Start a Home Business
with Kids as Customers

Some people want to work with adults, and others like to work with kids. This page is for those who choose Kids!

Kids can be so much fun! You can teach them, play with them, engage while earning a side income.

Customer service is tops for any business... even one with Kids! Read my two cents on customer service in a kid-based biz so you don't do the same.

My first idea is Face Painting. Imagine painting a cute butterfly on a little girls cheek. Can you see her big smile? I can!

More coming soon!

Retired Teachers

If you are a retired teacher, you might start a small home tutoring business. Ask teachers in your local school to keep you in mind. Put a small ad online in some Facebook groups, or posters wherever local bulletin boards are. 

Another suggestion is for Teachers who might enjoy teaching Engish, online, to Chinese students. VIPKID is a great way to stay at home, teach using your computer video, and connect with kids as much (or as little) as you choose to work. The pay sounds good, you pick your hours from those available (when Chinese children normally do classes), and the rest (training, curriculum and more) is provided by VIPKID.

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