I'm a 71 male... still fit & mostly-healthy ... looking to share e-mails

by Norman

Hi There,

I'm an English-speaking male, still healthy ... into German or Spanish grammar and would like a pen-pal in either (or both) of these languages


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by Lionel
(Sun City, CA.)


WWW YOUTUBE.COM. SEARCH FOR the 77 year old rocker, "father time'

I had a hit record back in 1956. That record was: SO GOOD, BY THE PLAYBOYS on Tetra records, #4447 it made Bandstand and the group appeared at the Apollo. I still keep writing and will soon submit another song.

My email address is: tivados at yahoo.com.

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From Midcoast Maine

Just turned 60 a month ago. Married with no children. Love living near the Maine coast.
Enjoy photography, music and good conversation.
Looking for a lady or man to write to and get to know. Very open and honest guy who is non-judgemental and willing to talk about most anything.
I look forward to your mail at
windtracker at gmx.com

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Indy lady seeking pals who forgot to grow old too!

by Bobbi
(Indiana, USA)

Guess what? I'm having so much fun since my retirement a few years ago, that I think I forgot to grow old! Would like to hear from others who are enjoying this journey as much as I am, and who, like me, know that age is just a number. Seeking male and female pen pals. I'm a voracious reader, a poet,an aspiring writer, a dreamer, and a movie buff, to name a few.
JayNay96 at comcast.net

Wendy: I love the subject line! Me too ~ love it!

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Wish I could travel more....

by mary alice
(Wilmington, NC, USA)

I am a 63 year old female...happily retired nurse after 40 years! I would love to correspond with other people from around the world who want the opportunity to learn about the world in which I live. I particularly love all things English! Both sides of my family are "settlers" from England, but all who would like to write are welcome. Let's have fun getting to know about each other!

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Hoping to hear from just the right lady who likes milk shakes.

by Tom
(London,Ontario, Canada)

My name is Tom, age 75. My wife passed away last December.

I was a high school principal.

My 2 sons are professors. I have 4 grand children.

I have visited 26 countries. Just back from India and off to China in May.

I live in Ontario, Canada.

Looking for a lady who likes to travel.

Drop me a line: ttelfer at rogers.com

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Miss Karen

by Karen
(Maitland Fl)

Originally from Massachusetts, unfortunately now living in Florida. A very young 65. Dabbled in interior design classes and workout at the gym 6 days a week.

Would love to hear from those still lucky enough to still live in Massachusetts. Grew up in the Roslindale area and also lived in Scituate.

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cat lover

by Jean

My name is Jean,and i am I am 75 yrs old and have been widowed since April 2011, and i would like to correspond with any ladies who feel as lonely as i do.

I live in Bristol,England, i am slightly disabled, but can drive my car, i live alone, which can be very distressing, and i miss my husband so much. I have one daughter, but she lives in Exmouth with her husband, so i dont get to see her as often as i would like,and i have a stepson and a stepdaughter, but i dont see them often.

I go to Caligraphy classes once a week, and an art class, but a lot of the time i am alone
I would just like someone to correspond with on-line

Mrs Jean Ritchie

jean.ritchie at blueyonder.co.uk

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Dog and Cat lover who dislikes most people is looking for a pen pall

by Carol

I am looking for some old time nice people who have some heart and understanding. Life today is tough especially on seniors. This world is going so fast that nobody stops to smell the roses.

There is a lot more out there than text messaging, Facebook etc. Nobody picks up a phone anymore and calls you to say hi how are you doing. It is all so un-personable, they would rather communicate by texting even if you are in the same room or sitting right across from one another. Now tell me that isn't crazy.

I am NOT an old person just one who knows how good it used to be and wants to meet people that feel the same way.

