Hi, im Brenda 62 yrs old from Canada

Hawaiian Cruise

I would love to have a pen pal or two here, i am 62 yrs old and from Ontario Canada. I have been married now for 36 yrs and we have a 28 yr old son, still living at home. I am a homemaker, but have 8 rabbits that keep me busy. As well, i enjoy walking whenever i can, and help out various charities from time to time.

I also volunteer an oldies 50's & 60's doo-wop, rock n roll music list, compiled of jukebox hits from the late 50's and early 60's (54-63 era). this is a local radio show broadcast every Friday night. I love Big Band music, Harry James & his Orchestra is a favourite, as well Frank Sinatra tunes. Nat Kng Cole has always been a favourite as well.

Love those old black and white classic movies, and finding out anything about the Titanic. I also collect antique clocks.

My email address is brenda_dianne at crawler.com i am hoping to meet you for some lovely back and forth conversations.


here is a picture of myself taken last august 2011 and a picture of me and hubby taken when we were on a cruise in 2009

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Steve from Rhode Island

by steve
(providence, rhode island)

Looking for female email friends.Divorced 60 something male, not wild or into parties or smoking. Just a good ole laid back man. Would love to hear from female pen pals. Im into cooking,gardening,reading,yard sales,watching comedies,NCIS and currently saving for a foreclosure house in my area. my email is yallow1747 at hotmail.com

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Sue, aged 64, living in Birmingham UK

Hi, I live in Birmingham UK and I would love to have some female pen friends. I am 64 years old and retired from work a year ago.

I am missing the company of my work colleagues, and realise that due to many years of working full time I don’t have many friends, as I was always too busy. Now that I have more time on my hands I would love to chat to other women who share a similar interest in sewing and crafts (and others too even if you have different hobbies).

I’m far from an expert on sewing, but just love making things and I am a hoarder of fabrics. I have four grandchildren and love their company. I do enjoy reading but give the sewing priority usually. I like to travel when I can afford it and also enjoy days out visiting places of interest.

I am just an ordinary person, with everyday interests who would love to hear from others about their lives. I am in a happy relationship with my partner, but he prefers his home life to going out, so I would also like to meet people who live nearby for coffee and chats on occasions.

If you want a pen friend in the UK or a companion for occasional meetings please send an email to missminniemay at hotmail.co.uk

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brenda 66 London England irish born

by Brenda corcoran
(London England)

I would love to hear from people men or women, aged 66+ I am a happy go lucky person, worked for 42 years and retired a couple of years ago.

I love nature and love animals. Bus pass, i go on the coach and on the trains, but oh so wish I had a companion or friend I could do that with. I am easy going. i live in a council tiny flat and its oh so lonely on my own.

I do hope to find a few good friends on here. Don't want to be alone ever again for Christmas or birthdays. Looking forward to hearing from genuine lovely happy people. Bye Brenda

e,mail brendac288 at googlemail.com

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Hello the retirees of the world... from Turkey

Hello .. ı am a retired university educator lady,68 years old.. ı am from turkey.. ı am looking for good, true long term retiree friends all over the world.. happy retirement days..
serrayldze at yahoo.com

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by Michele

French/British married


love to read books with delightful characters, draw, do manual work, feel sad sometime,
love all animals, partial to cats, but will listen to hamster's epics...

Just want to talk about anything but the state of the world... then shall reply if you write from anywhere.

agathapn at hotmail.co.uk

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by LIZ


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Seeking Snail Mail Pals: barbara g,63,wisconsin

Hi looking for women to write to by snail mail. I only write by snail mail because I like getting letters in my postal box besides only bills. I am a Type 2 Diabetic also am disabled. Been a widow since 2005 my hubby was 75 when he passed away. My interests are counted cross stitch,needlepoint,knitting,latch hook,reading,cooking,gardening,crossword puzzles,jigsaw puzzles and collecting postcards. Would like world wide penpals to write to.Will write to women only.My email is yumyum1948 at yahoo.com

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by Margo
(Gibsons B.C. Canada)

HI Senior Pen Pal I'm Margo Taylor I'm 50 years old & would love to have you as my pen pal

margo_taylor43 at hotmail.com

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Pat O, 78, Alabama

by Pat
(Daphne, AL)

Enjoy keeping busy! My life consists of exercising at gym, reading, traveling and some gardening, meeting friends for lunch or dinner; love to ballroom dance and listen to good music. Try to dance at least once a week.

