by Evelyn T
(Ontario, Canada)

My name is Evelyn.. I am 63 and live near Niagara FAlls in Ontario CAnada.. My interests involve gardening, travel, geneology , grandkids etc...

My favorite programs are American Idol and Dancing with the Stars...I prefer to read vs, watching tv however...

I just saw a great movie called incredible Magnolia Hotel... Very popular with the seniors group.. I came to that conclusion by presence of all the grey haired customers in the room hahahah

I love to read books with historical events or true crime...But the Help was a fabulously funny book to read and made a great movie...I love to know people from all over the world....The internet brings the worlds people together i always say...

Would love to meet and make some new friends

Evelyn from Canada

irishojos1948 at

Come on in ...Love to meet you and chat a bit..

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by Diana




mysticaldee22 at


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I like Monday morning!

by Anettai

Hello everyone,

I like Monday when I start my week. While I was working years ago, I told my friends of that. They said to me,"Maybe your boss is so handsome and cool."

Aside from any business, I welcome Monday as the first step to the whole week. It really sounds vivid and lively.

I'm a married woman in her 70's. Interested in reading, computer, photograph, cinema and music. On the other side, I dislike unfaithfulness, laziness and chatting on skype. I'd like to write emails with ladies who live in a different countries from me and share our culture each other via this incredibly marvelous 'retirement online'. see you on line.

my address is monday2010 at

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happy,chatty pals wanted

by peggy

Hi Iam Peggy I am interested in visiting statley homes, castles and haunted sites. I am happily married with two children and five grandchildren. I love to read, draw,make greetings cards, and more. I would like to hear from like minded pals,who can write on a regular basis.

Peggy at frankispeggy at

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by Ashfaq Gulzar
(Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan)

I am Ashfaq Gulzar 63 years age, male, retired Engineer. I have my own complete family, wife, kid, his wife, two grand twin sons age about 11 months.

I have my own residential accommodation, and Pakistan a country of Eastern culture where your family all members give you respect and pride as you are now a senior age person. In life you did for them and now it is your time to enjoy more aspects of life as and when you wish in your own pattern and style. No doubt life in East is blessing if you have the sources.

my e-mail address is
ashfaqgulzar49 at

Love to have friendship either sex any part of life.

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Multidimensional Senior Lady

by callie

Hi, My name is Callie and I am interested in writing to other seniors. I love words, enjoy writing, walking anything that is geared towards physical fitness.

Enjoy reading, and especially stories that deal with romance or mystery. However, an occasional biography can be enjoyable.

If anyone out there on the electric highway is interested in writing, then you may do so at calliemccoy at

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Ancient Bill

by William E.
(Oakville, CT)

90 year old man interested in exchanging idess and experiences. Politically liberal.

westlick at

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female of mutiple racial ethnicity..young in mind,body & spirit reaching out to someone for friendship

by jo gilland
(saem ky)

Am a young 79 year old female of Filipino, Spanish Chinese ethnicity. Still very active in mind , body & spirit,full of life, recently retired from nursing. My passions include DANCING, writing poetry, & traveling. I am a conservative, pro-life Catholic. Faith, family, & friends are important to me.

Hope to find friends with same values & interests.

My e-mail: lokepine at aloha..JO

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Newly retired and sometimes! Need new friends!

by Nicki

Hi....I am looking for female only emailers to exchange banter, chat and news with.

I am 64, have been married for over 40 years, have 3 children and 4 grandsons and live in the south of England not far from the beach.

I am interested in gardening, photography, TV, internet, fashion, reading, travelling and of course emailing. Oh and wine, I do like a glass of wine or two or .........!!

If you think we would have something to chat about and have a bit of a giggle together do get in touch with me on
nickiwoods at

Look forward to hearing from you!!

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widow needs new and happy friends

by celia smith
(weymouth dorset uk.)