By the way I do other things beside bitch about the way things are. I am an avid power walker, ex-personal trainer, writer and love life.

thewizardofoz at ymail.com

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Beading beading designer, also outdoor photographer, will accept all male pen pal candidates

by mary ellen
(overland park kansas)

I am looking for a friend who won't blow my cover, its so hard to find, If your into, theatre plays, Rock and Roll, love water aquatics, maybe you even do bead work or wire work, love to go for long walks through the parks and trails.

Love to go to museums, art museums, botanical gardens, or any scenic spots to enjoy mother natures wonderland, if your spontaneous like to go to check out a new spot or place in another town, than you've got a friend.

Of course there are a few more prerequisites: Friendly, charming, good natured, caring and Intelligent, patient, understanding or applying for early saint hood, you've also got a friend.

Mainly be for real, not a phoney. I lost what I thought was a friend but did a knife in the back number, I don't need that event again.

If interested write me at:
mmasterartist at aol.com
and if sincere I will answer you.

till later, bye bye mare

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Lonely, but nice friendly widow 80 would love the same who would enjoy day trips, travel, and loves to go.

by Betty
(Somerton, Philadelphia, Pa)

I am a Jewish widow in my 80's, healthy, active but with few female friends who would like to take day trips, have dinner and a movie, and likes to be on the go. I live in the Somerton area of Philadelphia and would love to have a wonderful new friend. Maybe this will be my lucky day. jacknbetty at juno.com

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Senior pal from Germany, 70

by Hannelore
(Wiesbaden Hessen Germany)


after the pass away of my husband, I want to increase my pen pals. I'm 7o years old, a retired x-ray-technichian and have alot of interests like computer, photography, travelling music (mostly classic), reading etc.

Would be pleased to receive a reply


e-mail address: hannelorefink at t-online.de

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Retired and Happy Lady

by Sonja
(High Springs, FL, USA)

I've been retired for 11 years and don't believe in getting a start on the day until at least 10:00 a.m. I'm a grandmother - and a good one - have many friends, and enjoy travel. At home I enjoy gardening, reading, and family get togethers and chatting with friends. My email address is
spride1 at windstream.net.
Will I hear from you?

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new friend please

by joan
(Trinidad,West Indies)

Good Night:

Look to make new friend Senior Pen Pal please, I have retired since 2008, and would like to make new friend, i love to travel and read books.

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Bored retiree needs pals and friends

by Lesley Turner
(Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia)

Hello everyone
My name is Lesley Turner. I am 65 and have been retired for six years, widowed for 15 years. I am a foster parent, having three children in my care, aged 12, 10 and 6. They are all from the same family.

You are wondering why I am bored with three kids in the house, but believe me, I am, not with the kids, but with no adult to talk to.

If there is anyone who would like to talk to me about anything really, I would love to hear from you.

I am interested in many things, including movies, garden, reading, many crafts, but because I am so bored, I don't have any interest in any of them any more.

I know I sound like I am sorry for myself, but I really am not, just looking for some interest in my life. Maybe someone has some ideas about how to get out of the doldrums, or have some ideas about new activities that may interest me.

If you can help in any way, I would really love to hear from you.

My E Mail is

leslieturner at optusnet.com.au

and I would love to hear from you



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Time for a coffee break . . .

by Wallace
(B.C. Canada)

In another lifetime I went to work 5 days a week, in another country, writing computer programs. Then a flight from Frankfurt to Vancouver, 9 hours or so, and it was over. I was 57 and retired.

My wife found a job near home and I started to lead a different life. I even bought myself a bicycle to get some exercise. I now work 2 days a week at a local train museum, read more books and try to take decent photographs.

My children have long flown the nest and building their own worlds.

I miss the conversation with other that stimulates thought and ideas so I would like to find a friend in another land to share this time.

So if you would like to join me in friendship then please an email to wallace1 at shaw.ca

Thanks for your time.

