Nina, 66 years old, London, England

by Nina
(London, England)

What great summer days recently! Just enjoying being outdoors makes life worthwhile. I love walking in the countryside although I live in London. A group of us went for a walk last Thursday but it was through a park in South London which was very nice.

Originally from New Jersey I've lived in London now for 27 years. I still can't believe it. Retired from teaching I now volunteer at the Woodlawn Centre where I teach a group art. Besides this I enjoy painting and visiting art museums and galleries. Lots of interests including travelling. My favourite vacation was Brazil because of the weather but also the culture. They definitely know how to make the most of every moment. Soon I'll be visiting Sweden. This is totally different and should be an adventure.

Would love to hear from people from different parts of the world. Get in touch by writing to nin.och.ka

Best Wishes, Nina

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Pati 67 Central Maine

by Pati
(Winslow ME USA)

Hi my name is Pati and I am looking for senior pen pals, it would be so nice to communicate and hopefully maybe someday meet.

I became a widow 6-08 and life is very lonely without him, he was my best friend. I have two adult children and 3 grandchildren who are the loves of my life, thankfully they live close so we can visit.

I enjoy quilting, reading, writing, garage sales, the beach looking for unusual driftwood and beach glass.

I would enjoy hearing from you and I will do my best to answer all.

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Kay Middleton, age 58, Tennessee

by Kay Middleton
(Oak Ridge Tennessee USA)

My name is Kay, I am 58, divorced 15 years, live in Oak Ridge TN but am moving into Knoxville this week, into a senior oriented apartment complex. I have two wonderful dogs, no children. Have one sister age 78, no other family. I love to walk, enjoy nature, cooking, yard sales/flea markets, reading, pen paling, eating out, good movies, just the simple things in life. Would love to hear from anyone who would care to corresponding.

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BevAnn, 73, USA

by Bev

Hi. This is always a struggle... ignite interest but don't divulge too much!!! UGH

It would just be truly great to have a penpal!!!

I stay busy (busier since not working) with doing things for others (teach Sunday School & that's one of our "larnings"). Crafts are special to me; I enjoy surprising folks & they enjoy seeing me run by with stuff.

I have two grown children, two grands, one Himalayan cat (who is going blind).

That's about it. Oh, I sometimes visit a brother in FL and next month my other brother in AZ (haven't been there in 40 years).

Now you have it...hope to hear from someone out there!!! ;-)

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My name is Judy, 67, Indianapolis, Indianapolis, USA

by Judy
(Indianapolis, IN USA)

Hello! I would love to exchange emails with a woman (or women) about my age or older (much older is fine, too), who enjoys gardening, reading, old movies, life in the 30's and 40's. Someone to share life's bumps and bruises and happy times with. I am the type of person who lives life in a sunny way. I am a good person, and am looking for the same. I love to cook, especially bake and would love to exchange recipes.

Thank you, so much,


email address: judy-sherri -at-

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jeanette 71 Australia

by jeanette

Hello my name is Jeanette I am 71 I am a optimistic person who loves to read and have a chat,I find people interesting I have had a few hobbies but have found my computer taking over just looking for a few friends to talk to

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Josie, age 68, Texas

Hi everybody! Haggisisscotsfood -at- here. I am interested in pen pals, male or female. I am esp. interested in Scottish pen pals.

I am retired now. I have two cats who allow me to share the house with them. Both are rescues. Back in the day, (translated, that means when I was younger) I was on the board of directors of the local humane society and went on cruelty calls. I also had a dog grooming business. I even worked as a zookeeper for a while.

I was a high school and college teacher and then a librarian. Later on, I was also a caregiver for my mother. She was 102 when she died. If you are doing that for a parent, I know what it is like.

My health is not the best, and I am happy to spend most of my time at home, especially in summer. The summers here are absurdly humid and hot, and I don't enjoy my car when it is 140F on the dashboard -- so I hole up until fall. I own land on Cape Breton, where I wish I could spend summers.

I love to read, crochet and knit. I am a reiki master, a Healing Touch for Animals practitioner, and a dowser. I am esp. interested in energy medicine.

I would like to bring music into my life. I tried to learn the tin whistle, but it drove the cats mad. Now I am trying to learn to play the mountain dulcimer.

haggisisscotsfood -at-

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Patricia age 58, 35 miles out of Houston Tx.

by Patricia
(Texas, 35miles out of Houston.)

