Be a Freelance Writer in Retirement

How to Be a Freelance Writer?  Just start writing!

OK, not quite that easy... but it's not all that difficult either.

If you are looking to make money as a freelance writer, you would likely start with a blog so that business owners can see some of your work online. Your blog can be your extended freelance writers resume, right?

If you might want to become a freelance writer, consider where to begin...

  • is there a specific niche (topic) you want to write about or are you willing to do online research for an article?
  • do you want to write articles based on a few topics you know well?
  • do you write cheaply until you gain a client base or start out with higher rates and hope to land a client?
  • how much time will be spent writing vs. the income you want to earn?
  • do you want to be a virtual assistant to other business owners? This way you earn a regular income via one business owner (or a few). 

I recently ran across this article: The Daly Routine of 20 Famous Writers, and thought, if you needed inspiration to sit down and just write -- this might help you!

How to make money as a freelancer?

There are so many ways to make money freelance writer.  Just a few off the top of my head might be:

  • business plan writer (learn how to write biz plans and do it well for others)
  • freelance bloggers (article writing for many niche topic blogs and websites)
  • freelance technical writer (always needed in finance, sciences, and other tech areas)
  • freelance business writer (if you know business, you can write about those issues)
  • freelance magazine writer (many magazines now hire writers for websites as well as the mag. itself)
  • freelance science writer (in this field? help others than need these articles)
  • freelance health writers (former registered nurses, alternative health care, start writing)
  • freelance copywriting
  • freelance  virtual assistant  
  • ghost writer for others
  • and oodles more!

Personally, I think Boomers are the perfect writers -- we have a world of knowledge in our heads. Why not use it to help others?

If you aren't sure, start a blog and start writing online... you'll quickly see if you are enjoying writing and being published online, or not!

Resources to Be a Freelance Writer Today

Nicole Dean is a great writer and internet marketer... she is wife and mother, but she helps so many make incomes on the internet. I've met her at conferences, and listened to her advice, for years now.

She uses the term "Ghost Writer" as a freelancer may or may not have their name associated with their writings. Here is one of Nicoles books! Become an Internet Ghostwriter and Get Paid to Write

If you write for a magazine, and have credentials, they print your name as the author. However, if you write for websites, many buy the copyrights from you so that the article is under their site, and you lose rights. That's ok, as you were paid, right?

Make Money Writing on Fiverr: Freelance fun and profit on the world's most unique marketplace!

Have you ever heard of  It's a website full of people who will do most anything for $5 - yes, Five Bucks! This is an easy way to get started... $5 paid for a short article, maybe ask $10 (2 payments of $5) for a longer article.

Get trained, do it right the first time before you get some bad reviews as you learn the ropes.

Get some recommendations under your belt then go to the bigger sites and ask for a decent wage... whatever that is for you!  This book will help you get started.. with a blog, just using this online platform to showcase your writing!

Another book that caught my eye is Break into the World of Freelance Writing: How I Went from $0 to $1,100 in One Month with No Experience (Becoming a Freelance Writer)

If this sounds like a scam to you, believe me that there are plenty of freelancers out there who could claim the same... only Megan wrote her story.

It's really great to learn from someone who has "been there and done that" before you. They know the ropes, what works, and what does not. They know how scams happens, how to assure yourself of payments and everything else that goes into this freelance business.

As with any business, there is no right or wrong... simply what appeals and works for you!

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