Deanna, 54, Nova Scotia

by deeanna
(nova scotia ,canada)

hi there my name is deeanna, in nova scotia canada, i filled in for penpals and never ever got to see my add like all the other have,


birdladyofparadise at, so sad cause its been along time and i never seen it on, am i too young or what 54? thanks deeanna.

Wendy: Deanna, I publish what I receive.. maybe yours never came through? Did you preview the final page? Anyways, I will publish this right now.. just hit COMMENT below to add your details!

Best Wishes!

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Gordon G K, 61, Reading,UK

by Gordon G
(Reading, UK)

I am a former member of British Armed Forces and served thirty-four years as an Electrical Engineer - over the last fifteen years however, I worked as a military analyst in two of the MOD’s largest Headquarters within the UK.

I commenced life in Edinburgh in mid-1950, following some eighteen months in the 1960s workplace, (post-school years) – I opted to leave the land of my birth in a quest to discover Shangri-la – courtesy of the Australian government and the then ubiquitous £10.00 emigration scheme – a life-saving measure for many lads such as myself – the same who had nothing more to offer than boyish good looks and cherubic smiles – and precious little in the 3-R’s department – sadly, during that austere era, I fell appropriately into the ranks of such common-place mediocrity.

My reasons for taking flight at such an early age were largely two-fold - firstly, I had become weary of looking at my hard-working father and seeing myself at fifty-two years of age - secondly, I was constantly haunted by the words of a former maths teacher, one Mr Frew, or ‘SS-Gruppenführer’ Frew as I mischievously referred to him. Frew’s written appreciation of my educational worth on a final school report was dreadful at best, most accurate but dreadful nonetheless.

He commented, with much vigour and glee no doubt, that yours truly possessed little more than a football for a brain, adding further that the substance that inflated the afore-mentioned sporting accessory, was in fact the same invisible mass that occupied the void between my left and right ear!

I determined therefore, if I was doomed to catastrophe in adult life then my failures would be well out of his line-of-sight – he lived only three doors up from our family home – not a pleasant arrangement by any stretch of the imagination

Subsequently, I left town and headed for antipodean shores, settling initially in Sydney and then moving on to both Melbourne and Adelaide. I applied for Australian citizenship in 1968 and this development had near life-changing consequences - in that I was placed in the Draft for Vietnam – I can happily report that I avoided seeing the sunny “sights” of either Hanoi and Saigon by a mere one day - my birthday falls on the 15th of June – the Australian government pleasingly called-up those whose birthdays fell on the 13th, 14th and 16th of June! I took a number of jobs during my first couple first couple of years down-under, but eventually settled and advanced within the advertising industry, wrongfully ascertaining at one point that my destiny lay in the media and all it entailed – superb days indeed - fate on the other hand - had another card to play.

I remained on my travels until I reached 25 years of age, visiting numerous countries including, South Africa, Angola, Rhodesia, (as was) Zambia, Mozambique, Timor Islands, New Guinea and New Zealand.

I returned to the UK in November of 1975, (God alone knows why) and failed miserably in adjusting to the meteorological and financial conditions that prevailed during the period. – (One may rightfully assert that little, if anything has truly changed over the last three and half decades).

Following my enlistment into the British Armed Forces during January 1976, I served in a number of locations worldwide – Northern Ireland at the height of the troubles, being quite easily the most difficult and demanding of all operational arenas I was engaged in.

I married in 1979 and have two grown children, (son & daughter) following School, College and University educational demands, they both embarked on careers within the professional infrastructure, the eldest now in senior management within the leisure industry - our youngest being on the threshold of a career as a commercial pilot. My wife remains as a Senior Nurse and has worked in the specialist areas of paediatric and geriatric care.

I played much sport whilst in the army and to this day, I continue to maintain my fitness levels with 5-time weekly visits to the gymnasium. The old saying that refers to taking a boy out of the army but never taking the army out of the boy, sums up largely my general approach to life modern-day really – I would dearly love to see some of the values and standards that were once so prevalent, being restored into many sections of our failing community present time – losing battle methinks!

My sporting interests are golf, (12-handicap) plus Football, Rugby and Darts – the latter enthusing me as much as anything I may watch on a football/rugby field or Olympic stadium.

I possess a qualification in Journalism, (amongst a number of other educational milestones) and continue to write frequently on both sporting and political developments. My reading is largely autobiographical and biographical; anything relating to sport, politics or the great literary masters has special appeal. My musical taste is eclectic – nevertheless, there remains little, if anything that falls-out of the X-Factor genre that interests me.

The same must be said for tabloid television as a whole, I’m what many may consider as sterile in my personal programming selection – I do like drama, (Commercial-free productions where possible) and anything pertaining to the historical. Each morning sees me making for the radio – passionately genuflecting the moment I hear the dulcet tones of ‘God’ – one John Humphrey’s – I’m a ‘Today’ programme “junkie” and very proud of the fact too – British broadcasting is alive and well on this side of the dial – it is in addition, one of the last electronic destinations in Britain, where one may tune into a service where copious renditions of the Queens English can still be heard – such joy!

I adore food, (especially Thai) and indeed fine wine – particularly when taken with good company and exquisite music in the background. I do like to think of myself as a romantic but when one reaches a certain vintage, one feels out-of-it somewhat – pity really.