I am wishing for pen pals from single or widowed males aged 58-65 for maybe just an exchange of e-mails and maybe leading to a serious relationship. (maybe not, it's all ok.) I am divorced with 3 grown children and 1 grandchild. I work for a living and I am independant and not afraid to be alone but sometimes it gets lonely and I would not mind having someone good in my life to share time with.

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I am retired a year ago after a busy working life. I was looking forward to retirement but I am having to experience life without hope and motivation. I am looking for friends who live in London or out side london to make friends and go out for shopping or sea side or watch a film, to do little things in life to pass time and be happy.

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Phillip 70 New York

Hello to all my name is Phillip. I live in New York state, I am 70 years of age, I joined this group hoping to find some new pen pal friends with common interests. Wishing all who read this a very happy and healthy life.

Wendy: Phillip, you didn't leave an email here so nobody can write to you.. and it looks like you didn't leave one on the server either, so it won't notify you that your ad has been published...

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Karen age 64 Kansas City Missouri

by Karen
(Kansas City)

Hi. My name is Karen and I am a retired social worker. I worked for 40 years and am now enjoying retirement. I am a widow of 18 years. I have grown children and grand children and a little dog named Emma.

I love to meet new friends. I love football, walking, reading, shopping, and dining out. I am devoted to my family. I love the outdoors as well. I like gardening, traveling, and movies. I want to correspond with new friends and trade life stories.

My email address is Kareng516 -at- I look forward to hearing from you

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Becky, 64, Alabama

by Becky

Hello, I'm Becky, a retired teacher, an avid reader, enjoy flowers, flea markets/ yard sales, animal lover, scrap booking and making new friends.

I'm an optimistic person who just enjoys people and have fun getting to know people. Not much into tv anymore there's just too much violence and not much entertainment, so I play on the computer a lot. I have my own email group for ladies only and we have so much fun talking about everything and just sharing life's adventures. We all share recipes, jokes but mainly we just have fun. I love my Internet friends because they are always there for you. If any of this sounds interesting I would like to hear from you, we'll just have fun getting to know each other and hopefully will become good friends. Take care and have a great day, Becky

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Lynda, 62, Minneapolis, MN

by Lynda
(Minneapolis, MN )

Hi, I'm a recent 62-year old retiree who lives in Minneapolis, MN. I have several pen pals from around the world and would love to make new friends either via snail mail or e-mail.

My hobbies are writing, traveling, reading (biographies, history, fiction), spending time with my children, grandchildren, and friends, making greeting cards, and going on little mini-adventures around the Twin Cities. This time of year I really enjoy going to garage sales.

I collect bookmarks, paperweights, coins, postcards, antiques, and pens. Even though I've moved to a smaller space, I still have more books than I'll ever be able to read and love searching for new treasures.

I enjoy movies, television dramas, and watching some sporting events on TV.

Hope to hear from some new pen pals. My e-mail address is Lynclka15012 .at.

Best wishes--


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Betty, age 71, Ontario, Canada

Dolly the Boston terrier/pug

Dolly the Boston terrier/pug

Hi, I am a young at heart senior who enjoys meeting new people and loves to share emails. It is interesting to share all of life's ups and downs. I enjoy the computer, reading, fitness classes, visiting with my kids and grandkids and walking my young puppy. Please drop me a line and maybe we can become friends.

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Pati, 67, Winslow Maine

I had a post before and got a lot of replies, but I forgot to attach my email address, so if you wrote before please write again, my email address is patchitpat .at.

Hi my name is Pati and I am looking for senior pen pals, it would be so nice to communicate and hopefully maybe someday meet.

I became a widow 6-08 and life is very lonely without him, he was my best friend. I have two adult children and 3 grandchildren who are the loves of my life, thankfully they live close so we can visit.

I enjoy quilting, reading, writing, garage sales, the beach looking for unusual driftwood and beach glass.

I will answer all that reply to my email address.

Thank you and Blessings from Maine

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Linda, 60, Florida USA

by Linda
(West Palm Beach, FL USA)

I would like to correspond with married women, who are going through the same thing I am. My husband & I have been married 25+ years, more in love today than when we first met. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's two years ago, it has been a rough road, with alot of learning along the way. It would be nice to exchange ideas & tips on how to deal with being a caregiver for your spouse.