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furry animals are cuter, prove me wrong.

by brenda
(London central)

Hello every one. I have my name and e,mail on here, and I do hear from lovely people, but I really want some one who really needs a friend preferably in London or Ireland Or Jersey, Too far, is sad because i would not be able to see them. I want someone who loves animals, a fun person to be with. love walks boats and chatting, which I love doing, I am irish and would love to have some one to go out with and chat have a cuppa and to see them. Love you to get in touch. brendaxx
brendac288 at googlemail.com

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looking for female senior pen pal 55 yrs +

by prashant
(delhi india)

I am 58 year married male tall handsome smart working as senior manager looking for senior female pen pal My email id
prashant1951 at gmail.com

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Lots to do, so little time even in retirement!

by Caroline
(Upstate NY, USA)

Hi, a 68 year old, widowed Upstate New Yorker here looking for pen pals. I enjoy music, literature, mysteries, sewing, writing, photography, shooting pool, and traveling.

After years of helping others, I now do needlework, sew things for loved ones, take Tai Chi and water aerobics, and travel.

Would love to hear from others.

Caroline at cldsian at gmail.com

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South Alabama Senior!

by Terri F
(Dothan, Alabama USA)

Greetings from south Alabama..... I am 51 and anxious to hear from women anywhere! I am married with adult children! I love to read, take care of my dogs, and craft! Writing and learning about other places would be great!

My email address is terrifloyd at aol.com! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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Today's Finish Attitude Epiphany

by Jonathan
(Da vis, CA)

Conversation in America:

>> Hey. How’s it going?

<< Can’t complain.

>> Wouldn’t do any good anyway.

<< No, guess not.

>> Nope.

<< Nobody wants to hear it.

I will be 65 years old this year. I think that I need to communicate with someone my own age, preferably from Finland.

The epiphany:

Today’s gestalt on the subject of positive and negative attitude +

Old Movie: “2001 - A Space Odyssey”, Saul Bellow’s Herzog antihero, Holocaust song “Donna” Thus Spake Zarathustra

I live alone since divorce proceedings. First one knee became painful with arthritis. Then the other knee. Which means near immobility; and chronic pain whenever I am not horizontal.

Welcome to getting old.

This could be a “Fate Worse Than Death” Vonnegut book. Like being knee capped from the Mafia. But unexpectedly I find an awareness I was previously blind to. Disabled people = Invisible.

Does this mean I will just sink into self pity, give up, and whine the rest of my days away? Hardly. My mood is more like a “gallows humor”.

Humor has always been a huge part of me anyway.

However I can not abide the usual pretensions That carry the expectation one “have a positive attitude” & “put on a happy face”.

If I am going to know the meaning of “have a positive attitude”, I must come to it authentically and spontaneously.

Floating around in the pool quite a while. No one is making eye contact. Look up into the sky. To my astonishment I notice high up, bird shaped specks flying in formation and aggressively dive bombing one another. Like WWI dog fights.

What are those?! They don’t act like birds. Not like airplanes either. Perhaps hang gliders? Or radio controlled model planes? I watch a long time. Everyone else in the pool seems to be in their own small ? world.

I lay my head back on the Styrofoam noodle flotation and continue watching the show until all the dots fly away. Then they come back again. I recall swimming with dolphins at Dolphins Plus in the Florida Keys.

“I am not a creature of the sky, but I have tremendous respect for them. I am a creature of the water.” Incredible Dolphins. Swimming with them feels like family. They even gather for a family photo.

Then I think of the song we learned in summer camp, first written by children in the Nazi concentration camps, so I hear:

“On a wagon, bound for market, there’s a calf with a mournful eye. High above him, there’s a swallow, winging swiftly through the sky:



There is a REAL ‘’positive attitude!’

My email is still a mess. The address is: electrojon at att.net.

We deserve a break today.


