Retirement Hobbies: Pen Pals
for Retirement Fun!

If you are seeking retirement hobbies, pen pals are a great way to travel the world and find new friends from the comfort of your own home.

I'm talking about real live correspondence via email or groups. Seniors writing to pals, in their own community, state, across the nation, or across the world!

Oodles of people love to share life with each other via letter writing.  

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You can travel the world from your armchair, not with an impersonal travel guide, but with a friend that you know and love from their emails.

Pen Pals was my first Hobby, and Retirement is my Occupation turned Retirement Income Hobby here on the web. 

By the way, I'm not talking about the thousands of dating websites out there either. In my humble opinion, they've misused the term Pen Pal  -- yes, penpals do write to "strangers", but online dating is a whole different thing,

Just a great  hobby -- connect with other seniors, learn about the world around you, and have a ball -- all from your own home!

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