Hi my name is Celia Smith i am an active 71 year old but act like 50. i swim each week and belong to a walking group.

i love sight seeing and learning the history of where i am visiting. i am passionate about the natural world, scenery and wild creatures. i also love good music, i have recently joined a geology group and belong to 2 book groups.

in fact i enjoy many things the list is endless. i would love to hear from like minded people as living alone despite many activites is still lonely. and to make new friends from around the world and hear how they live and spend there time would make me and them less lonely.

living as i do by the sea is a bonus as there are many beautiful places to walk along the coast. the county i live in is an agriculture county which makes it very peacful........hope to hear from other freindly people out there.

my email address is
chesilosprey at

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Animal lover seeks friends in London or ireland. men or women 65+

by brenda
(london england)

best dog in the world.

best dog in the world.

Love if penpals were nearer home, we could meet more often and have a cuppa, chat, and a laugh. I love animals, and would love week ends away to the country or coast, It would break the monotamy of life. I am a happy person and have a gsoh. Helpxxxxxxxxxxx Love to hear from you, the soonere the better. love to you all. Brenda.xx

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Online Family Needed

Retired teacher in US needs caring, fun-loving, clean-humored pen pals for ongoing email exchange. Widow, 73, no family remaining, needs online "family" from anywhere in our English-speaking world. Likes visual arts, music, genealogy (have written three books), animals/pets, human babies and children, and honest friends. Diana
artistdgm at

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Traveler likes to talk to people from Europe


I lived in Germany for 5 years then commuted to Europe for another 10 years. I know Europe about as good as the USA my home land. I have meant and have so many good friends in Europe and am always interested in meeting and talking to new people. I am especially interestd in Northern Italy the home of my grand parents.


Clarkston at

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Dog lover seeks pen pals

by Sherri
(Indianapolis, IN USA)

Hi, my name is Sherri. I'm a crazy dog lover. I have 2 dog at present. One is a Labrador Retriever,Lady, and the other is an English Springer Spaniel, Andy. He's a pistol.

I love all of nature and it's beauty. I love living where we have 4 seasons, and especially love the snow. I read, am into the arts and crafts, training dogs, music, be it classical, rock, big time country, or pretty much, I love all music except rap,

I would love to hear from special people anywhere in the world, and I will write back.

judy-sherri at

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need some new friends

by jenny
(victoria, australia)

hi everyone out there,i am a 58 year old aussie female who wants friends to chat to, not interested in anything apart from good chats. Live in a small victorian town, like reading, watching movies and going for walks. Have 3 kids and 5 grandkids, happily living with my partner. Would love to exchange emails with anyone that wants a good chat.
email me at jennyj_54 at

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Love And Enjoy Life!!

Hi There Everyone,

My name is Brenda Sue....looking for a few email pen pals. I enjoy gardening flowers/veggies, hiking, swimming, the ocean, biking, camping, fishing, listening to music, dancing, traveling, dining out, watching movies..taking long walks along the beach.

I love life... love laughing, being happy and enjoy having fun.. life is to short to do other wise.(looking for friends who also love and enjoy life)

If you are interested please email me. Looking forward to hearing from you!!
Have a GREAT day :-)

Brenda Sue

My Email Address...
tinyearthangel at

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by peggy

Hello. I am looking for pals from all walks of life and counties, I love visiting stately homes, castles, old Inns etc. I like to read. draw, gardening, maaking greetings cards and more.

Sorry females only, I am married and 68 years old with a grown family and grandchildren.

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Katie here

by Katie
(Peabody, KS USA)

Hi--- I am married and retired-- early retirement 2 yrs ago and am a caretaker for my disabled husband. I live in a small central plains town -- have had a big decrease in social activity since our youngest son is not home much anymore.

Is very hard to make new friends in our town also cannot get out and go nearly as many places anymore either. Have 2 married daughters and 1 son, 4 grown grandchildren, and 2 angel grandbabies. Our son lost 2 infant baby boys 3 yrs ago.

I have more than enough time on my hands and would LOVE to email any pen pals. Lack of social life and friends makes for a pretty lonely daily life.

I have a bushel full of ideas and an equally interested listening ear. Would love to help cheer up anyone else who may be wanting email contacts. I know that isn't what all of us dreamed our life would be, but it is at least a start, right?

