Starting a new chapter in life

by veda
(albany, ny)

I am a 65 year old retired woman and trying to adjust to this new way of life. I thought that having a pen pal from a different area would be fun and enlightening.

vedapowell at

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Vivian, 70, Illinois - loves life

by Vivian B
(Romeoville,IL. USA)

Hi, I am 70 year old, would like to have either Male or Female Pen Pals,I enjoy gardening, reading, Golf, Fishing and enjoy walking, do a 5K Walk every year, I just enjoy life! And looking for someone who also loves life !

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by Bernard
(Glasgow Scotland)

73 year male retired engineer widower of one year and now a full time carer for my disabled step daughter 35.

Wishes to converse with male or female of similar age to establish a good warm friendship. I am a very practical person, independant and self supporting.

I also try to be true to my faith and Christian beliefs.

My hobbies are Model engineering. DIY, Gardening. Reading. Walking not to far. TV , PC and the Internet. Scottish and Irish folk music. ect. I also have a deep interest in steam locomotives and steam engines.

Thank for reading my ad.
Bernard - Glasgow Scotland
brnrdrlly at

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Lover of animals and some people

by Carol

Here I go again. I have lost all my pen pal friends to Facebook. I am not on Facebook and am looking for people like me that just want e-mail pen pals.

I am very young at heart, have many interests and love life. I don't care what age you are as long as you are alive and kicking you should have a smile on your face and count your blessings. There are always blessing to count all you have to do is look for them. I will tell you more about myself if you choose to contact me.
Carol at thewizardofoz at

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Hi desert goddess in love with Joshua trees

by Elaine

My pen name is Neteret and I have written close to a half a million words if not more. Only a few have been published in real books; the rest are online. Many are risque and some are demented. I am currently in the throes of starting my second book that takes place in ancient Egypt.

Besides writing and gardening (a useless exercise in my case) I hand sew quilts for the local battered women's shelter.

Favorite tv shows are crime stories. All time favorite was CSI: Miami and now it's cancelled. Yay for DVDs! Next favorites are history documentaries from dinosaurs through ancient Rome.

Other than the above, I don't do much socializing but I have done the penpal thing since I was in high school and love it. I only have one now and, after six years, she is losing interest. I only stop writing to people who insist I join in their political agendas and mindlessly forward junk mail to me. Otherwise I love hearing of other people's daily lives and thoughts.

Hoping my box is flooded with emails at neteret_neteret at


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Molly's Pal

by Marjorie

Hi my name is Marjorie. I live in Southeastern Oklahoma and have all of my life. . I am married with four grown married children that have children of their own, and that’s makes me a grandparent. Of course none of them live near me, so I don’t get to see them very often. I will be a great grandma in September from one of my granddaughters.

I am interested in meeting women or men just to have conversation. And hear how other people live their lives. I earned my associate degree in 2007 in early childhood education. I was 59 years old at the time. I love to learn new things. I have a beautiful cat name Molly that keeps me busy.

My favorite book and movie is Gone With the Wind. I like the comedy sitcoms but I don’t like reality shows.
Well I hope to have some pen pals real soon.

gabbie123_1 at

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A artful colourful and creative retired lady

by benita
(Perth W. Australia)

Am 68 and still active. Love writing in all forms like stories and emails. Love crafting and creating. Living in Perth W. Australia.

Still mobile and driving around. Some voluntary work and some casual work when need arises. A Reg Nurse for over 50 yrs. Ask me questions and will answer them as best I can.

Cherrio . Write soon .

Email me on..... benita1945 at


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Content Country Desires E-Mail Pals

by Ethel
(CA. Central Coast, USA)

1/30/2012  70th BD

1/30/2012 70th BD

Hi! I've lived in Central CA. since 1980, sharing my old building with a business tenant in front, myself in "middle" and a relative in the back "unit" ... works out really well for me.

Picture is of my 70th birthday@ my son's family home in So. CA.