Like to stay trim and healthy both mentally and physically. Enjoy good, sometime robust conversation. My roots are Irish -- would enjoy communicating with female or male from Ireland. oberholtzerp at bellsouth.net

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Seeking lady penpals from USA

by Linda

I'm a 57 year old wife, mom and grandma. We have three grown children, and two grandchildren, who mean the world to me. I still work part time, but in my free time, I enjoy music, movies, books, gardening, and bargain hunting! I would like to correspond with other women near my age, and just talk about our families, daily lives and ups & downs.
Please email me at chickennoodl at yahoo.com

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Finish Epiphany

by Jon K

Conversation in America:

>> Hey. How’s it going?

<< Can’t complain.

>> Wouldn’t do any good anyway.

<< No, guess not.

>> Nope.

<< Nobody wants to hear it.

I will be 65 years old this year. I think that I need to communicate with someone my own age, preferably from Iceland.

The epiphany:

Today’s gestalt on the subject of positive and negative attitude +

Old Movie: “2001 - A Space Odyssey”, Saul Bellow’s Herzog antihero, Holocaust song “Dona” Thus Spake Zarathustra

I live alone since divorce proceedings. First one knee became painful with arthritis. Then the other knee. Which means near immobility; and chronic pain whenever I am not horizontal.

Welcome to getting old.

This could be a “Fate Worse Than Death” Vonnegut book. Like being knee capped from the Mafia. But unexpectedly I find an awareness I was previously blind to.

Disabled people = Invisible.

Does this mean I will just sink into self pity, give up, and whine the rest of my days away? Hardly. My mood is more like a “gallows humor”.

Humor has always been a huge part of me anyway.

However I can not abide the usual pretensions that carry the expectation one “have a positive attitude” & “put on a happy face”.

If I am going to know the meaning of “have a positive attitude”, I must come to it authentically and spontaneously.

Floating around in the club pool quite a while. No one is making eye contact. Look up into the sky. To my astonishment I notice high up, bird shaped specks flying in formation and aggressively dive bombing one another. Like WW I dog fights.

What are those?! They don’t act like birds. Not like airplanes either. Perhaps hang gliders? Or radio controlled model planes? I watch a long time. Everyone else in the pool seems to be in their own small ? world.

I lay my head back on the Styrofoam noodle flotation and continue watching the show until all the dots fly away. Later they come back again. I recall swimming with dolphins at Dolphins Plus in the Florida Keys.

“I am not a creature of the sky, but have tremendous respect for those who are especially helicopter pilots.

I am a creature of the water.” Incredible Dolphins. Swimming with them feels like family. They even gather for a family photo see attached.

Then I think of the song we learned in summer camp, first written by children in the Nazi concentration camps, so I hear:

“On a wagon, bound for market, there’s a calf with a mournful eye. High above him, there’s a swallow, winging swiftly through the sky:



There is a REAL ‘ + attitude!’

My email is still a mess. The address is: electrojon At att.net. Don’t know how to access it though.

Update: recently have had some success accessing email.

We deserve a break today.

Jon Kay

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margaret young82 Queensland Australia

by margaret
(Qld Australia)

HI my email is "patmard20102010 at hotmail.com I am a young 82 with a large family and plenty of grandkids I live on 70 acres with my husband who is fighting cancer at the moment. I am Cathoic and love my Faith. I only want genuine pen pals around my age only females please I love to hear about people around the world

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Charles H, 65, Beacon, New York

by Charles H
(Beacon, New York, USA)

Hi Fellow Seniors:

I thought I'd give this a try. My name is Charles and I just turned 65, 1/4. I work as a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. I'm single, although married, but my wife lives in Albama, along with my daughter and 4 grandkids.