My aspirations for the future are quite simple; I adore the Far East and very much wish to settle there – well away from the maddening crowd so to speak.

Furthermore, my aim is to live a very long and full life, to reach 120 years of age would be quite splendid. At that particular juncture, when the Grim Reaper comes a-calling - to pass away quietly in one's sleep remains the kind of peaceful conclusion I desire. If I must suffer a violent termination at that advanced age, then let it please be a speedy transportation into the hereafter - something akin to a shotgun blast at the hands of the jealous husband whose wife I have just been making love to – this too, I would settle on as an acceptable passing from Mother Earth.

My aim in joining this site is to establish communication with people of a similar thought-process. Despite the fact that I continue to produce material for the MOD from my study at home, I nevertheless do not feel inspired with my existence present- time; retirement can bring some awful and unforeseen woes.

I need a spark, something to re-ignite and restore my lines of communication, but with a new and fresh breed of souls – I trust therefore that this communiqué may see my yearning realised.

© GGK – November 2011 gordon at

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Nancy 64 WI.USA

by Nancy Durand
(Almena,WI. USA)

Well I tried this once before so here goes again.
My name is Nancy I am married to a wonderful man, for only four years. I am a mother of six children all grown 20 grandkids, and three great grandsons.

I am retired from working as a housekeeper in a Casino, it was fun as we got to meet a lot of people that came there.

I like to grow flowers,cook,like to travel have seem almost all of the USA. I would like to see the rest of the USA before I get to old.
I like to collect porcelain dolls right now I have about twenty of them.

My favorite book is one called Time To Kill, fav movie is Mississippi Burning, fav. television shows are NCIS,CSI all of them, Criminal Minds, and Law and Order.

I would love to hear from both men and women need my age.
E-Mail address: nancy555011 at

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Colleen, 62, Oregon

Just me

Just me

Just me One of my cards

I would like to exchange ATCs and handmade greetings cards. I'm a serious scrapbooker too.
Am world travler, cat lovers, love old movies, and more.

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Halpa, 51, sri lanka

by halpae
(sri lanka)

I am from Sri lanka. I am a 51 male , interested in health issues, voluntary works, organize support for terminally ill persons from sri lanka or by ideas also in animal rescue works.

I also like to correspond in German or French . I am studying them.

Also I am interested in small businesses such as tea, coffee, handlooms, semi precious stones, wooden carvings.

Waiting to exchange ideas ,
Your reply is very welcome
enlightlanka at

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Sachiko Tannen, 72, Tokyo, Japan

by Sachiko
(Tokyo, Japan)

I am a widow in Tokyo. I am looking for penpals,
both ladies and gentlemen in my age group of 70s, who lost spouse and living alone.

It is very hard to find even a part time work at my age in Japan. I am still hoping to get some kind of work next year. I have a will to work and in good health.

Moved to the present place, 30 minutes by train to
my sister's. Living quietly with Mozart music and reading books.

Please write me at super1obaachan at

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Tealady 66 North Florida

by Mary
(Duval County, Florida)

Hey, I'm looking for email pals that love to chat, gossip, and have fun interests.

Do you love Reality TV, shopping, coupons, and celeb gossip?

Lets talk.
mtodd49352 at

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Larry Darden 55, Salt Lake City, UT (USA)

by Larry
(Salt Lake City, UT)

Hello friends, my name is Larry and I am looking for companionship and a few pen pals if possible. I am looking for a semi-retired female friend age 55-65 that enjoys life and having fun. I enjoy sports, outdoor life, and I am a very sincere compassionate individual.

I like to play chess and collect anything regarding chess, I am an avid book reader. I enjoy long walks and hiking. Salt Lake City, UT has alot of beautiful places that I can do this at. I am a very shy, mild tempered man, who just wants to make more friends.

If you'd like to email me, you can (ldarden55 at I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Have a beautiful day ladies and gents...

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Senior Pen Pal: fun, cool, adventurous grandma.

by nancy

i'm a 61 year old female. i live in wakefield, kansas. i'm single and share a place with my 41 year old son. i love animals. have a golden retriever pup named gracie. i like camping,swimming,playing cards,back yard bbq's, sitting outside watching the sun set and sometimes the sun rise, i like to go for drives, sometimes i wake up in the night and go some place to have a coke or ice cream, i love sight seeing, riding my grandsons motor bike, reading, doing crossword puzzles,and watching t.v. i do volunteer work at the nursing home.

i'm very easy going,down to earth, adventurous and i have a great sense of humor. looking for friends and penpals.

hope to hear from some body. thanks (my names nancy)

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Donelda, St.Catharines Ontario, Canada 71 years of age

by Donelda
(Canada, Ontario)

I am very interested in friendships throughout the world with folks my own age. As seniors, we can be a great support to each other, share our likes and dislikes and just build a friendship through emailing !

Me, I love everything about life and have a very firm belief in God and all the blessings that come with learning more each day.

I am very active and really enjoy communicating with others and hearing what is important to them. My email is lsmall4 at and will look forward to making new friends wherever you are !