I enjoy a simplified & quiet lifestyle, sometimes walking 3 blocks to P.O., & drive 10 miles to Walley-Mart a couple times a month.

I've recently started taking advantage of In Touch Ministries daily devotionals on line, getting my day off to a good start.

Empress the cat is outdoors in summer, nights inside in winter ... good mouser.

My Oregon daughter & I chat a couple times a week.
There are about 2000 souls in this rural town.
I take full advantage of living alone, enjoying TV westerns,mysteries (no horror movies!), american greed, news ... I use that term loosely.

Am trying to get used to small laptop computer, considering it a wonderful tool for those of us spending long periods of time @ home.

That's pretty much it .. Best to All!

Warm Regards, Ethel

send e-mail to: ethelnorth at

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Looking for a woman to chat with by email

My Seasonal Joy

My Seasonal Joy

I live in San Jose, CA. I am married, 64, have a son, daughter, grand son, grand daughter and great grand daughter. I am just looking for someone to correspond with.

I am a Christian, attend church regularly, like Sci Fi and romance movies, AND old movies on TCM. I like cooking and visiting friends

I am retired and just looking for a woman to chat with by email.
Don_Cracraft at

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Cute as a kitten.

by brenda corcoran

Hello everyone, I am still looking for pen pals especially in London, because that is where I live.

There is a Tom out there so if you read this, get in touch.

i am a happy person love animals and caring and kind, Cant cook, and a gsoh. but having said all that there is now a holiday here and I am still alone, Women are a little nervous of going out alone. so men or woman love you to be my friend.

Thank you if you read this. Brenda.
brendac288 at
Thank you all.

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by Linda
(Iowa, USA)

May, 2012

May, 2012

I'd like a couple of new penpals (female and/or single male) who like to write and receive letters often, via pencil/pen, or type/printout, postal mail. If wanted, we can exchange emails in between letters. If we get along well, perhaps we could exchange a future phone conversation.

I'm 64, a passionate personality, sometimes sew, watch some tv, go to some movies, have a tiny flower garden. Haven't socialized for a few years, for various reasons. Am divorced, have children and grandchildren, two cats.

We don't need to have the same hobbies or lifestyles or family setups. We simply need to be human together, and a friendship will develop if it is meant to.

To find out if we are penpal compatible, contact me at livedotcom, palegold.

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JeanGrits ---Girl Raised in the South ---- Seeks New Friends

I'm new at this pen pal thing. Although the idea of making a new friends is quite exciting. I find as I get older friends become more valuable and I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.
I retired last year at the age of 62 and transferred from Portland Oregon to Idaho to be closer to my oldest daughter. I've always wanted to have lots of time for the computer, now that I do... I thought Pen Paling would be a delightful way to make new friends.
I'm anxiously waiting to hear from you, my email address is LJW914 at
Take Care,

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female texas caregiver seeks pals

by beverly
(austin , texas usa)

maybe someone out there is in my situation. i married an older man 12 yrs. ago. for a few years we traveled with a motorhome. then it came to an abrupt halt with his health problems. i feel obligated to stay by his side but am not appreciated, he expects it. i am not a happy camper but am coping. we live in a lovely independent senior complex. my family are all out of state. i travel much as i can to visit. i have a condo where i will be living some day in calif. near my family. i take part in many activities too keep occupied but still get bored. i volunteer at a hospital also. anyone out there like me? beverly

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by patrick

Hi i am Patrick i am 56 and retired and i like gagening and restoring old cars also i like travell my email address is lenehanpatrick10 at

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Norwegian woman longing for Grandparents

by helen

Dearest new grandparents or grandmother/grandfather.

my name is Helen i live in Norway i am not a senior but i am longing to meet someone that can be my grandparents. i know it sounds strange since i am 45 years old, but ever since i lost my grandparents when i was just a young woman they were all i had they were not only my grandparents but they were my mom my dad when i did not had any parents.

today i am an published author. i am also a mom to a wonderful son. i love animals i have a cat thats so adorable. i also today have my dad in my life makes me so happy to know i do have family. i love flowers,outdoors i am also shy and don't go to much out among people i love to stay at home. i love to walk long walks and sometimes my dad joins me on my walks. i love museums and my Favorited hobby is to take pictures i can see beauty everywhere i go but in my heart i long for someone to e mail to be my grandparents that i can trust that i can lean on and talk to about anything.

hope to hear from you soon and send a picture if you can. with a smile and good summer hug.

