Wendy, Retirement-Online.com blessed in 2017!

by Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

I am feeling so blessed in 2017... I really am. I pray this continues all year long... woo hoo!

January 2017:

  • I received an email from the Retirement Coaches Association. Bob Laura is looking to start an organization for Retirement Coaches, complete with the first conference in 2017. Guess what? He lives an hour from me, here in Michigan, and that's where the first conference will be. He is busy working on his new venture, we've connected, and will see what happens soon!

  • I received an email from Kristina Mastrocola, Senior Editor at Women's World Magazine, asking to interview me. She does a weekly column, Ask America's Ultimate Experts.

  • Lastly, at least at this point (wow -- isn't THAT brave of me, sounds like I am looking forward to the next opportunity!) -- I got a message on Facebook. Carolyn is doing live radio, from Arizona, for a new show called Second Wind Success. She asked me to be on the show. WOW! Yes, I'm scared, you've likely seen my videos, I'm not the best speaker... but I will do this too, soon!

    February 2017:

    I can't even believe this -- but 2 days after posting this, I am back!

  • I received an email this morning from Anuj, Founder of Feedspot. He writes: "I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Retirement-Online.com... one of the Top 100 Retirement Blogs on the web . I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 100 Retirement Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!"

    I am seriously honored to be on this list... I am #61 of 100 on 2.3.17. Woot! Update: #53 in 2019. This is really motivating to me! Thank you Feedspot!

    Do you wonder HOW I did all this? Neurogym Training is helping me!

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    by: Irwin

    Congratulations Wendy! You rock, girl!

    By the way, I seen you are starting up a new group - I would love to be part of it. Can you send me a link. I tried to join several times when your article/post first came out and kept being told my P/W was incorrect.

    If it involves you, I'd like to be right there with you too.

    PS: Guess your days of being an introvert are numbered.

    by: Ricado

    Wendy, it is about time that you were recognized for your advise and guidance AND knowledge in the area of retirement. I have been with you since "the early years", when perhaps we were both testing the waters in the brave new world of retirement that we found ourselves in.

    I have been able to share some of my feelings and experiences with others thanks to your web site concerning my planning and adjustments to the new life of retirement.

    You have always shown support and guidance to those that are struggling in their new found lives....this has been a tremendous help to many that have been floundering during the transition time between the work world and retirement.

    FINALLY you are being recognized in the larger retirement community for your efforts.....couldn't happen to a nicer person....I wish you the best and continued success in this wacky world of retirement living.....once again. KUDDOS!

    Blessed in 2017
    by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

    CONGRATULATIONS Wendy. Big things are happening. All your work and good intentions are bring you "good karma" . You deserve it.

    By the way,were you born in the spring.?..March or April? Just curious.

    Many blessings and we appreciate that you are keeping us informed.


    Wendy: My birthdate is June 7th -- Gemini. Now I am curious WHY you ask!? GRIN!

    Many congrats Wendy
    by: Gordon G.Kinghorn

    I was delighted to learn of the splendid plaudits you have so deservedly received of late Wendy, a richly deserved recognition and well-earned kudos, if not a trifle overdue in my most humble opinion - your sterling efforts in providing a means where retirees worldwide - can positively share their personal experiences and well-informed reflections, this as they navigate their respective routes across the turbulent waters of the post-employment Rubicon - is a true joy and wonderful source of comfort, I can, with unabashed confidence state that I also speak for countless others who subscribe to your unrivalled and immensely professional website - ex animo

    Congratulations Wendy
    by: Anonymous

    Although I usually am a spectator in your site, I have learned so much from all the posts. I have been moved by the generosity of members who have honestly shared, and am so fortunate to be a part of this group!

    So happy you are honored! So well deserved!

    Well deserved kudos
    by: Sandy

    Wendy - I am so glad to see so many good things coming your way. You had the foresight to start this site and found so many of us who were in need. You probably can't even imagine how many of us you have helped. So, let the good things come! You deserve them.

    I also think we need a conference where all of us retirees could come together and learn about all aspects of the process and our lives. Just like conferences we may have attended in our work lives, except now, just for us. That could be your next venture - I'd be glad to help.

    Wendy: That really would be fun! and yes, I can't even imagine!

    Blessed in 2017
    by: Anonymous

    Wendy: In reply to your question about birth .

    I have researched birthdata for forty years. Since Geminis flourish in areas that demand very quick minds, inventive imagination and are particularly qualified for writing, journalism , and experimentation
    I would have been surprised if you were not born in one of the spring signs.

    I would also be surprised if you did not have at least one other strong interest other than what you are doing. Variety keeps you energized and alive.

    Again, Congratulations.

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