We have no children, live in the country, no dogs, 2 cats. I enjoy making children's quilts & using my embroidery machine. I donate the quilts to our local charity.

I would love to hear from you ....

Sincerely, Linda

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May-68yrs-Lanarkshire Scotland.

by May

A Holiday snap at Loch Turret.

A Holiday snap at Loch Turret.

Hello to hopefully a Pen-Pal or two... I'm a retired Widow living in Scotland.. Mother of Three Married Children and Granny to Four.

My Children live some way away from Me,and most of My Friends have Partners or live quite a distance away,so I find life quite lonely at times,though I quite like My solitude,it would be nice to have Someone to contact on-line... Thank You in advance... May x....
E-Mail..line64may -at-

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gwyn 74 swansea wales uk

by gwyn
(swansea wales uk)

hi my name is gwyn and would like to have a few pen pals to write to i like to travel and have just returned from a trip to canada east coast i have a dog who is great company we walk each day along the foreshore so if there are any ladies who would like to write to me a single male please feel free to do so my e-mail address is gwynlec ay

hope to hear from you soon

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maureen aged 71yrs dorset uk.


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barbara glisczinski,62,wisconsin

Hello from Wisconsin.I am a Type 2 Diabetic also am disabled.Been a widow since 2005.My hubby was 75 when he passed away nov 26 2005. My interests are counted cross stitch, needlepoint, knitting, plastic canvas, latch hook, reading, gardening, cooking,crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, pets, and collecting postcards.Looking for worldwide women penpals who have some of my interests.I write by SNAIL MAIL ONLY. You can contact me at yumyum1948 at

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Wanda Welling 58 North Carolina

by Wanda Welling
(Winston Salem NC)

Hello to all snail mail writers out there ! I am a fun loving , spiritual,lady who is seeking ladies who love to write medium length letters at least but prefer long letters that make it worth the postage.

I have two grown sons, married , adopted Mom to 1 Tom Cat, love NYC, the Ocean, fairs, picnics/cookouts, reading, music, some TV-ESPECIALLY the CSI NY, and much more...........

email first at wandawelling .at.

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Dorothy, 66, California

by Dorothy

Hi everyone,
I've noticed that many people are forgetting to put in their emails so here's mine right off the bat:


I'd love to connect with those who are interested in discussing politics. I voted for Obama so you know where I'm coming from :)

I also enjoy chatting about good TV shows such as The Good Wife; Breaking Bad; True Blood and others.

And I have a very sweet 16 year old cat. I love all animals but would also like to find another cat lover.

I've never married and am a retired special education teacher.

If any of these subjects interest you too, please write me at thydot(at) Thanks, Dorothy

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durley cotham, 71yrs,artesia new mexico

im a 71 yr. old female looking for a pen pal to be friends with and write to. im a mother of 4 grown kids and lots of grandkids and great-grandkids, im also divorced and have been disabled for years but i still have my get up and go, i love to hang with my friends and go shopping,casinos,out to dinner with them and i love to play on my computer if you want to be friends drop me a line at durleyc -at-

hope to hear from you

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Dorothy age:77 Canada

by Dorothy
(Toronto, Ont. Canada)

Hi, I'm a 77 year old female, living in Toronto, Ont. Canada. I was born and raised here, then when I was 57, a friend and I decided to go to Whitehorse Yukon Territory, which I ended up staying for 28 years, I worked for the government, my children were not too happy about it, so I decided I had enough being so far away, then decided to move back. and I arrived last June, My daughter and son were very happy.

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Jane, age 59, Indiana USA

Almost free to chase a few dreams, would enjoy a few "pen pals" to correspond with. Live in northern Indiana, dream of travel, domestic and international. Mother of five, grandma of 5. Healthy, relatively active single, looking forward to the next chapter. Nature lover,rivers and the ocean attract me. Curious open mind. Zuroff at sbcglobal dot net. Say hi!

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JudyA. Wright, 67, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

by Judy Wright
(Indianapolis, Indiana,USA)

Hi! I'm a female looking for another female to become friends with. My hobbies are many, but I shall list a few for you....I collect stamps (mostly US, some Canada....(love Canada} I love to cook, especially bake. I would like to have a friend with whom I can exchange recipes with. I love to read, mostly cookbooks or books about the techniques of cooking, but I do love a good mystery (I'm, now, looking for a mystery set in the 30's and the 40's.), I love old movies and watch them as much as I can. I like old things. From nick nacks, to old people (I don't mean that older people are "things". I believe older people are treasures. I would love to hear from a much older her 80's.