I love movies, music, writing (I'm working on a novel), I've been published 3 times. I'm looking for friendship, male or female. I love to travel and visit my time-share in the Poconos and essentially meeting new people. Life gets kind of lonely, but I keep myself occupied through adversity, but if you remember what Shakespeare said about adversity: Ugly and venenous like the toad, yet wears a previous jewel in his hair.

Hoping to hear from somebody,

e-mAIL; beacon193 at yahoo.com

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Marjorie, Minnesota

by Marjorie Jelinek
(Eagan Minnesota)

I am a senior looking for other seniors who make greeting cards and I would love to excnage cards with you. Love gardening, collecting dishes, Teddy bears. Love to write to any senior.

Rjelinek2 at msn.com

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Old lady of 75 FINALLY RETIRING - Would like a pen pall.

by Ellie C

My main career was as a Deputy Marshal in the state of California. Had to have a sense of humor working with all those men. Back in those days there were not many female deputies. It was a great career though.

I worked at different jobs since then. I am giving it up. Want to retire before I can't move around. Ha

Would love to hear from females or males who are retired. I have a son who has 3 kids, and two of them have 2 kids each, sooooooooooooooo am a greatgrandma. Love it.

Do some traveling. Have a younger brother in Texas. Had a bad stroke and in a home. My sister and I are going down there in May. Have a twin brother here in California. My sister lives in Oregon. That's about it not to exciting but I am sure we could find something to talk about.

elncan at aol.com

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How do you get there, from here? (Empty Nester Dad)

by Pete
(Montpelier Vt)

Hello, fellow retirees. I am very very new to this site, but just having found it will give you some idea how much I sifted through the Internet to get here.

It's a relief to have some possibility to hook up with someone else, Someone who understands how being retired is. The need to find resources and contacts so we can arrest the slow isolation some may have experienced. I certainly have been fighting it off for a long time.

I have been a single Dad for the past 15 years. My youngest is now in his first year at college and this is the first time the reality of what the heck I'm going to do and imagine loneliness and boredom.

My story begins with having gone on disability in 1995. While in the earliest days of divorce. I wasn't doing well at all and sought out some medical advise and share my situation with our family physician. I didn't have any thought this condition would be long lasting. I was depressed, but it appeared to be situational and over time it would lift. It's been a real bugger.

Now at 59 soon to be an empty nester without a partner is a little scary. Honestly I don't have a clue. I have gotten really lazy and the things I enjoyed once Just do not give me any fulfillment. I suppose I need to find new things.

I search and search and nothing comes to mind. Just uninspired.

I know I need to change because at this point my health will be diminished rapidly if I don't do anything about it.

This is my story and I hope to find some news of others who might have some remedies or some similar experiences.

My email is peterkeiser474 at msn.com

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by Kathy k
(Holly springs, North Carolina)

Hi..I live in a small town in North Carolina, USA. Would love to pen pal up with anyone who might be interested in a new friendship. I have four grown children an four, (perfect....lol) grandchildren. I enjoy part time work to keep busy. Handwork because I need to have something to do when the evening tv is on. Hope to hear from you soon. Kolekathleen at hotmail.com

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shirley 65 highlands of scotland

i am 65, i own and run a boarding kennel and cattery in the north east of scotland.

i am married to alex who works in a distillery making whisky, i have 3 grown up daughters and two grandaughters.

i love animals, reading, writing,drawing and heaps of other stuff, i am quite young for my age or so the kids say.

e mail hillies 26 at hotmail.co.uk

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Gautam Sen; 60 Years; Calcutta, India

by Gautam Sen
(Calcutta, India)

My wife, who was my life, died a month ago. Ever since I've been very lonely, and would like to have friends around my age with whom I can talk about anything under the sun. I've been an English teacher, and though I've retired, I'll still be teaching English, and I've published a fair amount of writing, including poems.

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Linda - 65 - Doylestown, PA USA

by Linda
(Doylestown, PA)

Hi, Retired from a very active life in the medical field.

Husband became disabled after we married - just one month after! I am home now, have friends but I still feel the desire to chat with people. After all, that's what I did most everyday!