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Getting old, mens wrinkles dont hurt

by ajim
(St Petersburg Fl)

reiired a dozen time it seems. Lost my wife last year and need someone to write to. I love music, photography, computer, dancing, I live in St Petersburg Fl so if anyone is close to me maybe we can have coffee some time. I am a very young 86 going on 60 my friends tell me.
Arledgex1 at gmail.com

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hi everyone i am new at this so help me out

hello i am a senior but sometimes i do not act like it.. i tell all that i am still young an age is just a another year.

my address is whiley2 at yahoo.com

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Senior looking for seniors 'Snail Mail Letters'

by Diana K
(American Fork, UT, USA)

I especially would like to write to pen friends who like to write letters in the regular mail. I am age 68, live in UTAH USA. My address is
Diana __Address deleted__
E-mail address: MiniQuilt at afconnect.com
I am looking for pen friends from all over the world. I like to collect stamps that I receive my my pen friend letters.
I like to make greeting cards, machine sewing, make crafts, and read books: mystaries, westerns, biographies, autobiographies and I also can read and write in braille I especially like classical and western music. I also enjy watching some TV programs.
If you lilke to write 'snail mail' regular postage mail, please do write to me.
From your new penfriend, Diana

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Welcome all Wrinkly travellers

by Brian Scott

Hi everyone, how are you?

My name is Brian Scott, aged 71years and I live in the UK...... well someone has to!..... lol...only joking.

My very good American friend Dennis who live in Miami,just sent me an email and suggested that I give this web site a try,so here I am folks.

A little bit of info about me. I sadly lost my lovely wife 5 years ago a week before Christmas. Since then I've sold the house and use some of the money for my favourite pastime of travel. I usually take around 5 or 6 trips a year,America being one of my favourite destinations,as well as India & Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, etc.

Naturally as you can imagine its not much fun travelling on your own,so ideally I would love to be able to share the excitement of world travel with a companion to share a few laughs together.

Sorry I haven't got a photo uploaded yet, I tried,but for some reason it wouldn't upload. I'll have a word with the site organiser for some help. Whoops!....lol.... its suddenly appeared and scared the hell outta me!.... lol.....just joshing.

Meanwhile if anyone would like to get in touch,I'd love to hear from you.

Best wishes

Brian Scott

.....email:- brianpm at tiscali.co.uk

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Are you looking for an exact birthday twin?

by Gloria F
(Pittsburgh, Pa.)

Maybe I can help you. I am starting an exact birthday twin database for the years 1946 and 1947 to help others find birthday twins. If you are interested, please contact me at my email address. Please note that this only covers the birth years of 1946 and 1947.
Or write me at glor46er at aol.com

Please put "birthday twin" in the subject line.

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jessiebird looking for friends

by Ariel Talon
(melrose fl clay county)

hi im looking for friends that have an interest in many subjects, i enjoy reading,and sci-fi shows, ufo stories and i'm really interested in the series called ancient aliens. i love all animals, and plants, flowers. i used to rv a lot, enjoy cooking,and like many different ethnic foods, and im into nutrition and subscribe on line to some health sites.

im retired, and lost my companion,and feeling very isolated and alone, and im trying to reach out to pen pals. I have two love birds, and i enjoy them , i was a zookeeper. although i always felt bad for the animals caged up, but knew i would be good to them.

I also have a toy poodle, i would enjoy hearing from someone...

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Lets BEE Friends

by Herbie
(White City, Oregon)

I was raised in Southern Oregon. Moved here from Niland County California. My Father worked on the All American Canal. ( The American Side ) hence: (all american) We lived in the desert in a small tent city set up for the workers. At a young age we moved to Southern Oregon.

Will be married 50 years this June. raised 5 children.

In short have had a very happy life. But retirement was not golden as they say so I saw the need to do something. I took up an interest in the Honey Bee. Love it. My hobby is now finding all the information about the bee. I am amazed at all the good things that come from the Hive that we can use...I will never run out of finding out more about the lowly honey bee and what it can give us.