Blessings to all, Donelda

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essyluz from IL

by essyluz

hi my name is essyluz I'm 60 years old and will be retiring soon. I LOVE the beauty of nature, going for long walks reading ,pets,and also the simple thigs in life. I Would love to visit England some day or some other far away place.write and we can chat. E-mail essyluz at

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ron g 67 New Jersery USA

Hi, I am a retired dentist looking for other retired professionals or other retired people to chat with. I have found myself surrounded with females, as my guy friends have moved away, died, or have become involved with grandchildren. I have grandchildren of my own, but I miss the connection with other male companions. Anyone out there in the same situation? Ron

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Rick Sluss; 60; Milwaukee, WI USA

Rick is my name. I live in the state of Wisconsin. The majority of my life was spent dealing with an illness. The problem of epilepsy prevented me from doing a lot of physically strenuous jobs but I kept busy with those little jobs. I began doing handyman jobs and it has helped me keep my mind occupied. I was able to drive a car for awhile, when my seizures had been controlled for awhile. After the seizures returned, I surrendered my license again and sold my van. It's a difficult thing for a man to do- sacrificing his independence and limiting his mobility can bring a halt to one's plans for their future. I have a variety of hobbies- cooking, baking, bead crafts and writing. I also enjoy being accountable with a group of men. I enjoy being honest about any type of situation with a man or group of men. It builds integrity and trustworthiness and many men don't have that in their friendships or relationships with others. I also enjoy traveling and doing missionary work trips with various churches. Now that I'm entering my sixties, I sometimes think about what I'll need to be doing to keep my health and my sanity. I try my best to eat decent home cooked meals and avoid a lot of sugary, starchy, junk foods. I learned about a couple of changes to my diet, that really helped in shedding some unnecessary pounds. Many people don't think about what they can do to take better care of their bodies, until they find out that their health is taking a turn for the worse. You might want to team up with someone who will hold you accountable and help you to take better care of the only body you have. You can reach me at the following email address: rsluss at

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Sandra, 64, Kentucky

by Sandra Jobe
(Louisa, KY USA)

Country gal from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, seeking penpals.

Some of the things I enjoy: crafts, flea markets, concerts(especially bluegrass music). I like most sports, but the Kentucky Wildcats rate #1 with me. I love going to the state parks and enjoying all the nature that God has given us.

I attend church regularly, its always been a part of my life and will continue that as long as possible. I attend the Methodist church, but enjoy going to other churches also.

I have a cat"Miss Kitty" and a dog "Shylo". They are my them so much....they are so much company to me as I live alone. I have no children of my own, so you see why pets are so important to me.

I am retired from the County Clerk's office and am enjoying staying home, doing what I want, when I want. HA! I love to travel and take short trips, but find that trips are more fun if there is someone to share them with.

Looking for penpals to keep in touch with, especially anyone from Kentucky.

My email address is: sjobe47 at, so send me messages.

God Bless!

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Jill Walton, age 67 years, Whitehorse, Yukon, Territory, Canada

by Jill Walton
(Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada)

I am 67 years and active when our weather permits hiking with my camera,dog and collapsible camp chair. Retired paralegal who enjoys photography,creating slideshows, listening to music, and I have a keen interest in the world.

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Sharma, 67, Chennai (India)

by Sharma
(Chennai (India))

Hi there,
I retired 10 years ago and now doing online marketing. I operate about 25 websites that promotes mainly clothing and household items.

Before the Internet and E-mail I had pen-pals in India, UK, USA and from some other countries.

I was a hobby journalist and also a short-wave enthusiast. It was my hobby to listen to exotic broadcasts and send reception reports. I have also contributed broadcast material to some International broadcasts in English.

I have a pal in UK since 1985. We started as pen pals by post office mail and now continue by E-mail. We had the fortune of meeting each other when I visited UK in 2002. Another mutual friend from Maine, USA passed away in on October 5 this year.

My another hobby is reading. Just now I am reading Wilbur Smith (When the lion feeds).
I am looking for E-mail pals from anywhere who can write in English. My E-mail ID uksharma3 at

Thank you for offering this service.


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Len Than, 50, Philippines

I would like to have friends from different parts of the world. It's nice to know the cultures and traits of people in different walks of life. I am looking for friendship and let see if where it goes. I am a God loving woman. I enjoy reading, cooking and travelling. I am fit and healthy and having my aerobics 3x a week. I would love to hear from you thru my email: lenctan04 at

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Candice age 60 - Folsom Calif

I am a DWF.. simple down-to-earth, fit, loving, caring lady. Non-smoker non-drinker. Enjoy laughs/conversation. I love walks, game shows on t-v. mountains, bike riding, going to church. I enjoy going to antique stores. I have 2 grown children.

I work part-time as a Caregiver. I love people, animals. Have a cat (Taz).

Worked many years as a Grocery Checker, and Receptionist up until last year. Recently started working as a Caregiver. I have a heart to care for the elderly.

Just simple me, who would enjoy email from other nice sweet people. Thank you :) whiterose4bmm at

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Colleen, 62, Oregon

Just me!

Just me!

Interested in exchange homemade greeting cards and ATCs with others. I enjoy scrapbooking, cardmaking, ATCs and more. chaleena at

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Annie Hamilton, 72, Alabama, US, Aritst

I'm interested in art, writing, relationships, social work, being in the outdoors, music, cooking, and other things.

