Draw amusing cartoons & caricatures for income!

If you enjoy drawing creatively, you might sell your own cool cartoon people online. Even if you haven't drawn in  years, but you enjoyed it years ago, it might be a good way to use your creativity for fun income!

I bought this image a few years ago from fiverr. I bought a few at the same time, but LOVED this one! Wish I had kept track of who drew her as I would love a few more.

Can you draw something like this?

The easiest way to sell your drawing services is to start with fiver to see how people like your drawings. Check out all these fiverr gigs from people who draw well. Can you draw like this too? Everyone, as you can see, draws differently -- and they all have buyers who like their style of artwork.

Later, if this works and you can sell on fiverr, then move up to your own site OR contact a site that already does this and see if they need another artist. Fiverr is simply your stepping stone to see what sells and if you enjoy that platform.

Look to the left on that same site and you'll see a few different categories you might also draw for... logo's, illustrations, etc.

Creative people -- there are unusual opportunities on the internet for you to enjoy and earn income too!