Home Based Cooking Business

Interested in a Home Based Cooking Business?  If you love to cook... check out these ideas!

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What if you enjoy cooking but have nobody to cook for any more?  

  • Could you offer your homemade meals to families nearby? Maybe you make just one family dinner a few nights a week, with enough for you to also eat... for a fee? Working mom feels she is providing her kids with good homemade food (and she is). She gets more quality time with the kids each night. You eat better as you'd not likely cook this way for yourself alone. 
  • Could you make a big meal to share with 4-5 apartment dwellers who live in the same complex and really want homemade food again? Charge them all a small fee (that covers both your time and the foods too) and everyone is happy.
  • What if you did casserole day at your home and charged just $5 for each meal?  Cooked up Anti-Inflammatory Meals?  Offered KETO Diet meals for healthier lifestyles and healing?  Did Slow Cooker Sunday meals?

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Just think out of the box a bit. What do you love to cook (is it one specific meal or do you like to try different things)?  Who might pay for your services?

Maybe one of these books has the perfect idea for you!

Baking Business... sounds like FUN!

Have you ever considered doing a Home Baking Business for supplemental income?

Start a Pet Treat Business or a Candy Business too! Coming soon!