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I'm a Hungarian dog lover, cheerful married women.

by Ibolya Juhasz
(Budapest, Hungary)

I'm 58 years old married women who hopefully work to the end of this year to the retired date. my husband is retired 1 year ago. We have 2 grown up children, they are living fare from our home. We have an adored dog his name is Snowball, and hi is white golden retriever.

My favorite hobbies: embroidering of gobelin, reading, walking, biking, travelling. I like classical music, old films, and to know new friends, cultures, countrys.

My original profession is nursing, but now I heva been worked as an Public Health officer. Our daughter is also nurse, she and her husband are lives in UK. Our son is car mechanic, my husband has the same speciality.

I will answer for the all letter, never mind the age, country and so on.

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grumpy 70yrs lady wants someone to make me laugh!!l

Main hobby - an avid reader. Doing tai chi and hydrotherapy. Enjoy certain Tv programmes - dramas, documentaries, classic comedy. Love travel but restricted through slight mobility problems. Enjoy interesting conversation with old school friends. Prefer talking to men not into small talk. Can drive but dont have car at the moment. Things I would like to do in future - visit croatia, the rockies, las vegas, graceland,whale watching off alaska etc. Hope they wont all be pipe dreams.

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Newly retired and very active female looking for penpals

So happy to find this site and just recently took an early retirement 4 days ago!

I enjoy playing tennis, golf, kayaking, walking and traveling. Going to Alaska on several land-tours next month.

Not looking for a mate. I have a significant other and very happy!

I live on the central west coast of Florida and orig. from LI, NY 28 yrs ago.

karinaskorner at


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Rod Glenn, 72, Arizona USA

Old man living in the country, is the place for me, fresh eggs, and vegetables in season, watching natures never ending beauty.

Would enjoy corresponding with like minded people, male or female, can I say more? Yes, e mail and find out. flambeau at

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looking for pen pals

by martha
(augusta Georgia )

hello There I am a 56 year old marred and the mom to one and 3 gandkids 2 girls and a little boy I love to read and travel when i can I work part time doing Dems at Sam's club giving out food to members.

I have a golden lab/retriver dog and he is our big baby

I have been pen paling cents High school. I hope to hear from alot of people

maartha2851 at

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Ardis J, 72, New Hampshire

by Ardis
(New Hampshire)

Retired life is only OK, have been for almost a year.

I love long drives, cooking for family and friends, decorating my home on Holidays, doing research about anything on my PC.

Have been trying to diet but not a success yet.

Would like to make spending money cause retirement does not allow for any extras, any ideas? I have problems walking fast or far.

Would like to communicate with others male or female, like to learn new things and talk about just anything. I am friendly and would love to share ideas about life, cooking, crafts, or anything else that is of interest.
I have been divorced for long time.

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powerboat grammie...

(charlotte, nc)

loving life with all that is around me..57 yrs old, but to me age is a number...lives on 8 acres of beautiful wooded land...married with grandkids and loves every minute of it...has own business...loves to go on the lake with the kids and go either skiing or on the big baot and just ride...I have 3 dogs who are my fur-babies..loves to garden..take long walks..and go 4 wheeling with the the present reading the series of books.."Fifty Shades of Grey" but love reading simple romance novels...

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Exquisite lovely lady seeks penpals for friendship

by June
(United Kingdom)

Hi All

I am an exquisite lady over 55 years of age looking for penpals to e.mail, snail mail and be friends to.

