Retirement Quotes by Jimmy Carter, US President

Yesterday, I watched Oprah interview Jimmy Carter, now in his 90s, and he was such an extraordinarily humble man.

I didn't realize he was an author of many books!

This is his Amazon Author page, if you'd like to see all the books he's written:

Amazon Author Page for Jimmy Carter

 In 1988, Jimmy Carter wrote a book "The Virtues of Aging" and a few of his retirement quotes are:

The Virtues of Aging (Library of Contemporary Thought)

"There are two periods in our lives when we have exceptional freedom: at college age and when we begin our retirement years. At those times, we have relatively few restrictions and obligations..."

"The first thing we have to do is to answer some basic questions that confront millions of retirees... what (are) our assets and abilities? What (are) the dependable factors in a good life, and how can we recognize and develop them? (What will make) it possible for us to be... satisfied in the future? Do we have anything... to offer to others in the years ahead?"

YOU have plenty to offer the world...
all that knowledge in your head!

"We have to assess our potential and limits, envision the final result we desire, make ambitious plans accordingly, and then implement them."

"With time on our hands, the least we can do is select a few things that we really like that might still be enjoyed. One approach is simply to enumerate the time and places in our lives that have been most delightful, and then to repeat them..."

"In addition to transient pleasures, it's also helpful to recapitulate our personal accomplishments (service commitments), or interests of the past... We can now make time to resurrect one or more, learn more about them, and develop a new hobby or profession... The choices are unlimited. We should consider our life expanding, not contracting."

Wise Man! Consider this:
Use that knowledge in your head to help others...

I now work online and you can too. Share all your lifetime of knowledge -- in a Kindle Book, a Blog, where you can also network with other like-minded individuals.

Live Life, as Jimmy has, helping others around the world... maybe not in huge humanitarian missions as he and Rosalyn have been involved with since the White House, but in your own small way, make the world a better place!