I've had many grown child issues and would absolutely love to discuss anything relating to family issues, current events, grandchildren issues, money issues, or any other topic or problem. I have plenty of time and encouragement for anyone caring to email me.

Wendy:Dear Katie, I'd love to have you post about all the issues above - - family issues, current retirement events, grandchildren issues, etc. Post on my website and others can comment back to you -- and the page stays out there for many years to help other retirees! Just a thought!! Thanks!

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AA Lost Email Contacts!!

by Lesley
(Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia)

Hello Wendy and all in or near retirement.

My story is probably a very common one. I have had a computer glitz and lost all of my e mail contacts who wrote to me through your pages.

If any one is still interested in writing to me again, I would truly love to hear from them, and this time I will save everything as I go, onto a new disc.

I am Lesley Turner, and my e mail in:
leslieturner at

I will, of course love new writers as well.
Thank you in advance.


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funny widow from texas seeks friends that talk better than her corgi

by wanda b
(tyler texas)

i live in east texas. i am energenate. live with my welsh corgi dog. i love being outside working in my garden.but would love to meet other seniors willing to make new friends.

i enjoy dancing. movies . americas got talent. working in my yard and certainly i am an animal lover. i am 78. slender and still i have a geniuine laugh. not just a LOL. my email is shotsie13 at and look forward to any and all conversations.

thank you, wanda

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TWIN - from West Indies

by Joan
(Trinidad,West Indies)


PLEASE EMAIL ME AT charles.joan13 at


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Second chance seeker

by gloria
(metro manila, philippines)


Im a 65 YO widow. We were married for 36 happy years until his demise spelled the start of lonely years for me. Since then, my life has been empty. I do believe, however, there is someone who can equally if not more give me the happiness i miss in the company of someone who is understanding, responsible, loving and kind. I am hopeful this site can give me that opportunity.

I have 3 sons, two of whom are married and gave me 3 grandkids. I still have a bachelor son who lives with me but i am prepared at the thought he would seek his own life anytime.

So i seek a second chance at being happy again.

lauzongloria at

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I need more hugs!

by Jim McNaughton
(Largo Fl)

I AM an 85 yr old man, in a 55 yr old mans body. I look and feel more young each and everyday.

I like music, play the organ for happy hour here where I live, which is a 55+ community. I love to ballroom dance and go to the local community ctr. three times a week to dance. Used to teach dance, did competition, and exhibition dancing for old folks in retirement homes. I love to read, play a lot on the computer, and photography is my regular hobby.

I live in St Petersburg FL or as I call it, my place in paradise. I am a widower, would love to hear from anyone, and every one, male or female. Send me your profile, your jokes, stories and anything else you have to forward or share with me. my e mail address is

arledgex1 at

Self taken pis attached, not too good, but it is hard to take a pic of yourself, try it sometime just for fun.

Have a great day, and be real good to yourself.

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Unlikely to be retired early... from UK.

by Janet
(Cheshire, England)

Hi, my name is Janet. I would like to correspond with males / females in the USA / Canada. I am 52 and a self-employed tutor / vocational assessor and I live near the Peak District on borders of Cheshire/Derbyshire, in northwest England with my teenage son.

I'm divorced and enjoying my single-dom and I'm generally a confident; easygoing, happy, independent and outgoing type with a positive attitude. I have a good sense of humour though I am told it's a little 'dry'.

Love to travel and visit places of interest both in the UK and abroad. I've travelled to Europe, the Med and more recently, spent time in Dubai in the UAE. I've just returned from an Egyptian Nile Cruise, which fulfilled my interest in Egyptology (several years ago I took a course in reading Middle Kingdom Hieroglyphs) but left me disappointed in the poor care of some of the major artifacts (not including King Tut's mask, though the room in which it is kept is a little dour).

I like a wide range of music types but I have to be in the right mood for real classical stuff. I read a wide range of books usually on my Kindle or I listen to audio readings on my ipod especially when I'm on longer journeys. I love historical stuff and humour but I'm not into romantic novels.

Have interests in and memberships to several wildlife related organisations and the British Museum which I try to visit as often as I can, yep...another travel opportunity.