Talk to me. Let's share how we feel, what is going on in our lives. It could help us both find some extra joy.

Linda cardiount at yahoo.com

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Email Addresses...

by Linda Helen
(Los Angeles, CALIF)

Just to let others know that if and when they are looking for a pen friend, to put their name and e-mail address on their request ~ otherwise, no one can get to write them easily ~ it is always a struggle and that is no fun, right!!
Just a note to tell you to make it easier for us who may want to drop in and say "HELLO"
Blessings to all,
Believe053 at aol.com

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Bet - 62 yrs. old - USA

by Bet

I will be 62 tomorrow - can't retire just yet - but at least I have a good job to get me through the next 3 yrs. I am in good health (lost a kidney last year due to stones) but am doing great otherwise. I live in a rural area and enjoy the peace and quiet, but am limited on options for meeting people.

So, I decided to find some new online pen pals just to find out what others my age are doing in their retirement (lucky you) or still on their way to retiring.

I'd like to correspond with anyone who is willing to share their thoughts and stories.

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Hannah 70 California

Hello from CA. I am married 43 years, mother to 6 and grandmother to 12. I love creative writing, rubber stamping, jewelry making, reading, plastic canvas, and writing long newsy letters.

I am active in my church, I am Church Clerk, Blessing Coordinator, pray chain Coordinator and in charge of refreshments between Sunday School and Church.

I have lived in California all my life, third generation. I love meeting new people and would love to have a lot of new friends. Will be happy to answer all questions. Hannah

katelynm2001 at yahoo.com. Look forward to hearing from you.

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Mary, 58 years old, and live in Texas

by Mary
(San Antonio Texas U.S.A.)

I do not drive so my husband takes me where I need to go. I go to the senior center near the house where I play games, line dance and am taking computer classes. I enjoy crocheting and quilt making. I have a lot of spare time on my hands. Most of the time it just me and my dog.

Computers are new to me but I am trying. I have few friends who live close. It would be nice to have someone as a e-mail pal.

If someone would like to contact me do so at mary.53ab at yahoo.com. I would like to have someone as an online friend.
Mary A.

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Email Addresses...

by Linda Helen
(Los Angeles, CALIF)

Just to let others know that if and when they are looking for a pen friend, to put their name and e-mail address on their request ~ otherwise, no one can get to write them easily ~ it is always a struggle and that is no fun, right!!
Just a note to tell you to make it easier for us who may want to drop in and say "HELLO"
Blessings to all,
Believe053 at aol.com

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Serbia Senior Pal: I am always looking at bright side of life...

by branislava

Well, I' like to find friends over the world, to write and to chat. I am many sided person, I like nature,animals, travel, music, walking, cooking, literature... and I wish to exchange my experiences, holidays, etc.

I'm living in Belgrad, Serbia alone with my tree cats, and I am retired translator (german language).

I traveled a lot but I will to continue further to discover that beautiful world and planet Earth...

My next destination: Transibirrailway Moscow-Vladivostok. Who will join?

Here I am on the Cabo da Roca, Portugal.

My e-mail: branka34 at yahoo.com

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SunnyDaze - Do you speak French?

by Annie
(North Carolina/USA)

Hello All,

I am a 65 yr. old female from NC (USA). Originally though a New Englander. I am working full-time not only 'cause I like what I do, but the money is pretty important too.

I am planning a vacation this coming June to Paris-will be on a riverboat cruise. I am so excited-haven't had a real vacation in a very long time. I have been trying to pick-up some French and so had hoped to find a penpal who speaks the language. Believe me, I am truly a novice, but I think it would be fun to be able to say hello, please and thank you in French.

I am married and have two grown sons. I love to read, knit and chrochet-though I am not an expert by any means. I do enjoy a good movie and good conversation and I love to learn something new. I think this is a good start. So I will close, but if you're interested in friendship, I can be reached at:

sunnydaze6646 at gmail.com

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Juniper, 69, England

by England


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joseph-70-london canadaI

by joseph

I am a widowed man, I love to read a good book my favaorite writer is James Patterson, I like to swim bike ride I love gardening & traveling. I love to sing as I used to sing in a group years ago. I have 4 children they all live away from home, i would like to hear from ladies between the ages of 66 to 74. my email address is
irishjoe at hotmail.

