Work from Home, Save Time

Learn about PLR as a way to get your blog moving quickly

When you work from home, you can save time using lots of different methods.

Today, I want to tell you about PLR - Private Label Rights.

What the HECK is that?  Let me tell you about PLR.

If you want to get your business off to a quick start, PLR is the way to go.  You purchase a package of done-for-you articles, based on the topic you choose, and you publish. Done!

Now, not so quick... if you publish as is, you have the same content as dozens of others who have purchased the same package. I always edit. I delete some, add some, concentrating on personal experiences, and the article can be published and is MINE, all mine (meaning it is written in Wendy-Style writing!) I simply don't have to start from scratch... and I love that!

I use

In 2015, I became a member of and I just love it!  Here is a page About so you can learn more about the company and Ronnie, the man behind it all!  I always always click on the ABOUT ME pages on any site to learn more…

What I was even MORE surprised at, and what wasn’t known when I signed up, is how much training and value I got under Ronnie. After all, I’ve been online for over ten years now.. and still learning. I love that!

Ronnie also has a great Facebook group for members… and everyone is willing to help with your online issues. Ronnie posts in the group too!

Other PLR

There are many more PLR sites out there. Simply Google: "PLR private label rights" to see them all.

Do be careful to assure the quality of the articles you are buying. Junk is Junk, right? You want to be happy with your blog, and even though you will edit what you purchase, sometimes it's so bad it is not worth your time.