I like people and find most of them fascinating. Although I know a lot of people, I only have a few close friends. One of the things I have found out through the years is how difficult it is to find a dear friend, one you can share, trust and love. Yet, I still enjoy meeting and talking with penpal.

I live in a historical home that is more than 100 years old and it keeps me busy keeping it.. or letting it keep me. It has a wonderful studio in it where I paint and sometimes give art lessons.

I'm easily entertained and never feel lonely. Yet, it would be great to find a male friend with similar interests to write to, talk with and, maybe, some day meet. Right now, I'm just looking for someone to correspond with through email.

My email address is artistannhamilton at

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Thomas. 72 years old. IL,Chicago

by Thomas



THIS APPEARS TO BE A SCAMMER.. Email deleted so you cannot write and get his scammer emails asking for money help! Sorry! Wendy

Hello ,

My name is Thomas, I'm 72years old..I work self employed as an construction engineer. I'm a widowed always lonely sometimes at home. I will like to meet with a new friend and see where it leads us to. This is my email address{ *** at} I will be looking to hearing from you friends soon.


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Terry Baker 73 UK

Hello I am a retired farmer and would like to correspond with females of round about my own age . I like writing emails about just anything , yesteryear, day to day things holiday hobbies etc. If you feel it would be fun to swop emails please contact me , I will certainly write back

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John Miller, 63, Scotland

Single 63 yr old male would like to hear from females anywhere in the world. Well educated with good sense of humour, but recovering from recent illness. Feeling very lonely, especially at this time of year, so anyone who feels they have the time or inclination to reply would be much appreciated. Pics will be added later

johnmiller at

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Roger 57 North Carolina

Hi looking for someone to monkey around with on the internet that's all. Send jokes to and share vines to swing with. You know not so serious and just fun stuff. Can be gotten in touch with at aquaticsplantman at

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Diana 73 Ohio

Online friends can be wonderful. I am a professional artist (painting) and retired art teacher. My other "passion" is genealogy and have completed three books.

I am compassionate and spiritual with a good sense of humor (laughter IS the best medicine - especially as we age).

Although BBC reruns of Keeping Up Appearances is my favorite TV show, I have recently become "addicted" to Criminal Minds.

Would like to have e-mail friends so please write.
artistdgm at

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Jan 50 Fla.

Hey, looking 4 someone 2 e-mail 2. No one looking 4 $ or meds. Or just out of jail or prison. I enjoy cooking, baking, collecting anything from Fla, palm trees, shells, fla. birds etc... I also ride my bicycle, walk & go 2 bible study & church every Sunday. I like flea markets & when I read I like the writer Tim Dorsey, I also like 2 read Readers Digest. I like all court shows, Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown, etc.... Well bye 4 now, Jan.. e-mail... ed.jan20 at

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Bennie age 69,years from Victoria Australia.

by Bennie

My name is Bennie I am Retired male,and spend time in my Garden,and my Hobbies include,early morning walks,listening to easy light music,and I also like Bluegrass and Country music.

I like letter writing,and a collector of Coins.
It would be nice to correspond with a lady as an E-Pal friend,from either the UK or USA.

My Email address is: benny.4090 at

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Pam age 62 living in PA US

by Pamela F. Olock
(Pine Grove Pa USA)

Hi everyone
I am a Brit and live in the US but still luv my trips home to London and Wales. Just got back from across the big pond.

Love to garden, read, walk my two little pekes, also eating out, dancing and good company and good conversation.

Am divorced but would like a companion to socialize with, just lost my sweet man friend of 6 yrs so it was hard. Have an aunt in Aussie land and cousin in Switzerland.

I love the seaside and of course shopping till you drop. Really enjoy corresponding with penpals and may be meeting up when I am going home to UK. Of course emails make the world a little smaller. Would really like to hear from some friends in UK or all parts of the world.

Hope to hear from as many of you that want to write. I am a faithful correspondent. Pam

My email address is Leytonpam at

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Bob, 58 Years Young, Ocala, Florida

Hello, nice people ,I am 58 ,W/M and, not use to talking about myself.

I worked 18-20 hours a day, never had kids, but coached Tee-ball, like kids, just never felt, I had the time to, do them justice, as per the hours I worked, was a police Captain, owned shoe stores, Contractor, and Stock-Option, investor, plus had 6 rentals, so I worked save and live 'Under-my means'...

I have been on Weight Watchers for 5 years. Lost 118 lbs., was 258 never once cheated on it, work out twice per day, and walk 5 miles .

I just renovated a Condo, here in Central Florida, near Ocala. took me 4 months, but done:-) Woo-hoo!

I just want a nice, email lady, that has a 'Sense-Of-Humor'...I want a lady, why? I think, they're, Smarter, Nicer, and kinder, than, well, Men.. I do not care about age, etc., just nice person... I so enjoy, emails, but know, no one here... I would be happy, to attach a pic, when and if you email, me, so you can place a face, on our friendship..

Thank-you, Bob

P.S. Forgot my email, address emalbob at

Also, when, Wendy, sends, you a Comfirmation, nothing works... it always comes back....:-(
What does that mean? Write me privately if there is a problem, I want to fix whatever is happening, if I can.. thanks!