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I'm new at this. . . patience, please

by Rita J

Hi, my name is Rita J. and am 66 years old. I'd love to have an email friend with whom I could discuss many subjects. Politics (I'm not too keen on though).

I play scrabble on my computer, but I'm not very computer literate. My main hobby is OLD MOVIES. I have over 300 (vhs) and about 70 (dvd's). Movies of the 30's, 40's, and 50's, are my favorite. Ahhhh! Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains in Casablanca. Doesn't get any better than that.

I love just about all music (jazz, r&b, latin, Brazilian. Love Sinatra, E. Garner, Andrew Sisters, Cleo Laine, T. Dorsey, Al Green, James Taylor, Bonnie Rait, groups like The Temptations, Chicago, Beatles, etc.

If you like this email and want to carry on a dialog, I'll be available to email back. I would prefer writing to a senior male (66+)

Rita J.

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Yvone aged 68 Alabama

by Yvone

I would like to have e mail penpals. Women only, please. I enjoy crafts, sewing,reading, have pets, divorced with 1 adult daughter. I am retired. Would love to hear from those of you who have the same or even other hobbies or interests. Originally from the State of Washington but in Alabama now.

E mail me at wastatelady_1943 at yahoo.com

Thanks. Yvone

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Delores, 67, California

Hello Everyone:

I have recently stepped into the retirement era, and ran across this site. I look forward to making friends and receiving e-mails from those of us who have recently retired. I have many interests, including learning to play the guitar, and nature photography.

I look forward to hearing from you. My e-mail address is deloresj.m at gmail.com

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Martin, 69, London UK


I am a retired teacher married to Margot. She's still working so I am the house husband - my cooking is getting better but my repertoire is limited. Retirement suits me. I enjoy reading, watching films, and going to art galleries. When the weather warms up I will do some gentle gardening. But I miss the social contact the job used to bring so I enjoy receiving e-mails. My addresses is

Mbuckley42 at yahoo.co.uk


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Curious senior from Czech Republic (woman) is waiting for your lovely answer

by Vera
(Czech republic)

Iam from the Czech Republic and I want to improve and practise my English but it is not only one reason for my wish to have some penpalls . I think it is a great opportunity to get some interesting messages about lifestyle of other people . I am a retired teacher

hrvera at email.cz

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Brenda 66 London england

by Brenda

Would be happy to meet friends. I live in London, and although i keep my self busy I crave for good friends and someone to go out with to chat laugh have a coffee and go away with, for a day. e,mail gypseygirley at googlemail.com Looking forward to having new friends. Bye Brenda. KLondon friends would be better for me.

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Becky 65 Alabama

by Becky

Hello Everyone,

I'm Becky from Alabama, a retired teacher who enjoys her retirement. My retirement gives me time to do what I want to do when I want to do it---in other words---FREEDOM!!

I really enjoy reading and scrapbooking as my favorite pastimes. I'm an animal lover of cats, dogs, birds---as of now I have been adopted by a cat named KittyKat , and have 2 parrots who are spoiled rotten. Spoiling them is the best part isn't it?

I do like to shop--love purses, enjoy flea markets, and yard sales.

Would like to meet and make new friends so if you think we have anything in common, hey drop me a line and I promise to answer you back.

Have a great day,

Becky. bekkac523 at aol.com

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Sheila White, 86, Cambridge, Ontario

by Sheila White
(Cambridge, ON, Canada)

Taking a break, sitting on my walker.

Taking a break, sitting on my walker.

I am looking for a penpal (obviously!), a man or woman near my own age who, like me, is still interested in life and in other people.

I live in a retirement facility and recently lost my husband (he died!) so am making a new life for myself, I love to write, all kinds of writing, not just letters or e-mails. I also write for this facility that produces two in-house publications, eight times a year. I (too many I's) have won awards for my work in newspapers and contests.