I am a widow, living in the UK, seek friends from all over the world, but especially UK.

I enjoy life to the full. Am honest, kindhearted, trustworthy.

Life can be much happier when you make new friends with persons who at times can be lonely like myself. Life is short.

I am a retired Nurse. My hobbies are listening to music, gardening, reading, walking, making people happy. I have three wonderful children.

Please contact me, I will reply to all who contact me. I look forward to hearing from future friends.


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Active, interesting member of the SILVER TSUNAMI and loving every bit of it

by Gloria

I am 57 and looking for more interesting seniors to befriend. I am a widow (12 years)and I teach English. I also paint, crochet, travel ,read only non fiction and can go crazy in thrift/charity/jumble sale shops.

Lived in England for 20 years and I go back at least once a year. IN Singapore now .dream job.... How about you???

what have you got to lose????
e-mail me : wheatleygloria at
got lots more to tell...

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Widow seeks new friends

by Margaret S



Hi, i am a 65 year old woman, a widow, 5 sons who are all adult and living independently now, looking to find a few friends to email with, I am quiet, shy, quite intelligent, happy. Though i dont have much in life, i am quite satisfied with what i have got. I am a non smoker, non drinker, though i don't mind people who do both in moderation, as its their own choice.

My hobbies are reading,knitting and cooking,I like to get out and about a few days a week visiting nice places and having a meal there. Anyone looking for a friend like me??

I live in Huddersfield,England.

My email address is magi232002 at

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Energetic Marine Veteran senior.

by Jim
(San Diego)

Greetings. I am going to retire and i would like to get in touch with some good, nice seniors who are interested in history, making history, writers, drawing cartoons/comic/compose music/ and with integrity, especially seniors in Hawaii or in Australia.

My background is in aerospace and wireless engineering and still working. I am interesting in pursuing my hobby of publishing books, music and websites.

I grew up in Asia, Germany, USA and Japan.

My address is jenky8 at

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Glenn, 56, New Mexico

by Glenn
(New Mexico)

Hi,I am a native american artist (woodcarver) and student and like to meet people from all over the world and exchange information whatever the topic may be. My interst is in art (different genres), history and culture.
g.dfred at

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57 year old ESL teacher,Eurasian ,widow seeking friends who love gardening,reading,travel,TEA,talking and just getting to know people anywhere...

by Gloria

I have 2 grown up children who are in tertiary education so still live at home. I live and work in Singapore presently but was in England (Battersea, Wandsworth, Croydon/Waddon/sURREY) FOR 20 YEARS.

spend off days either with family ,friends or at jumble/thrift store sales. I am in the process of making heirloom crafts for friends and family .T.V....only comedies and dramas/period/classic).
what I love most of all is just relaxing with pots of tea and interesting conversation/laughter with friends and family.

tell you more if you so choose to befriend me and you can start by e-mailing me
wheatleygloria at

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Koocyam. 61. B.C. Canada


I would like to communicate with other grandmothers, who enjoy photography, painting,. I have many other hobbies, but these army main ones

I have six grandchildren, and my career has been in child and youth counselling. I strive to be a good communicator, and enjoy engaging in many topics.

I enjoy writing and I would like to communicate with someone in another country.


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Living in the middle of nowhere and missing the burbs

by Mary

Hey all,

I am a 61 year old married with 2 grown kids mixed media artist. We moved from the burbs to the middle of nowhere 7 years ago.

I don't seem to fit in very well. So I am looking for one or two female pen pals to pass the time with. And I would love to get something in the mail besides bills and ads.

I love to read, I have several favorite TV shows, I do mixed media art, have 2 dogs and 2 cats.

The only thing to do around here is go to the bars or the churches. I don't drink or believe in organized religon so....

Hope to hear from someone soon.
greenwomanthree at

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anne - 87 - australia

by anne

would like to write to other people in my age group. I am a widow , enjoy reading needle work , my favourite hobby is gardening and my computer. either male or female will be welcome

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