My Site Build It Review

AKA Solo Build It and SBI!

I LOVE Site Build It! as my choice of website platform. I have used SBI since 2004... wow, that's a long time!

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Are you curious about how I built my home business, retirement-online, using Solo Build It!?

I am no web know-it-all, and I don't do web coding, but I really did retire to work on my websites as I have a secret.  My secret is a website tool that practically guarantees success (assuming you follow their Action Guide) and that is my website builder - Solo Build It!

I retired April 2010. Today, I'm an Online Business Owner.  SBI can be another income source for retirement.

Solo Build It brings me daily challenges that keep my brain engaged. SBI provides unending internet space to write all I want to, and I'm quite the writer! SBI provides connections with retirees worldwide too. I love having the ability for retirees to share their own story -- and get feedback from others. That alone is HUGE for my site as the motto here is: HELP AND BE HELPED!

UN-Retire Yourself with Solo Build It!

SBI has improved my retired life greatly... it can help to UN-retire you!

Boomers simply aren't wired to become "couch potatoes" in retirement (bet you haven't  heard that term in a  long time). SBI will re-energize you, motivate and challenge you. SBI gave me a new passion for life - it really did! That's just the beginning, income comes next!

Instead of sitting there bored when you retire, sinking slowly into anxiety with no identity and nothing much to do -- build a website that helps information seekers! It works. After all, YOU found my retirement site, right?

Click the image to read Case studies from SBI customers who love the experience here!

You can provide info to help others on any topic that you can write about. PLUS - the best advantage for retirees - you keep your brain thinking.  We all need to be mentally challenged still... it's so important!

Hey - you can even have both the rocking chair (red leather recliner, in my case, grin!) and a work from home solution with income!

It's a win-win for retirees... we seriously have a lifetime of knowledge we can share. I'm very serious about building websites, this is real and I will answer your questions any time... Just drop me an email! (use Contact Me under the About Me tab at the top)

Do Something Extraordinary with your Retired Life!

USE the lifetime of knowledge that is now stuck inside your head. Information is pretty much useless unless you share it... and you just might have what others are seeking every day.

Share what you know, with the world, to help others! Why Not? 

Seriously, why not share your life, talents, imagination and experience?

If you are thinking, I have nothing to share... think again. We all have life experiences in the work place or at home that others need help with.

When you Get, Give. When you Learn, Teach... Maya Angelou

Maya's quote (above) is my destiny in retired life. I want to help and teach others so they can live a blessed retirement life, like I am.

These Are YOUR Retirement Years... Retire TO Something (Instead of Retiring FROM Work), makes perfect sense, right?

Keep it Real with SBI and Share your Knowledge!

Two things before you read on:

  • Everyone doesn't succeed in building a website. It's not simple (though there is no website coding), it does require some analysis to assure you are picking a good niche and great keywords. Simply put, some folks don't follow the Action Guide. SBI's Guide practically guarantees success after watching thousands of website owners success and how they got there. It's a "been there, done that guide"... I followed it, and you can too.
  • I am an affiliate for the Site Build It websites now. This means I make a commission on websites. I really will support and help you. I've done this for other retirees as I really want to help you succeed on the web. Questions? just drop me an email! 

Time to Pay it Forward to the World...


Click on the image to see all the tools you get with SBI! The terms may be confusing. Questions? Just ask me!

A time to truly "give back" to the world.

You've worked, been blessed with whatever you have in retirement (we all have many blessings though we might not see them)... so why not use your retirement years to share your passion and energy with the world?

You will keep yourself mentally fit too! Keep that brain thinking and not twirling in confusion.

Work from home or anywhere at all -- in a hotel, a coffee shop, on my sunny deck in the back yard (and I really hate to call this "work")...

This is truly my JOY!

Just think - no need to get dressed for “work” either (work in your pj's, blue jeans, whatever).

  • Work Anytime - day or night!
  • Are you a Night owl? Perfect!
  • 2 days/week? Cool! 
  • Part time? Great!  

You are the Boss!   

I can work when I want to and where I want to. I can write, play with creative images, learn something new, chat with other retirees or do anything I care to on my site and community.

Click on the image to see all the tools you get with SBI! The terms may be confusing. Questions? Just ask me!

So long as enthusiasm lasts, so long is youth still with us. ~ David Starr Jordan

Click image to see how others are sharing their passion. 

Share your passion.

Everyone has invaluable ideas and significant thoughts.

You know about something that someone out there needs to learn about -- you have knowledge to share, even better if you have a passion for something like I do with the Retirement Topic.

Website Ideas

  • Are you a family caregiver? 
  • Do you have an illness and can share your research?
  • Love canning or making jams and jellies? 
  • Are you the "cat lady" caring for your cat? 
  • Got a hobby to share? 
  • Do you do senior travel?
  • Write about your home town? 
  • Favorite singer or musical group. 
  • Whatever... the ideas for a website are without limit!

This is the creativity I love with SBI... Love being creative! 

Whether you write about your knowledge from a lifetime career, or write about something fun or interesting (I've done both) – why not help others with what you've learned over a lifetime?

Websites provide "Work" Freedom 

Solo Build It provides Real Results. Click to read more!

You are retired and can come and go as you please. With Online Work, You are your own boss. You own an e-business where there are no set times or places to work.

Some e-biz owners take a month for vacation. Do you realize that even when you aren't working on the website, it's still working for you?  

