Benefit from Your Creativity: Entertain Seniors!

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Retire - Get a Ukulele: A tongue-in-cheek version of what occurred when a bunch of uke loving seniors formed a ukulele group to 'entertain' their local community. 

Entertaining seniors is an Out-of-the-Home business... and might be fun!

Just Think:

  • You can "work" as little or as much as you care to... is it really work when you are having fun?
  • You use your creativity to enhance the lives of others
  • You earn an income doing what you enjoy 

If you are gifted with a talent, you might provide entertainment at senior centers or assisted living facilities.

You might do something as simple as purchasing a book of funny aging jokes, like this: Help! I've Fallen Down Laughing . . . and I Can't Get Up.  This one is written for speakers! 

You can find some quotes and jokes here too! 

Memorize some (or scribble on small index cards where you can add a few ideas here and there of your own) and visit some senior places and see what happens. Send out flyers to local Senior communities. Post on Facebook as word-of-mouth works well (friend of a friend).  You could also book some group parties like Birthday Parties too!

If you sing or dance, the same goes there! I have a friend who plays guitar and sings for several senior homes, sing-a-long style. He loves to play, they love to sing and remember the old songs. Better yet, he earns a small income for his playing. Win - Win... Playing for an audience and income too!

My sister and I volunteered at a Christmas Party several years (Assisted Living) and a hired senior piano player kept them entertained. They loved it, some singing, some tapping their foot or a few even danced. 

You might even start up a senior band with a few members who play instruments... learn a few songs together, and then do some marketing to get yourselves out there!

You could entertain seniors with craft projects. Approach a Senior Center with a few completed projects... something simple enough for any senior to make and yet not silly simple.

Be sure you can handle helping those who need help too. Figure out the cost for ten senior projects so you have an idea what you want to charge, and visit a few places asking for an opportunity to serve their seniors.

Senior Living places do have budgets for senior activities. They need to keep their seniors active, healthy and happy... and are willing to pay to do so. Some may hire staff for activities, others find people willing to volunteer their services or accept the fee they offer.

Irwin from FL is always busy in his retired life. At a down point in his life, his wife suggested he try Line Dancing. They love dancing together... and entertains seniors.

My sister does reiki (energy healing) and several senior centers paid for her to come in for a few hours each week to service their residents. Seniors  would line up and wait for Lorri to get there. They received healing warmth and thanked her profusely for coming each week.

Something so simple, for those with a God-given talent... provide FUN for those who can't get out any longer!

Have FUN and earn a few dollars too!