I am trying to get to grips with my DSLR camera..F stops and Apertures..hmmm - should I really have traded in the easier 'point and shoot for idiots' model?

I would love to share similarities and differences in interests and culture with others of a similar mind. If you think we might have something in common..whizz over an email:
jmch77 at

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by Max

Hello all. My name is Max, and I live in Tasmania, Australia. I have seen and enjoyed 72 summers, and being active and healthy, I enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

I have been divorced for 20+ years, and have never again been tempted to put my head inside the mouth of the lion.

One of my great interests is correspondence with people the world over, and I have a goodly number of overseas correspondents. What I lack however, are correspondents within Australia with whom I can discuss matters of mutual interest, of which at the present time, there are no doubt many.

I prefer my correspondents to be female as I lack the female perspective in my daily life. So fellow Australians, if there are people out there who would like to enter an environment of interesting and stimulating correspondence, please email me.

My email address is roget1860 at

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'Shail Mail Pen Friends Wanted -from around the world

by Diana

My name is Diana. I live in UTAH in the USA. I am 68 years old, but am also happy being a grandma for younger folks if they would liek to write to me. Sometimes this is a way for younger pals to get use to writing.

I like to make Greeting Cards for all occasions, Sewing, making Quilts, making Christmas Ornaments, and like learning new things. I like making and doing things on my computer, as well as writing letters. I especially am looking for the 'Snail Mail' letters to come my way. My favorite animals are Meerkats, Penguins and Siamese cats. I also can read and write in both braille and the printed text. Yes, I am visually impaired, but it only stops me from driving.

Hope to hear from you 'snail mail' friends of all ages soon.

My snail mail address is:
MiniQuilt AT

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hi, pen pals wanted

Hi, my name is Linda. i am 64 yrs young. i am married. I have 4 grown children. and 9 grand children.

i am an outdoor girl. i love to camp and fish.
I plant a veg and flower gardens.

i am gonna say bye, hope to get lots of pen pal letters.


lindagombeda at

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Moody Needs New Friends


Hi there,

I would like to take this opportunity to make new friends.

I am 53 happily married with 2 grown up children ,one adorable granddaughter and another one coming soon!

I like to read, watch TV and laze around :)

Email me soon :)

janelim1272 AT

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somewhat eccentric english Kate NEEDS diverse friends please!

by Kate
(England, U.K)

I am a very aged 47 year old ex primary school teacher. retired through ill health. i loved my job and i am the classic teachers teach joke ..interested in absolutely anything and everything, but excelling in nothing!

my hobbies vary from arts, crafts, love all books.. fiction ( prefer classic crime, hate romance or the stuff that makes me cry!) and non fiction, interests are academia and everything in between i can get my hands on (if hands are in use!), oh and i love the radio..such a fabulous little box.

i do have various ailments.. rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy and depression.. all vary in their severity as is normal... and they can run my life.

I love animals, especially dogs. walking.. when i can, life's like that ain't it?

i have travelled a little, i love it, done the art in paris and london thing, the real dream was to visit every continent, i am not sure, barring via an around the world jaunt, that will happen now, well i think i am sure it won't, BUT apart from the usual holiday destinations i have been further afield as a "helpful" teacher... by the time you leave you can wonder just how much of a chore you have actually been for your hosts. love experiences and challenges

I did recently apply to the open university as i was told philosophy would be a good study for me and i do love learning... they wanted money so that went 'out the window'.. i also have looked into buddhism and retreats, mindfulness really appeals to me and the live and let live ethos.

i hate planning, i like to just think and do.. before i change my mind. there is a word for that it may be stupid.. it sometimes has been!

i absolutely adore the seaside.. i did live the dream for a few years.. wonderful. so i am a grey haired, rather daft, 47 year old looking for penpals.can you help?

kt40 at

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It's always five o'clock somewhere.......

by Jackie
(Central Arizona USA)

I just had my 81st birthday in January. I am very active mentally, but physically, not so much.