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Len, 50, Philippines



I am Len, 50 years old and would very much like to meet new friends here. I am friendly and enjoy learning different traits and cultures of diff countries. I am from Philippines which is a tropical country.

I enjoy reading, cooking and also travelling.
Hoping to hear from you.

My email address is lenctan04 at

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Senior Pals: Sending e-mails, PP, cute pretty things, all clean

by Linda Fowler

I like sending & receiving clean, funny, e-mails quotes, PP this is what I like to do & be a penpal & visit with others, but my favorite is sending & receiving. lfowler at
Hope there is someone out there that like to do the same.

May your day be pleasing to you.

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ray thomas, kansas

HI my name is ray thomas birthday is 1- 19 1943. I am retired. living on social security. Next year I be 69 year of age. Hoping to have most of my debt paid off by the end of next year i been working toward this for three years it hard to do.

I play the violin and the recorder I read music since i am hard of hearing. i love collecting walking cane and pocket knife. two movies i love to watch are - the wolfman the real old on other one is wichita with joel mcrea around 1956. i saw that movies with my three brothers, why it so special. I just want to write to someone i am on the day.

I do not go into politic. i believed in hearing both side of the issue. and i sure do not believed in throwing blame at one side or the other.

I also believed in the bible and try to hear GOD side not my side. I take the whole bible seriously, not just a verse here and there, but the whole bible.

i also am a groaner joke teller, like: why do cowboy ride horses? because the horse is to heavy to carry. what the real reason the chicken crossed
the road? the road was too long to go around.

love to hear what going on in yur world. I am single.

email is silverwing66845 at

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Raymond. 78 Canada

Yes thats me Raymond, 78, Canada - however don,t let that fool you.

I'm happily married to a Philippino who is a wonderful person and we live near Vancouver, thats in British Columbia and we are both retired.

I am interested in talking with friends around the world. As for me I am ex military (not U.S.A.) and ride a motorcycle and enjoy travel meeting new friends and so on.

Please understand that I am looking for good friends to chat with because life is so interesting but thats it. Send a message and I will reply to you. Have a good day.

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Margit 72 WA

I would love to get some e-mail, but so far I had no luck, all want either money or medication. What happened to just plain ordinary pen-pals? I love gardening, animals, crafts, cooking and a few other things. So if you are bored, send me a few lines. Not interested in a relation ship, just a pen-pal to jabber with. Send me a note if you are that kind of person.
margit3 at

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Bill, age 72, near Houston, Texas USA

I'm 72, happily married, retired after 36 years as an engineer and project manager for NASA.

I like music (just about anything but rock). I read, mostly non fiction. I am a radio hobbyist, but I don't get carried away with it.

We exercise two or three times each week at a local YMCA, and we have time for grandkids and great grands.

I try to keep up with current affairs, and I would like to discuss a variety of things with seniors anywhere in the world, men and women.

I have some interest in genealogy, but there's a lot I don't know. I just completed a Y-chromosome search with National Geographic Society's Genographic Project(interesting, but confusing).

You may email me at lpwjy at

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Susanne, 61, Texas USA

by susanne
(Texas, usa, )

Life has just slipped by, would love to have penpals to write to about anything, memories, grandchildren, family, hobbies, etc. I raised my grandson for 2 years and since he left it has been very lonely. Moving into a active senior location soon.

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Pattie, 64, Port Saint Lucie, Fl

by Pattie
(PSL, Fl)

Merry xmas

Merry xmas

Anyone in Port Saint Lucie, Fort Pierce, Jensen Beach or Stuart?
Please write me at pattieplaypal at

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Texas Country Gal

by Janis
(Fort Worth, Texas USA)

All this retirement stuff just slipped up on me. To tell you the truth, I didn't think that I would ever get OLD, but here I am! At 66, I am alone and wanting to email with a nice, Christian male, within the US.

I also didn't ever think that I would be ALONE at 66, as my plans were to travel and see the world. Now is not a good time to see the world, so have settled on seeing all the good old USA, the only thing is I am alone and want a nice Christian gentlemen that is alone, that want to do this with me. It's not fun doing things by oneself at any age. Do you agree?

I love to travel, be out of doors, camping, RV-ing, love history, animals, children, friends, family, and laughing and having full days, fun times, and somone to share all the above with. Email first, and then see what happens from there.

I live near the Fort Worth area, the weather is nice most of the year, so let's get together and see if we have enough in common to be company to each other. I would like to think that my golden years would be with someone that I could love, he could love me, for that one last time; forever.

I am a Christian and seeking a Christian who is stable, honest, and a one women man. I have good qualities and you must be the same, having the common goal for the rest of our days, together, making each other happy.

No games, please! If interested please email me at:
rainbow09 at

I am busy, but will get back with all who email me, ASAP!