Also, Someday I will complete a book that has been in my mind for a long long time. I am sure it will do well. It's just that I do not have the patience to sit down and write when there is so many other things to do. It is my complete theory about Bigfoot. I have the complete book in my mind but there is so much to put down in writing. (maybe soon)

I also love anything about rocks and minerals. Worked in the sawmills and logged in Oregon and also Alaska for a short time. My favorite books have been from Jack London.

Favorite TV shows have always been the old westerns. Favorite movies have been Shane..White Fang..The Bear.

Hope to hear from anybody who wants to write and share my stories, hobbies, etc. And I want to hear yours to! Let's Talk!!

email: herbied41 at gmail.com

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by Michael
(west midlands uk)

Hi I'm Frank, retired but a young 76, casual dresser, non smoker and drinker, enjoy touring and camping in my motor home, live simply in council owned property with g/son and Yorky dog, enjoy factual TV, and films, some d.I.y and model building, also play the keyboard and enjoy music.

Would like to meet a lady similar age group for close friendship and trips out, will travel, UK preferred.

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I am not 75. Iam 20 with 65 years of experience

by jad y

I am a retired Sales Agent.
I live with my grandson who share my name.
I just want to pass some time since I spend most of the time alone. It would also be nice meeting other seniors from all over the globe where we can advice each other.

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New to retirement, feel totally isolated, like to hear how its working for you.

by Bob
(Manchester, NJ)

Hi, I’m Bob, SWM, 63yrs. I fully retired last year at 62 to increase my income. I worked the last 30 years in Clinical Engineering as a Certified Biomedical Equipment Specialist and 15 years prior as a Field Service Engineer for navigation (mostly RADAR) and communications equipment in New York.

Since retirement I lived in Florida but could not deal with the humidity. I am currently living in NJ, Fort Dix area. I do not smoke, I do not drink (except on occasions) and I do not do any drugs. I am sociable but a bit private, I like to travel (road trips mostly), play chess, read, watch great movies (big collection), exercise every day, rhetoric, cook when I feel so inclined, a great listener, an animal lover and I enjoy being at home.

I am a friendly, considerate person of a quiet and reserved demeanor and by default, respectful and courteous to all. Being single with no family within 200 miles and twice removed from the environment of my 45 year career, retirement has left me feeling quite disconnected. I did not like living in NYC and so would not return there and NJ is just temporary.

One of my long term ambitions is to settle in PA, NH or TX for the favorable tax treatment of retirees offered by these states. I'd welcome any advice in that regard from fellow retirees in those states.

Other than that I'm curious about how my fellow retirees deal with this void which I've heard is common in retirement. Looking forward to hearing from you. Email me at topaz at usa.com

Sincerely, Bob

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by Rosemary L
(Grimsby, Lincolnshire,UK)

Hi I'm 70 (how did I get this old) I live in the N.East of England with my partner of 25 years.
My interests are reading (crime thrillers, biographies,other people's travels and some historical novels).
Love classical music particularly 19c/20c composers also play the piano.
Pet hates include housework (done on a need to do basis) and people who produce a collection of baby photos for my attention! Also have no interest in 'celebrities'.
I am interested in world and current affairs.
Would love to chat to anyone who has similar interests.

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Fiesty, but tender-hearted woman looking to communicate with the same!.

by Kathy
(Dayton, OH)

Am interested in just woman chit chat on life,books, activities, and interests. Hopefully not to compare ailments. I was a nurse for 30 yrs. I like to read, travel and quilt---and am always interested in helpful tips. I hope to be moving to Florida, if the Lord willing. I have a wonderful husband so am not interested in communicating with men.
I am a Christian.
My e-mail is Katstaff60 at gmail.com

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Friendship from SriLanka

by melitus perera
(Kurunegala North western Srilanka)

I am a male aged 63. Worked as a forest officer and retired. I was married but unfortunately I had to be seperated from my wife, as she wanted to live with her relatives and not with me. Now we are divorced. We had no children. I have my own house and property. I do farming and gardening as hobbies.

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