But don't let me give you the impression that I want a penpal so I can write all about ME, I like to learn about others and how they live and cope with setbacks. Writing short biographies about my fellow retirees is enjoyable and much appreciated.

I have three children, six grandchildren and two greats. Although I am proud of them, I don't dwell on their problems or achievements.

Lastly, I came to Canada from England in 1956 with two little ones and my husband. I never wanted to go back to stay.

Write to me if you find me interesting and I promise not to disappoint.

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I am just a sincere person. looking for retired friends.

by Brenda
(London england)

best friend from Italy, taken at work??

best friend from Italy, taken at work??

Good morning, I am alone and would love to contact good friends especially in London, where I live.

I am honest, caring, and very loyal, i am funny in a charming way. I adore animals, I like car boot sales, and having a nice friend to go with makes all the difference. men or women can get in touch. No one need apply, if they are just wasting time, or not sincere, London calling.

Thank you Brendaxx

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Love to Laugh

by Nina Yakimiuk
(London, England)

Maybe it's because it's winter and the weather is cold but I love finding funny stories, jokes or humorous cartoons. What brightens up my day is a laugh.

Finding some really interesting blog sites I'm sharing them with friends. One of them shows people in a special conference for people dancing the jig. Oh, yes!

My retirement has been interesting so far with travelling, painting, volunteer work and actively reading all those books I never had time to read. I'm a widow who originally comes from New Jersey but now I live in London. Incredible that I've been in England 27 years.

What I like is being able to keep in touch with people from all over the world. So hope to hear from male or female penpals.

Get in touch with ...note.to.nina at gmail.com

Until then...Always, Nina

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Texas Gal

by Carolyn Whitfield
(City of Stagecoach, Texas 77355)

Would love some e-mail pals or pen pals. I am Carolyn Whitfield. Birthdate 10/19/46. Married with two kids, 4 grandkids, also 6 stepgrandkids, one greatgrandson, expecting another greatgrandchild in July.

I enjoy reading, puzzle books, some of the old sitcoms, the soap Young and The Restless. No hobbies but used to do a little cross-stitch. May try to get back into it, I don't know. Would love to hear from you.

Email is grandma_watson56 at gmail.com

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Margaret aged 70 living in NSW Australia.

by Margaret Jones
(Leeton NSW Australia)

Widow aged 70 likes swimming reading, (Thrillers) Grown children, grown grandchildren. A spoilt dog. Not keen on gardening. Everything I plant, seems to die on me.

Love my computer.

OMG I sound so boring! No no I am not, I have a great sense of humor. (Being an Aussie I spell humor with a 'u' But then I get a red line under the word.) I have a swimming pool which I should use year 'round not just in the hot weather.
Male or female pen pals I am lonely since my husband of over 50 years died,I will answer all emails.

my email address is
donaldjones1 at bigpond.com

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Sandy 60yrs old Lafayette, Colorado United States

Hi, my name is sandy and I live in Lafayette, CO. I have two dogs that I love. Pancho is a pug/chihuahua (3yrs old) and Sophie is a Dachsund (9 yrs old) I also have 3 children, 5grandchildren, and 1 great-granddaughter. I love to read anything except science fiction and romance novels. Scary movies are my favorites but I love some of the old ones, also. Come back little Sheba, Days of wine and roses,Imitation of life, etc. I have been diagnosed with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and am clinically depressed. My family visits as much as they can but they are all busy with their own lives. I worked as a CNA for 25 yrs before getting sick and I miss the contact with patients and co-workers. I am married to a wonderful man but I feel that we're drifting apart from each other. I lost one of my younger brothers in Jan. 2011 and I can't seem to get over it. My hubby is having a hard time understanding this. Well, that's all for now. I hope someone out there will write. It would make my day.
My e-mail is skjones1951 at hotmail.com

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Janice, 65 yrs old, Georgia, USA

by Janice

Hi all,

I'm a friendly outgoing red head!
I enjoy country western dancing, pets, have 3 cats and a poodle.

Enjoy country western concerts, good humor.
The internet, chatting, good friends.

Enjoy sightseeing, thrift stores, shopping.
I collect colored cut glass and glass art.
I like chinese food, bbq, vegetables, most things.