I have one sister, and we are very close. Both of our parents are dead. I have two dogs, Lady (a Labrador Retriever), and Andy (a English Springer Spaniel). If you write to me, I'm sure you will hear much about them. There's much more about me. One thing, I love to live life. I think it's great!

I would love to hear from someone, really from just about anywhere.

My email address is: judy-sherri -at-


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Dorothy Coleby age 77 I live in toronto canada

by Dorothy
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hi everyone, I was born and raised in Toronto, but at age 48 I went to Whitehorse, Yukon Canada, which is very close to Alaska. I spent twenty-eight years there, my family wanted me home, when I retired, so arrived back in Toronto a year ago June. I like to knit, read, and enjoy life.

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R.D. 58 North Carolina

by Roger
(Hickory North Carolina)

I like the song Allison krause sings Let me touch you for a while. I enjoy watching country music videos on you tube I garden with aquatic plants.I enjoy flea markets and good conversation.I'm a romantic at heart.

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Maggie, early 60's but often a kid at heart, live in Canada

Ethereal Lady - I love this picture!

Ethereal Lady - I love this picture!

Ethereal Lady - I love this picture! Another picture that captures my imagination Snuggling :-)

Hi there! I am a single woman, early 60's, retired, happy and with an optimistic outlook on life. I live on the Atlantic coast of Canada now, but have worked and lived in several other countries. I have recently returned to my (long ago) hobby of pen palling - both snail mail and email, and am enjoying it immensely. I have lots of interests and am open minded and willing to converse about just about anything. I love conversations - whether in person or through mail - that go down many "rabbit paths" - from here to there, then from there to another topic, then maybe return to the original subject. I usually write fairly long letters, chatty and conversational. I have a good sense of humor, am encouraging and a good friend - so I hope you will write to me and let's see where it might go. Love and light - Maggie

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Patricia Spence 67 Isle of Wight

Hello to any like minded people. My life is very full with family and pets and a husband too..! But it would be very nice to have a pen friend to chat about everyday stuff.

I enjoy reading but since having just had in the last few weeks, a puppy called Sophie,i dont seem to have the luxury, so the books are on the bookshelf for the time being. I like to keep up with the soaps, well corrie and emerdale and like to watch nature and country programs And we like to keep busy.

I would very much like to hear from male or female who would like to be a pen friend.

Best Wishes Pat

pudseyann.spence -at-

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Susanne 60, Tx, USA

by Susanne
(Texas, USA )

Hello I am 60 yrs old about to turn 61 soon. I was born and raised in NE NY, and lived in 4 other states. I am a retired hospice nurse. I have 3 grown children and 5 grands. I love to walk, casinos, crafts, and I am looking to move in a active retirement lifestyle in the next few years. I really have not developed any lasting friends since I moved to texas in 1992. I have had lots of drama in my life mostly with my children. I remarried 8 yrs ago and my husband is a workaholic, so i have a lot of free time.

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Mary Spink 79 Massachusetts

by Mary

picture taken 2 yrs ago

picture taken 2 yrs ago

It is so hard to find any friends. Sometimes you would just like someone to talk to or write to. I did live alone for many yrs and didn't mind it.

Was pretty happy except with the world situations. But 2 months ago my adult son moved back in and it is terrible to lose your privacy and freedom. They think they own the place.

I feel more lonely and depressed now that hes here than I was all the yrs I was alone. He was much nicer to me when he did not live here than he is now.

I still clean one persons house so do try to keep active. Gotta keep up with the bills. SS is only a drop in the bucket. Well I hope I didn't scare anyone away.

Looking forward to hearing from someone.
Mary in Ma.

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Sarah, 55, Missouri

by Sarah
(Missouri, USA)

I am married live on a farm in MO and raise a variety of livestock. I also ride and train my own horses. My 9 dogs also keep me busy. I have 2 adopted boys from HI who are 11 and 17. I like all kinds of animals, computers, reading/writing and training/riding my horses. My husband is a veteran and I am looking for platonic female pen pals only.I prefer email as it is easier for me to follow up with. Please write me at

fsmfarms at

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Susan, 61, England

by Susan Quinn
(Staffordshire, England)

Horse-riding, walking the dog, air craft museums, art, goldwing motor bikes, wildlife, history, archaeology, the ballet, sketching, water-colour painting, beach combing, visiting stately homes, and helping my family.

