well I guess thats enough now. I tell you more if you write.

regards to you,

email delcee3 at

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"Retired!!!" Then why am I still working to enjoy life?! I guess it is just an age thing!!!

by Lou

Hi, My name is Lou and I have posted on Wendy's site before... but that is before I realized what "retirement" really meant. I now realize there are many forms of retirement.

There is the "retirement" when you and your special other can take off and enjoy life and the wonders of the world!!

Then there is the retirement when you reach that magical age but still must work! It all has to do with choices we made in life!

So as we realize that and accept where we are, life isn't so bad. I am just wondering if there is anyone else out there that is of the age of "retirement, but not hireable" that still work.

Social security is not enough to "live" on so we must still work to have a life where we do not depend on the government to take care of us. I am not complaining by any means. I am happy and very blessed in my life. I can't travel the world but I feel blessed and enjoy the birds that sing to me, the flowers that bloom and smile at me.

I have a GREAT family and God has blessed me in ways I can not count!!!

I live in Texas, I am 72 Years "young"! I am a nanny for a family of 4 wonderful little ones. I love my job and look forward to getting up each morning. I have a positive look on life. I like to do creative crafts, reading (all kinds of books!), love music (all kinds). I like being outdoors and enjoying Gods gifts of nature. I have four grown sons, 8 grandchildren!

Would love to talk to others that are really blessed to be able to only afford "Gods gifts"!

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by Edward
(Battle Creek, Ia 51006)

Hello out there. All I want is someone to be friends with, and can communicate with, either by mail, are e-mail.

I'm 72 yrs young, no health problems, cross my fingers, love to read Sci-Fi,Religious books, astronomy, crime stories, and of course the Bible.

I'm a Christian ever since I was a small child. I like to work out at the Gym, and do it everyday except Sundays sometimes. I like swimming, treadmill, and other exercise equipment.

I weigh 175 lbs, 5'll, still have dark brown hair,yes I know the gray will come someday, but not yet. lol If your interested in communicating with me.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Ed

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Writer seeking someone to write to.

by Lynne Gessner
(Scottsdale, AZ)

I've been a writer for at least 50 years, the author of 12 published books and many short stories and articles.

I'm looking for on-line friends. I want someone to write to, just for fun, talking, sharing our pasts.

As a child I traveled all over Central America and have lived on the Navajo Indian Reservation where my parents operated a trading post. I've been to Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, and Europe in my younger years.

My greatest passion is writing. I am 92 years young and in fairly good health. I'm on my computer every day and would answer your e-mail promptly.

my e-mail address is lynnegessner at

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Im a SSS ( Sweet Single Senior)

by Trace Hanson
(Longview, AB Canada)

I am 65 yrs old living in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. I have a lot of hobbies but I live a long ways from the city so I get lonesome for company at times.

I am actually looking for the love of my life to walk into the golden years hand in hand with BUT that may be too much to ask so Id be happy to just meet some people to correspond with, Men OR women.. Id just like some good friends to write to.

I love travelling, painting, singing, reading, my dogs, the computer and most hobbies.
SO please write me and make a new friend. One can NEVER have too many friends!

tolhanson at


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Looking for a few new friends from around the world!

by Linda
(West Palm Beach, Fl. USA)

Hi, my name is Linda. My husband, Frank & I have been married 26 years. We live in West Palm Beach, Florida. We are retired from banking. Frank was my bosses boss at the bank we worked at, in Fort Lauderdale back in the 80's. We don't have any children. We do have two young cats, Patchee & Poco, who we adopted from the local shelter. They are spoiled rotten, like all pets should be!

My favorite thing to do is work in my sewing room. I have a sewing machine that is also an embroidery machine. I make children's quilt for a charity here in WPB. Sometimes I put embroidered butterflies or flowers on the quilts. I've also made a few things & then sold them on eBay, just for fun.

My husband has moderate Alzheimer's. I have someone that helps me care for him during the day. The evenings are lonely for me. I'd love to have a few new pen pals to "talk" to about anything & everything! I would like to hear all about your life & family & hobbies. I am not looking for anything more than friendship.

I look forward to hearing from friends I haven't met yet! My email address is

Critters4252shop at


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Young retired Caretaker missing conversation

by Linda
(Doylestown, PA)

playing with grandchild

playing with grandchild

WOW, I am retired. And now that I remarried I find myself becoming a caretaker of a new husband who became disabled and non-communicative just a few months after the wedding.

I am 65 with lots of desire for great conversation and friendship. I really want a man or woman to talk with.

I have a great family, and many girl friends. Still, There has to be someone out there who is having the same problem and needs to share. I an awaiting you to have a great conversation.

Linda Cardiounit at

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Oh I hurt for conversation- really really hurt.. Help!!!!!

by Linda
(Doylestown, PA)

playing with grandchild (hidden)

playing with grandchild (hidden)

WOW, I am retired. And now that I remarried I find myself becoming a caretaker of a new husband who became disabled and non-communicative just a few months after the wedding.

I am 65 with lots of desire for great conversation and friendship.

I really want a man or woman to talk with. I have a great family, and many girl friends. Still, There has to be someone out there who is having the same problem and needs to share. I an awaiting you to have a great conversation.

Linda Cardiounit at

Wendy: the email is above -- retyping it here as nobody can find it: Cardiounit at

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