Have a weakness for chocolate.

I live in the beautiful N. Georgia mountains

prefer only white males and females

my addy is twostep1212.1220 at yahoo.com

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Nancy, 70, Central Ohio


I am a retired RN. I had planned on working until I was 70, but at age 68 I became ill and am on oxygen 24/7 now.

I was also a jewelry designer and had a large website and frequently set up at fine art shows. I had cataract surgery 2 years ago and it caused me to lose my extreme close vision that I used when making my jewelry.

I have been trying to sort out & sell off many of my craft supplies. I have also done quilting, fine sewing, knitting, crochet, tole painting, leather carving, stained glass. I am an avid book reader.

I used to raise & show horses, dogs, & cats. I have 6 cats. Three Japanese Bobtails, 2 Burmese, 1 domestic. I am divorced and have a "domestic partner" who I met on the internet in 1999 and he is disabled.

We have no children, no close friends, and go many days without going farther than the local grocery store. We live at the outskirts of a very small town. Our house is on top of a hill surrounded on 3 sides by 4.5 acres of woods. It is beautiful, but difficult to take care of. I would love to have someone to talk with, both by email & telephone. my email is
nvnrn at frontier.com

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Chazz, 70, Baltimore, MD

by Chazz Ludwin
(Baltimore, MD)

I am sort of retired man, but am busier than when I was working. I volunteer 2 days a week at a large psych hospital, have acted in local commercials, films, theater, etc., run karaoke shows at nursing facilities and love to sing. I go to karaoke 2-3 times a week and even have a fan base!

I am happily married (31 years) and my wife is retiring July 1st of this year. We enjoy traveling (going on our 3rd visit to Canada this year, reading, and just trying to enjoy life as much as possible. With all of this, I still have lots of time to email, chat, etc. and love making new friends. Drop me a line. I am a prompt and loyal writer. My email address is:
Chazzmeister7 at gmail.com.
Have a super day.

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Friendly Farmer For Funnies & Friendship

by Terry

Hello everyone just looking for friendly female penfriends, I live in the centre of the UK, enjoy my hobbies, enjoy hearing how the other half live the ups as well as the downs .

I can listen sometimes advise if asked, hopefully kind hearted and honest hope to hear from you .

You can reach me on sportscruiser at yahoo.com

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Linda (39) - Looking to Help My Senior Father (85) Find Friends - New Mexico, Nebraska

Hi, everybody. My name is Linda, and I have an elderly father who is very lonely. His wife (my stepmother) passed away several years ago, and it broke his heart. Every day he asks me to help him meet someone to pass the time with, and I feel like I need to try.

My father is baffled by online friendship/dating sites, and I don't want to see him get hurt. So, if someone might like to meet him, please write to me at amitycloud at hotmail dot com.

My father is soft-spoken and very intelligent. He is a retired physician who loves nature, music, and creating things with his hands. Currently, he is living in Nebraska, and I am in New Mexico; however, he plans to move here to be closer to me sometime in the near future.

I would love to hear from senior women who might be interested in friendship and maybe more. Thank you so much.

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Lynn B , 51, Wisconsin USA

by Lynn B
(Stevens Point, WI USA)

I would like to pen pal with Empty Nesters who's children are gone, they would like to relocate, possibly someplace warm. Talk about travels, hobbies, books, recipes, children stories, etc.

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Sue Game, 60 years old from Melbourne, Australia

by Sue
(Melbourne, Australia)

My name is Sue from Australia. Married with a 22 year old daughter who has just left home. I am interested in reading, writing letters and my laptop computer. Wish to correspond with women of my own age with similar interests from all around the world.

My email address is

sue-game1 at hotmail.com

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London retiree

by Horace

I would like to receive letters from pen pals ,i live in London England. I love to travel just came back from India, i do go to Slovenia very often because i got an apartment there.