God bless you, Jan

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Karen A, 58 Florida

by Karen Alfrey

Hello I am Karen 58 yo and live in Palm Beach area in Florida. I been married 40 years and have 3 grown children and one grandson. Would love to write to anyone in USA only.Females for friendhip and chat. I love to write letters and read and dine out and go shopping collect stickers and stationery items. I want someone who will write and want's to become good friends. my e mail alfreykaren at hope tohear from someone Karen

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Sammy age 64, Ky

I am 64 years old and retired from nurse aide work. I took care of alzeimers, babies, & children. I miss them very much.
I enjoy reading, antiques, yard sales, soft rock music, penpaling etc.
I am happily devorced & looking for friendship via email.
Good listener & layed back persoality.
You can email me at lydiatjzk at

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Janet C, 66, Indiana

by Janet C
(Michigan City, In)

Hi ,
My name is Janet and I would love to have a pen pal. I haven't had one since I was in high school. I lost my daughter 6 years ago and my life has been in a tailspin ever since them. I need some new people to communicate with. I like fishing, cooking, movies ,gambling or just plain wholesome conversation.

My email address is janzeb at

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Sweetjayne, Female, 64yrs old, Pennsylvania (USA)

by Sweetjayne

Hello everyone, thought I would join this group to get some pen pals. I'm 64 yrs old, just had a total knee replacement in June, rt knee. It's better than it was, I would say, but still have a long way to go.

Would very much love to conversate with others. I enjoy meeting new friends, especially those whom I can relate to. Thank you very much for reading my ad..Have a Merry Christmas!

sweetjayne2003 at

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nancy, 61 ,kansas

by nancy turner

hello, i already put an ad in here, but forgot to put in my email address, and i can't seem to find how to go back to my old ad to ad my address so i decided to make a new ad.

my names nancy. i'm 61 yrs old and live in kansas. i like weekend trips,back yard bbq's, reading, sitting outside watching the sunset, exercising, power walking, taking pictures, sight seeing, crossword puzzle's, swimming, garage sales, and i volunteer at the nursing home here in my town.

i'm easy going,love making email friends,and i have a free spirit, which has given me lots of adventures.

my email address is n_philbrick at

hope to hear from people thanks.

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by cecelia moran
(pompano beach, fl)

Hi there:

I am a mature retired British woman, living in Florida and looking for a senior pen pal for friendship, preferably in UK. I do have some relatives there and visit from time to time.


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Max, 71, Australia

by Max

I live on a large island off the coast of Australia. I share my life with my Russian Blue cat. I have lived and do live an interesting life without the restictions of a supervisor.

My interests are many and varied, but one of my consuming passions is exchanging correspondence with persons the world over. I prefer to correspond with females, as under normal circumstances I don't get female input on a day-to-day basis.

I take the trouble to make my mails as informative and interesting as possible, giving persons from another country a glimpse of life here. I don't get enthused if I receive in return two or three lines which tell me nothing of the other person and how they live. So folks, if you can't take the time to be an interesting (just day-to-day things) correspondent, then I am not for you !!!!!

But I just know there are other people out there who take a delight in their correspondence just as do I, and I look forward to hearing from you. My email is roget1860 at

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Mary age 63 living in Canada

by Mary Bingleman
(Ontario, Canada)

I am Mary 63 yrs old, living in Ontario Canada---
I am married to a wonderful man--Cliff who is a retired police detective---I am also retired from my job of 35 yrs.

I spent time in Hawaii through the 70's---loved every minute and would like to write to someone from Hawaii--

my e-mail adress is mbingleman at

Please write and perhaps you can take me back to a place I love so very much---

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Sue, aged 59 from England


I am Sue, aged 59 , married and living in Engand with our rescued Spanish dog. and now retired after living in Spain for 6 years

I am looking for epals with similar interests. My hobbies are many and varied but include travel, cooking, walking my dog, eating out, wine tasting, card making, playing the piano and many more.

I am a sincere person who is non judgemental. I always try to look for the good side in everyone and I love to laugh. I would like to share the everyday things in life with friends and to share humour.

If anyone would like to write back, my email address is
senorasue at

hope to hear from someone soon

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Hannah 70 CA.

by Hannah M
(Bloomington, CA)

Hello I am married 43 years, had 6 children, two have gone home to be with the Lord. I have 11 grandchildren and 1 great-grand son.

Love to rubber stamp and I do the cards for my church. I enjoy creative writing, jewelry making,taking pictures and spending time with my family.

I have a cat named Princess who is white and a dog named Precious, she is a Pit Bull mix and loves kids.

I am very active in my church, I am in charge of refreshments between Sunday School and Church.

I am the Church Clerk and head of the Prayer Chain. Hope to hear from alot of you as I love getting mail and writing letters. katelynm2001 at

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Twin cities/MN/U.S.

by Ruth
(Twin Cities,MN)

Got the time to make a new friend?
With family grown I have time for many interests and hobbies if you do as well love to hear about them.
You can reach me at indiartist55 at

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serra ersin

by serra ersin
(ankara turkey)

serra06yldz at

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Naida Dewey

by Naida. dewey
(St. James, NY)

I've been widowed twice, but am still a very active "senior" -- but one who would like to share with someone my interest in music (mostly classical -- I still sing in my church choir), current events, the Arts, -- and just any topic that might interest us. Because my sons are scientists (as were both husbands), I'm fairly computer literate. I get tired of living in a mostly female world. I love my women friends, but often miss a male viewpoint.

