I LOVE NAMS (Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems)

What the HECK is NAMS?  Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems, of course!

 David Perdew from NAMS is a Boomer that ROCKS Online Home Businesses!  

He is my favorite mentor and business coach.  If you want to make money online, in a home business, NAMS offers oodles of training with expert to learn any avenue of online work you might possibly enjoy.

As I grow in the marketing aspect of my business, I realized that most successful people on the internet have an Internet Business Coach.

PHOTO: David Perdew (founder of NAMS) and me at NAMS11, held in Atlanta GA in April 2014.  I attended NAMS 11 – NAMS 14 (April 2016).

That person, for me, is David Perdew. There are many reasons I’ve started coaching under David, but instead of hearing it from me, why not consider learning under David, yourself?

David does weekly Insiders training. It’s all education and goes deep into many topics. You see how he grows NAMS and learn what works and what does not.

Second, I am a member of the NAMS Insiders. I participate in monthly challenges which really motivate me, in part because of the Insiders community in Facebook. We support and cheer each other on, which simply adds to the education David provides. Momentum builds and I do whatever it takes to complete the challenge.

The Insiders is a wonderfully supportive group. The camaraderie and momentum is just fantastic when you are building an online business. 

This is my first ever video interview — September 2014 — with David from NAMS. I was sooo nervous, but once again, NAMS got me past my comfort zone and I did it!

I was named SPIRIT OF NAMS at a NAMS Workshop in 2015. 

Here is a video I did about NAMS…

So, along comes April 2016, and BAM! Here I am on stage, at NAMS 14, only this time,  I OWN THAT MIC. Yes, me!

It all started a year ago, and I just worked on myself and, much to my own surprise, just ROCKED it at NAMS Workshop!

I love NAMS Insiders! This group is full of  my supportive friends, many of whom I've met at conferences over the years.

NAMS Insiders is excellent online business training

  • Great training opportunities each month 
  • Weekly Webinars on all different business topics
  • The challenges totally force you out of your comfort zone, at least they did for me, and you learn like crazy.
  • Motivation and Momentum unlike any I’ve ever seen.. this private Facebook of like-minded souls (ranking from online newbies to experts in specific fields), and we all help each other!
  • So many tutorials for different apps, webinars galore, interviews, even apps you can use for your business... others purchase them, but insiders get the automatically!

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