I keep as active as I can doing housework (which isn't much) cooking, puttering around. I enjoy my computer, keep in touch with family and friends. I love to do tough crossword puzzles, I read a lot and enjoy music.

I would like to hear from other house-bound seniors. I am a good sounding board. I enjoy hearing about people and what they are doing.... you might say I am nosy.

I have been married for 62 years, have two living children, three grandchildren, one great-grandson and one on the way. I am open minded an can talk on any subject. I still have a cocktail or a glass of wine in the late afternoon.

Hope to hear from someone soon. contact me at starflrrose at

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book lover looking for friends

by Marie

I'm a woman from Germany, 54 years old and looking forward to retirement in a few years. I teach English as a second language, love reading, arts and crafts, gardens, flea markets and history. I am looking for people from all over the world to correspond with by email and/or snail mail.

kindlereader58 at

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Hello from Hungary

by Maria

I am 67 years old and retired. I live in Hungary. I would like female penpals from 50 to 80 years age about daily life, knitting, crochet, crafts, etc.
mariahun at

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Retired Trialthlete.....Still swimming,biking and running after all these years!

by Armand
(Denver, Co)

Yup! after 34 years still doing the Tri.
Have slowed down a bit!
Still get a kick out of it though.
Would like to hear from others who are still doing the Tri after all these years!

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Swiss lady seeks mature, pen pals with interests in arts and literature.

by Ulrike Krueger
(Zurich, Switzerland)

Hi future pen pals,

I live in Switzerland but am interested in the world and people from other countries. I am 67 years old and have 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

I would like to exchange views on life and customs in foreign countries and practise English. Hope to find new friends who will be interested to write to me and give me some insight in their lifes. In return I shall give ample information on my situation and my experiences.

In anticipation of an answer of an interested pal pen I send my best regards,


My email: ulrike.krueger.44 at

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Senior Pal at Age 82

by James

Hello my name is jim and I live near SF in calif retired from military and local company, single no kids, lived in any places in us europe and far east... like to make friends with a female who is open and enjoys life. I never argue religion or politics age or or race or location or sex but do ind learning new things so ay can answer if you are honest and who knows it may be fun ty HERBAL
E-mail: jimbo3924 at

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by Barbara
(Romford Essex)

I am a 64 year old grandmother who has 2 grandchildren living with he. I also have a spechial needs daughter and she lives with me also. I like opera and 60s and 70s music. I like to dance and I try to travel in Europe at least once a year. I have 4 dogs all rescues and I will get down to 1 and that will be all I will have. I am part of a close extended family.

I am interested in politics education and welfare for all people. To chill out I read a lot, fantasy fiction and crime fiction.I never watch the soaps but I enjoy sitcoms and current affairs dealing with all aspects of europe where it affects ordinary citizens. I like a laugh and a good joke.

I would very much like to chat to people whatever age about anything and everything. Email b.rankin1947 at

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Retired 61 year old male.

by Robert
(Reno NV)

Retired early and lost track of my working friends. I live in Reno NV., like fishing and travel, but not alone. My step son lives with me, but not much company.

Would like to correspond with someone who shares same interests, street bikes (had to sell mine this year), fishing, travel, reading, animals. Would love to find someone local to fish with also.

Was in Army, Viet Nam, 70-71.

Robert Singleton
box699 at

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Senior moment is daughters fault. Texas senior widow seeks friends again :>

by wanda b

this is a little strange as my daughter who thinks she is the mother set me up on your site for penpals, only thing is she got all the emails.

now i have set up my own email, on my own computer and would like to try this again. Such nice people responded and i would like for you to write me back.

My corgi said he might share some of my time with you, i am slender 78 years old. love to talk, laugh, work in my garden, used to disco and still like to dance although disco is outdated.
I am not.

My email is corgimom72 at

Return to Senior Pen Pal Ads - Archived .

I guess I feel my youth is disappearing these days!


But I believe I always try yo keep my youth and beauty. I am a married woman in my 70's. Interested in reading, computer, photograph, cinema and music.

On the other side of coin, I dislike unfaithfulness, work-shirker and chatting on skype.