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Marie Mc Neill age 70 years lives in the UK

by Marie
(UK )

me always smiling it keeps me young

me always smiling it keeps me young

hello I am looking for e/mail friends male/female from anywhere chat about all most anything ... I'm happy go lucky ...with a good sense of humour.. I cook write poetry paint ...sing karoke... I will put my hand to allmost anything ... I have children 5 grandchildren 8 and greatgrandchildren 2... I have a collection of Barbie/Cindy dolls ...that I knitted clothes for ... I don't knit as much now due to Arthretic pain...hope to hear from you Marie

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Susan, 61, England

by Susan Quinn
(Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire)

Hello there, I'm looking for pen friends from around the world. I have 5 Grandchildren. My hobbies are cycling, gardening, walking, horses, dogs, wildlife, old & new air craft, goldwing motor bikes, sea & fresh water fishing, old fashion pubs, visiting stately country houses & museums, sketching, water colour painting, history.

I live with my Daughter & Son-in-Law, take care of the house & pets. My favourite t.v programmes are "Eastenders", "Coranation Street" "Tapps" & "Most Haunted", "TimeTeam" & wildlife programmes. Will look forward to hearing from you.

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Ruth, 84. Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

ready to take on the world!

ready to take on the world!

Hi - I'm not writing because i'm bored or depressed, but I do like to write and to meet people my age from all over. So if you're interested in world affairs, gardening, pets, grandchildren or just having a chat with a stranger, please respond.

I'm not posting a picture of me -- but here's my youngest grandson getting ready to do his own exploring of the world!!

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Bryn 66 Ohio

Hi fellow seniors:
I would love some female e-pals in the U.S. who love e-mailing and even some cute clean forwards. I'm married 46 years and God comes first, family second.

We have four young grandsons who keep us young. Our two daughters live nearby.

My motto is: "every day that I wake up with a pulse is a GREAT day!" I love reality TV such as Celebrity Apprentice, Survivor, Amazing Race. I used to love the old comedies such as Golden girls, Beverly Hillbillies, The Nanny, and I miss Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Little House on the Prarie, and The Waltons. I'm a long fan of Y&R and B&B soaps. I love to cook and bake.

If you think that we have something in common, I'd love to hear from you.

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Diane, 65, Virginia

by Diane

I am a retired grandmother of two who enjoys walking/jogging, swimming, playing my guitar, line dancing (just about conquered my two left feet), watching PBS just to name a few. Since I am retired, I get to spend a lot of time in my flower garden, and I get to read, too. These days I find that a sense of humor goes a long way.

If you would like to write, I would like to hear from you.

dyenah1243 .at.

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Linda, 61, California

by Linda

I live in sunny southern California with my son and his wife while I look for an affordable apartment here for myself.

For over 35 years I worked in the allied health field, and retired in 2008 on Social Security disability.

I was widowed 3 years ago, and started dating again a few months ago. So far I have met some interesting people, and have gotten to explore some of So Cal's beauty and places of interest. I like nature, and enjoy long walks, and visiting beaches, mountains, and forests.

Prior to relocating to SoCal to be with my son, I lived in Alaska for a year and a half, soaking up its unspoiled beauty. I have visited 19 of the 50 States, and lived in 7 of them, starting out in the Midwest and spending over 30 years in Texas along the way.

My hobbies include quilting, needlework and genealogy. Natural healing, metaphysics, writing, music and history are my favorite interests. I quilt and crochet for charity, walk, read and do crosswords in my leisure time. Most of my life I have done volunteer work with foster kids, special needs individuals, and energy work.

I don't own a TV, but I have Netflix and like to watch vintage TV shows and movies on my computer. Some of my favorite movies include What Dreams May Come, Frequency, Children of a Lesser God, and almost anything with Clint Eastwood acting or directing. As for books, I prefer metaphysics, historical novels, inspirational autobiographies, and books such as A Course in Miracles.

For several years I have enjoyed writing to pen pals in various places, and made a dear friend in Sri Lanka as well as several in the U.S. I would love to connect with those who share any of my interests, or who find something of interest in my letter.