So if any of you want to get in touch i will be so happy to respond and tell you alll about myself.

dhrichardson55 at yahoo.com

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Hi, im Brenda 62 yrs old from Canada

by Brenda

id love to converse back & forth with some pen pals here, i am new to this, i am just a homemaker, but have 8 rabbits that keep me busy, and as well, i help out various charities from time to time. I also volunteer an oldies 50's n 60's doo-wop, rock n roll music list for a local radio show that plays each Friday night. i have been married now for 36 yrs and have a 28 yr old son. Hoping to meet you here, for some back and forth pen pal conversation.


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Linda 65 Bucks County, PA

Hello, I am a young 65. Recently retired and living with a mentally and physically disabled, non communicative husband. I am a person who enjoys conversation, laughter, and family. I miss this very much during the times I am at home. I would enjoy talking with you about your situation.
If you need someone to talk with, as I do, please write to me. Linda Cardiounit at yahoo.com

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Barb D, 62 ,Pa.

by Barb D

Hi, I am writing this on behalf of a friend I met on here. She placed her ad about a month ago wanting people to write. The only problem was she didn't leave an email. I found her address thru the white pages and have sent cards and letters. She gave me permission to add her email to this site so she can get some friends.

Her ad "Please help me or I will go crazy". I think the people who responded wanting her email would like to help. She is a shut in, widowed,
(very depressed) and from Cynthiana, Ky. Her name is Joanie and her email is kycountrygirl58 at hotmail.com .

She is really nice and needs some more friends. Hopefully some nearby. My email is beedee at pennswoods.net

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Terri F, 50, Alabama, United States

by Terri
(Dotha, Alabama, United States)

Hi....I am a recently retired English teacher of middle-school students. I would love to have pen pals from anywhere in the world..... I love to read, graden, and craft. My two grown children live out of state now and I am ready for grandchildren! I love animals and have dogs, cats, and koi.... I would like anyone who would like a consistant friend.... My email address is terrifloyd at aol.com.....hope to hear from ya'll!


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Claude, 78 years old, South of France, near Toulon

by Claude
(Six-Fours les Plages)

I'd like to improve my English with someone who would like to improve his French.....
talking by Skype for instance, so we could correct each other immediately and exchange about the situation, about every topics : history, philosophy, economy .....and so on.

For that we have to speak enough the other language in order to have an interesting exchange.

If you are interested by this proposal....... your age, your sex, married or not doesn't matter ....... what matters is your will to learn french and the will to "play " the teacher for me..... as I"ll do for you.

This is a serious ad.
Thank you

my E_mail : cguardigliclaude at free.fr

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Barbara, age 75, Michigan

by Barbara

I have a sincere interest in people, places and things. Have always had a thirst for knowledge. I hear often that my age is disbelieved but I have two sons, two daughters, ten grandchildren, six g.g. children and another on the way.

I collect angels, can't sit long enough for deep reading. Involved in community work, believe in giving back when and where needed. Not doing much right now, still healing from shoulder surgery. I enjoy CSI and NCIS on tv, morning devotions and when I feel like I need a lift I go to utube on my laptop and watch the babies learn about,life, dance and sing. Never fails to lift you to a joyful place.

I would dearly love to hear from some nice seniors. I talk a lot but have also mastered the art of "listening".

Thanks for reading,

ps can someone please tell me why I have to install "default mail client" on a brand new laptop? I need help and anxious to sign up for the email letters.

barbara3185 at comcast.net

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by LIZ


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Iam Richard

by Richard R. B.
(Calipatria, Ca.)


I live in the Imperial Valley Ca., there is about 10 towns here EL-Centro is the bigest and down to salt in sea.

I was born in a town Called Calipatria, CA. in a house then when I was in 3rd. grade we moved out in the country 8 miles out of town. my dad was a farmer then he passed away in 71, he was only 55 heart attack, then my oldest brother took it over until 84, lot of farmers went under.

I live in San Deigo Ca. for 77-85 then came back home to help mom and my step dad, got a janitorial job in the schools here that I went to, I tried from there 4 yrs ago.

I am going to Sunday school and church and helping in the Awanas teaching kids about the good LORD JESUS. PRAISE HIM.

And helping people, taking pictures, e.mailing pen paling, I am now 66 yrs. old.

Your Friend In Christ, Richard

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