Some folks have had family members that needed help (care giving for parents, family illness, etc) and months later they return to work their e-business which still has plenty of visitors AND the income didn't end while they were away!

Vacations and Holidays You can have a busy, fun or relaxing time while on vacation... or sit on the beach with your laptop, working on your site!

That would be me! Grin! Writing my heart out while in total peace!

* * Warning Warning! * *  
Websites and Sharing Your Passion IS Totally Addictive! 

You really can Retire to the Internet, like me.

This is deeply satisfying work - it feels so good to keep your brain stimulated by sharing your thoughts and ideas with the world! When you get feedback from visitors - it's simply awesome!

In 2010, I helped a Monk in Germany set up a blog and we are now corresponding frequently. A very interesting guy that I would never have had the opportunity to “meet” without my website. He recently wrotet to ask if he can email retirees who have spiritual questions and we will do that very soon!

I've met so many great retirees through my site... Love it! 

Wendy's Retirement Identity


My new identity in retirement is here: I am an e-business owner, writer, and most importantly, a Retirement Coach. I wear many more hats but keeping it simple here!

We all lose our identity when we retire - suddenly, who am I? Wife and Grandma, is that all there is? That identity is plenty for some retirees like my sister, but not nearly enough for others like me!

I am Retired -- Hear Me Roar!  :)

I look forward to mornings when I check my emails. I love to look for new retirement posts where a retiree shares their personal story, on my website.

So many people, so many life stories, all sharing with other retirees who visit my site. And, lucky me, I get * Surprises * (like little gifts) every single day, via email and on the website!  My fun definition of "surprises" is simply meaningful interactions with retirees around the world. I just love it! 

Yep, I really do have fun with contacts worldwide!

How on earth does a Retiree Learn Online Business?

The SBI Action Guide, to me, really is a college course in website ownership. It will lead you, step by step, through the maze of website work, and keep you focused on what you need to do next.

The SBI forums will definitely help you too... filled with chatty helpful website owners.

This is FUN "Work" – this really is so much fun! 

Retirement Income

Did you know there are oodles of ways to earn money on the net?  Probably not... when I talk to friends and family, they are surprised to learn this.

I use Google Adsense for passive income. You click on an ad, I earn an income. Google sends me a check every month.  

Then I also do some Affiliate Marketing too. 

This isn't a Get Rich Quick Scheme.  It does take time to build a website (and lots of content... so you need to enjoy writing  or hire someone). I won't lie and say it's totally easy, but there are MANY retirees doing websites using SBI...  AND this is an exciting, challenging, stimulating ride! 

IF you need a supplemental retirement income, or simply want to earn money so retirement withdrawals from savings are less, this does really truly work. If you are looking for a quick income, it's not SBI.

Just think, your website is out there 24/7, even when you aren't, AND it reaches a worldwide audience (not simply those nearby). However, if you already have a local business,  you can use SBI too! Many do!

Supplement your pension or Social Security with a passive website income. If you aren't yet retired, work towards a retirement income before you walk out that retirement door (like I did!)

Honestly, the income comes with work -- after you've established the website and have lots of visitors. Like any business, you need to prepare for your customers before you get paid. And your income simply depends on the time and effort you put into the site. If you work at it full-time, you'll have income sooner. If you play with it a few hours here and there, it will take more time.... makes sense, right? You get what you put into it, like any business... 

I love working online

I love my work-at-home “job” so much – I do! That's why I feel the need to share what I do here. I hope this helps someone else to a nice retirement income and the feeling you've really done something helpful too!

This isn't just any old website - it is TRULY a proven, genuine business model. Your website pages brings visitors, then more visitors, and you begin to earn an income from your efforts alone...

It is deeply satisfying to share your thoughts with the world.

I read this the other day and the words rang true to me... as so many retirees that write to me have "nothing to do" and are so unhappy.

FULL LIFE:  IF you observe a really happy man,

You will find him building a boat, writing a symphony,

educating his son, growing double dahlias in his garden,

or looking for dinosaur eggs in the Gobi desert.  

He will not be searching for happiness,

As if it were a button that has rolled under the radiator.

He will not be striving for it as a goal in itself.

He will have become aware that he is happy

in the course of living life twenty-four crowded hours of the day.

~ W. Beran Wolfe

Happiness in retirement is doing something worthy of your time (working, volunteering, teaching a class, learning something new, or possibly being a website owner).

Finally, and maybe Best of all, you don't need to learn web coding, the SBI software is almost a "fill in the blank" type of website. You pick a header or a paragraph and start typing... after you've found great keywords!

Seeing is believing! Really!  It's hard to explain it all here.. but if you click you'll go through a Solo Build It video tour.

This is the place to order SBI -- click photo to go to the order page and learn more -- you'll see a guarantee for trying SBI too

If you have any questions, SBI representatives are here to help you.

I am also available to answer questions -- before or after you buy a website - anytime, just drop me an email!  I'd love to help you!

Click to See the Order Page.

FULL 90 Days to Try SBI. I will help you!

To your Awesome Retirement Success!

P.S. Just a warning – if this sounds good to you, but you decide to blog or take a cheaper website provider, you will likely be in the 95% of website owners that fail.

Well, wait – you might be happy with simply writing for fun. That's not failure, its what you intended to do.  BUT if you want LOTS of free visitors each month, instead of paid traffic, and you want an income too, think twice! Many website owners use their time and effort to build a website, and get no visitors -- so in the end, it's really worthless. That was ME for many years online... uggg! All that wasted time and money!

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