My e-mail address is:

Ndewey0428 at

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Stephen, 62, UK


Happily married with two kids and three grand-kids, I'm retired but stayed active and very inquisitive about the world and life. Love reading and exploring the web.

Detective and contemporary fiction/dramas are my favourite books and shows, and I love classical history for what it says about our present predicament - like nothing better than swapping views on current events also.

I've seen a fair bit of Europe and USA and a bit of Asia, always glad to swap travel stories and experiences.
A few years ago I built a small sailing dinghy and I've been learning to sail inshore but fancy doing a sea course soon. Also trying my hand at cooking - with varying degrees of success!

Be glad to hear from anyone who sees anything of interest and will always respond:
batguard-penf at


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beverly, 67 yrs. young and live in NC

I am semi-retired, working part time to remain busy and active. Very youthful in appearance and thoughts. An animal lover, favor "oldies but goodies" from 50's and 60's era, love old movies from 30's and 40's. Am considered loyal to family and friends.

Gardening, flowers are a passion and I enjoy cooking. Had a profile on SeniorPeopleMeet but am actually more interested in finding a pal rather than a partner.

Passionate about my Christian faith. Looking forward to hearing from someone with similar interests....unable to upload photos at this time but photos can be seen on under name of FancyB

beverlywilliamson90 at

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Barbara Smith, age 76, Queensland, Australia

by Barbara Smith
(Brisbane, Qld Australia)

Hi i'm a lady living alone and I enjoy emailing on my computer. I do volunteering within my community. I enjoy writing to people across the world to learn different cultures and countries that I have not been able to visit, and enjoy telling others about my own country and how I live.
My email address is bgs2804 at

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Piera, 59 - Italy


I live in Tuscany and I am pre-retired. I would like to talk about the respective cultures, religions, thoughts. I am a good reading and writing, and if someone would like to learn italian, I have a very good property in my language (better than English!).

I have been a Consultant/Trainer in Hotel Quality Management and Tourism until 3 years ago. I help as I can the people in need, because I think we have to sustain each other in the life.

My email: formamentis1952 at

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Sue G, 59 years old from Australia

by Sue

Hi I am Sue 59 years old from Australia. I am married with a 22 year old daughter who is about to leave home. My interests include reading writing letters, listening to music and photography. Would love to correspond with women only with similar interests.

My email address is sue-game1 at

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Ms. Pat M, age 76, Kansas

I would like to correspond with a single, white Christian man of similar age, N/S, N/D, preferably in Kansas. And also with ladies who share my interest in genealogy, especially anyone with surnames of Boyd, Wheeler, Kernodle, or Griepenstroh. Kansaslady at

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Eira (pronounced Eera), 68, North Carolina

by Eira
(Brevard, NC)

Hello! I'm originally from North India but moved to the US in 1970. I live in a small town called Brevard in North Carolina. A retired teacher, I have made a career change to dancing the Argentine Tango.

Having travelled much of the world, I am interested in communicating with men or women, preferably outside the US.

Though I have many interests, such as hiking, reading, painting, dancing, travelling, I am more interested in people whose specialization is outside my own. I find it more stimulating to be with people who stretch my mind rather than make it "redundant" with familiar knowledge.

Some of my favorite countries are Japan, Vietnam, and South Africa.

I am interested in a man or woman of character who is capable of establishing a back and forth exchange over the years. I may visit the person on my travels.

email: patnaik.eira at

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Alexander, 61 years old, Ukraine - Europe

by Alexander
(Ukraine, Europe)

2011 year - I am a single 61 years old man. When 60 years old came to me and said:” Hello” My work said:”Bye” to me or I said:”Bye” to my work. I am retired and I am alone.

I took a travel to Russia, Caucasus, Israel, Greece and Ukraine. I did enjoy the world of seas and lands. I live on area of the former town-republic Chersonese founded 4 Age B.C.

I graduated from the college. I worked in a town power supply company where I was a chief of the department office. The company gives the light at houses and on streets.

I am a Orthodox Christian and each Sunday I attend a church.

I like the fishing. I like reading. I enjoy bicycle when my legs work. I play the chess and sometimes I make a mosaic pictures. Recently by bus I took the trip on a mountain, 1449 metres (4833 foots) height above sea level where I did watch sky, sea and many colors sunset, beautiful corner of my area, so beautiful that each time you visit them they give you a sense of happiness and fullness of life, tune all your being to the uncommonly simple and fruitful special inspiration!

I do not want to leave here, from the area where I live in Sevastopol, city with paint galleries, museums, theatre, near sea, mountains, trees, and flowers. I feel comfortable I have own 2 rooms flat in 28 flats house. Ukraine is independent country with full democratic freedoms, President is a Christian.

I like to take a walk in good sunny weather in park, forest to watch the animals and birds. I enjoy listening to different music.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask me. I will look forward to hearing from you. I do hope that we will be able exchange the friendly e-mail letters. The October I went to the Nikitsky Botanical Garden that was founded in 1812. It is located near town Yalta.

Usually each year at any autumn people can watch 350 kinds of Chrysanthemes of the scientific Garden. It was like the of Chrysanthemes holiday. I saw very beautiful Chrysanthemes of different colors, sizes configurations, forms. I enloy Chrysanthemums holiday. Many Chrysanthemes grow in my area and near house where I live too. What flowers do you like?