I would like to write emails with a lady who is on the same wavelength as me and exchange our different culture with you.

see you on email.

my address is monday2010 at

Return to Senior Pen Pal Ads - Archived .

lady from the land down under

by janet
(newcastle Australia)

Hi To all those like minded people out there I am looking for a pen pal I am 72 fit and active in body and mind I love to read , antiques, collect old china. I walk every day, attend water aerobics three times a week and am involved in my local senior citizens club.

I am divorced looking for friendship only I have 1 son 1 g/daughter and enjoy family life. I keep up with what is going on in our world local and overseas. I watch the history, lifestyle, and national geo when I watch TV.

I am on a pension and do not have money to travel and would like to see the world through someone else,s eye,s. I have enjoyed my journey through life and enjoy my retirement

My address is janet1940 at

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your email pal in waiting

by sadanand
(bangalore, india)

I am SADANAND from Bangalore city, India. I have just stepped into the 50th year but young at heart. All through i have tried to be jovial and easy going for I earnestly believe - LIFE IS A TRAGEDY FOR THOSE WHO THINK AND A COMEDY FOR THOSE WHO FEEL.

I would like to make friendships with women irrespective of the age factor for I have realised that the fairer sex is one category that no man specially me can ever remain blind,deaf and dumb to.

Interested could communicate to me on- saisada.gts at

Return to Senior Pen Pal Ads - Archived .

Looking for friends!!!!

by Jeannette
(canada bc)

Hi my name is Jeannette I live in canada bc,
I am looking for e-mail friends,
I have a good sense of humor love getting jokes,
Love to sail, golf, read, garden ,walk my dogs,
Hope to hear from someone soon,
thank you

jeannette_48 at

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Alaska Senior: You are going to like me.

by SophiaJ

I get along with everyone and love life.

I live in Alaska and it is far from most lower states so one has to do different things according to the weather. I do lots of planting flowers and gardening in my green house.

I have 2 dogs and love camping and enjoying life out in the outdoors. I can do lots of things and do when I have my work done. I'm married and retired. we go south for a couple months in the winter.

I love writing and getting to know people. I have many friends I have gained just through pen pals. Not intrested in an love life I just like to chat and get to know you.

Fishing and photography is what I do best. I go to church and have a personal relationship with the Lord. You have a good day and God bless.


Return to Senior Pen Pal Ads - Archived .

Adventures in Dialogue

by Patrick
(Holly Springs, NC, USA)

Senior male would like discussion of books, movies and even those third rail subjects: religion, politics and philosophy. Just finished reading Pride and Prejudice and enjoyed the lively, smart and character-defining dialogue. What is your favorite comedy? Let's explore what is fun, joyful, exciting and helpful. Have a blessed life!

Return to Senior Pen Pal Ads - Archived .

Senior fisherman

by john

Hi everyone,

John is my name,from the mountain state of West Virginia. I'm 61 yo, I take care of my disabled wife who i adore.

Sometimes it gets lonely and difficult,would enjoy some good friends to correspond with to help in the long hrs.

I enjoy fishing whenever i can, expecially in the mokey Mountains. Enjoy spending time with my Jack Russell terrier "Rascal". Enjoy reading mystery novels,and watching old tv sitcoms, Andy Griffith, Beverly Hillbillys, etc.

email address pappajohn61wv at

Return to Senior Pen Pal Ads - Archived .


by Joyce

Am retired, looking for a friend or two..I am 68 have 2 sons.. enjoy my tropical fish, feeding birds, nature walking, and taking photo's..
jdent2 at

Return to Senior Pen Pal Ads - Archived .

Dog/Cat lover wants to talk to you!

by Stella Dallas
(Saint Elmo, Il)

Hello wherever you are. I like all animals,the arts(music, painting). I want to keep busy learning about new people who like the same things. Also like to talk politics, science but not so much religion.

At present I am 85 going on to 60. Not so active anymore as I was injured in a car accident but still mow my lawn and take care of my four legged children.

I hope I sound interesting enough for someone to respond. My e-mail address is
daecee at

You can call me Stella. Bye for now and have a happy day.

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