Coach Start Up business

Ever considered being a Coach as your start up business?

You can be certified as a Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Business Coach, Christian or Spiritual Coach. There are so many ways to specialize your coaching business.

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I think retirees can be great coaches. We've lived life and have common sense and empathy.

However, Coaching is not about offering advice... instead Good Coaches listen. We let the client work through issues simply by answering thought-provoking questions.

You might be a great coach, If:

  • friends often come to you for advice
  • you are a good listener
  • you'd love to help people live better lives

Psychologists help counsel you, often about your past. Coaches help you move forward in life towards your future. It's all about who you want to be and how to get there.

Psychology is a licensed field, Coaching is not. There are lots of unethical coaches out there; but I know retirees would do it the right way.

Coaching can be a local business with a small rented office. Coaching can also be done online, using Zoom (like I do), or one of many online audio/video systems, or simply phones.

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Good coaching classes will teach you to coach, have lots of practice coaching (after all, practice always makes perfect) and will also help you with coaching forms, and business marketing.

Just GOOGLE: Life Coach training or Coach Classes and start to check out the huge variety of training available out there.

If you have no help with marketing, you could be the best coach ever, and nobody knows about it. It's really not as simple as putting up a website, after all, who are you? Why should the visitor to your site trust you? That's what you should learn in the coaching class -- not just how to coach, but how to market yourself afterwards.

Already a Coach?

If you need a resource for getting more visibility, try this:

If you want a shortcut to starting your coaching business, the one resource I can highly recommend 100% is – you’ll find tools and training to help you get started right. I’ve used many of their products and they are fabulous!

Nicole and Melissa are both awesome. They teach so well together, though they are both really fast speakers.  Their Done-For-You products are pretty much ready to put up on a site as you own… after you brand them! Great stuff!