Write me
alexander1950a at

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Mary 80 Massachusetts

Hi I am looking for seniors to talk to.I am 80 yrs old , still taking care of myself . I live in a small town but it is growing and the driving is getting congested even here. Winter is coming upon us and we all in Ma. will be hybernating more and need to keep in touch with people
Hope to hear from any one.

Mary busybeems at

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MaryJo, 68, Texas

I would like to find snail mail pen pals, male or female, who are interested in long-term friendship and might be interested in email and phone contact too.

My email address is haggisisscotsfood at Please contact me there to exchange snail mail addresses.

I am a retired teacher/librarian. I love to do genealogical research, and I did it for a living for a while. I also spent several years looking after my mother, who was 102 when she died..... so I know what the journey of a caregiver is like.

I was born and raised in Illinois. Now I live in north Texas with my two cats, both rescues with auto-immune diseases. Years ago I was on the board of directors of the local humane society, and I went on cruelty calls until I could not stand it any more. Back then I often had a house full of rescued dogs and cats, and the vet bills got very high. I am not able to afford that any more.

I have no family so I spend my time knitting and crocheting for charity. I used to sew and quilt a lot, but I have lost interest because I no longer have room. The local quilt shop has also gone out of business so there is no place to take classes.

I also love to read. Television keeps me occupied too... old movies are a favorite. So are paranormal shows like Psychic Kids and Paranormal State. Recently I got involved in and I am enjoying that, though it does not take much time.

I am a reiki master and a Healing Touch for Animals practitioner. I am very interested in energy medicine, homeopathy, earthing, and chi gong. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to take classes with Donna Eden.

Recently I was diagnosed as being mildly diabetic. That is quite an adjustment. I have had to change my diet radically because I was living on juices.

I hope everybody is having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Betty,56, married, live in central Wyoming

by Betty
(Thermpolis, WY USA)

I live on 100+ acres ten miles outside of Thermopolis, WY with my semi-retired electrician husband of 36 years and two dogs. We also have a few chickens (if I can keep the coyotes and bobcats away from them).

Right now I'm working part-time at a restaurant. When I'm not working I read just about anything, except science fiction; knit, and watch TV.

We have five kids--3 boys and 2 girls ranging from 40 (he came with the husband) to 24. They are scattered from Florida to Hawaii thanks to the US Army.

This time of year it gets pretty cold and nasty here so I spend a lot of time inside. During the spring and summer I'm outside alot working the new flowerbeds and just wondering around. To get around during the winter I use my little Japanese truck with right-hand drive. I think it is so much fun to drive.

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Carol Ocala, Florida

by Carol
(Ocala, Florida)

I had an ad in about a year ago but have since moved to a whole new town and have new and different interests.

I lived near a beach almost all my life and am now in the middle of the state with no beaches close but lovely rolling hills and beautiful trees. I would power walk on the beach every morning 8-10 miles, now I have a lovely park where you can power walk or just sit down and meditate surrounded by beautiful trees and greenery.

I now have two Olympic size pools indoor and outdoor, a gym besides the one I have in my house, golf courses, a Theater, club house and several classes (800) a year.

So you see the beach was wonderful but so is what I have now and I am very grateful. I have made friends in the 3 weeks I am here but also love to have e-mail pals so lets hear from somebody that wants to be e-mail pals.

Happy Holidays to you all.
Carol at thewizardofoz at

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Diw Methil, 60, Kerala, India

My backyard

My backyard

My backyard Welcome to my class

I am Diw Methil, teacher, freelance writer, blogger and author living and working in Kerala, India. I would like to write to women in USA and UK.

I am interested in all aspects of Western culture both ancient and modern. I love music of the 80's, action movies with an urban setting and heroes who are not sissies.

I seek serious long term friendship and is not looking for romance.I don't want friends who keep writing a few lines and first and come to a stop after a few letters.

I am not seeking money, visa or any other ulterior motives, but pure unadulterated friendship.

Sorry, no letters from Africa or any other country offering me millions of dollars. I am satisfied with what I got and is not looking or more money.

Return to Senior Pen Pal Ads - Archived .

Jacqueline, 57, Wisconsin

by Jacqueline

I love dragons, fairies and plastic canvas. I have been married 39 years, 6 kids. Have 2 dogs and 1 cat that are very spoiled. I am a CNA. I like sappy love movies. I read sci-fi, fantasy or religious books. I am a Mormon. My all time favorite movie is Brigadoon.

Return to Senior Pen Pal Ads - Archived .

Janet S, baby boomer, NE PA USA

Am seeking pen friends, preferably female, from all over the world (English speaking/writing please).

Married for 40 plus years; we are both teachers.

Some of my interests and hobbies are: Email pen pals, meeting people from all walks of life, cooking and collecting low carbohydrate recipes, pets, natural alternatives to help health conditions, gardening, thrift stores/consignment shops, and travel(when time and money permit of course! :) smile :) )

Would love to hear what your area is like where you live and long emails are welcome! Am also looking for gals who are interested in WWII history and are open to discussing the Bible.

Feel free to email me at bookiemay75 at

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