Blessings to all. Peace, be well, Linda

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joan, 64, maryland

by joan

Hi, My name is Joan. I retired 5 years ago. During these years, I've been busy with home improvement projects and helping my adult children in some of their life crises.

For 40 years I worked in banking/finance outside the US, and was quite busy in both professional and personal areas of life. I have very few stateside friends. Now, free from working, I found myself clueless about what to do with my time. Can't REALLY identify my passion. I tried a few things -- like volunteering, taking classes, playing bridge and majong --but still not feeling fulfilled or at peace with myself.

Would welcome and appreciate hearing about other retired people's experiences in this regard.

saurapin .at.

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Mary 64 Yorkshire England


I'd like write to other ladies, similar age, anywhere. snail mail or e-mail.

enjoy writing, reading, gardening, crafts, walking in the countryside and visitng places of interest.
m.m.ellis -at-

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Beate Rocker 85 years "young" NJ . USA

(Fort Lee NJ USA)

My name is Beate, I am born in Vienna Austria, I speak and write German fluently. I am a widow, have 2 children 5 Grandchildren, 2 are married and one about to get married. and 5 Great Grandchildren. So far,quite healthy.

i am interested in many subjects, Current affairs,My husband and me traveled a lot. Now I am a widow, and the Computer is my Companion. Just learned it about 3 years ago, and still lots to learn. O hope I hear from someone.

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Anne, 58, Queensland-Australia

Hi there, I am newly retired (long story!), married, two dogs, two cats. My husband is still working.

I love writing and emailing to friends all over the world.

I volunteer one day a week at an op shop which raises money for abandoned and neglected animals.
I am hoping my retirement gives me more time to do what I love, which is gardening, writing, (some poetry as well), reading (mostly NONfiction) and generally keeping my mind alert to what is happening in the world.

I am concerned about the way the planet is headed, but optimistic that we may all embrace new ideas on how to best lead our lives.

I enjoy trying to live a spiritually aware life, and treat all people, and creatures, with respect, as well as Mother Earth!

I adore mountains, nature, animal lover, and travelling.

The latter is curtailed because of my retirement but who knows perhaps one day we will do more.
Interested in people, and different cultures, ideas, and everyday lives.

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Berti, 77 years young. Central Oregon

by Elberta Arehart
(La Pine, Oregon USA)

I am looking for several email Pen Pals. I have many interests. I am a born again Christian, sub. teach Bible study when needed. We also visit a nursing home about three times a month. I have written a couple books about a one room school I went to and the area I lived. I crochet, paint rocks, and make jewelry. I am married, have two grown children and three grown step children. We love rock hunting and camping. Have traveled to Alaska three times, loved it. Hope this will spark some interest and I will hear from some of you out there. God Bless.

Berti13 at

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Linda Ege age is 63 Missouri

by Linda Ege
(Springfield, Mo)

I am not yet retired but hope to in 24 months. I have 2 grown children, one lives in Phoenix and one in Missouri. I love reading and watching old movies. I also ride horses and own a horse. I have just started running in 5k's and hope to improve in the near future.My email address is lindaege .at.

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fred hand age 71 melbourne victoria australia

by frederick hand
(melb victoria)

hello there my name is fred i live in the outer suburbs on the western side of melbourne i am looking for ladies to communicate with on a friendship basis

i am interested in discussions about most things and i like to paint, not walls but paintings i have a pet dog ,as to a bit of history i have spent 16 years living and working on the gold coast as i am now in melbourne i do not have many contacts or friends so maybe there is someone out there. who could see their way clear to contact me for a chat.

my email address is freego1 .at.

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Elise Mary .58,North Italy

by Elisamary

I am a woman looking for people to correspond and to share interests, new ideas, and opinions. I love travel and I am basically interested in archeology and ancient world such as Egypt, Jordan, siria and so on...

I love nature and animals too. My hobbies are cooking , gardening, reading and dancing but above all I like to meet serious and clever new friends .

"I've quite a taste of my own, i'am always content with the best"

Furthermore, I need friends help to improve my English.

My e-mail address is: elisanda .at.

Thanks for attention and consideration if interested to correspnd with me.

Elisamary \

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Seeking Pat from Vancouver Island

by Merv

Pat Cassels from Vancouver Island sent me an Email with no return address.Could you please reply Pat to patmerv .at.

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Retired: Alone in a Crowded Room

Sometimes your two cents can make a big difference in someone's life!  Good Life but Just not Happy.

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